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Train Wreck Records is the brainchild of Chip Taylor. When Chip got back into the performing business in the mid-1990s he reflected back on his prior experience with the music business. He had not been pleased with how the big labels had handled his unique music that didn't exactly fit within one of the established genres. Given the new climate in the industry that allows small labels a better chance to compete, Chip decided to start his own company.

Train Wreck began operations in 1997. In Europe it made arrangements with Direct Distribution and C.R.S to distribute its releases, which began with HIT MAN and LIVING ROOM TAPES. Later that year, Train Wreck obtained the rights to Chip's 1973 cult classic LAST CHANCE from Warner Bros. Train Wreck released LAST CHANCE in both Europe and the U.S.

Train Wreck Records has developed five artists and has issued dozens of albums.

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