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Apr 1, 2010 – Fall River, MA – VENUE – NARROWS CENTER FOR THE ARTS

There’s been extremely bad flooding in the area – a national emergency. I 95 was closed part way in the area & we were detoured on the way up. We had thoughts of that on our journey & dedicated this show to those effected.

This is one of my favorite places to play – nestled along a river bed in Battleship Cove in Fall River Mass. The venue is in a huge loft space on top of a warehouse like building – where the harbor can be viewed behind the stage. Old country-club like tables, seating four, are surrounded by old church pews aligned straight in the center area & at angles to the stage stretching out far to the left & right. The lobby/ gallery area has beautiful art displays by local artists – amazing stuff!

It was great to see old friends, Patrick & Louis when I arrived & to soon meet the other great staff folks, Marilyn, Lisa, Kathy, Carol, Kathleen, Herb, Steve, Robert & all several old friends. I last played here 5 years ago with Carrie Rodriguez – we’ve been looking forward to playing this venue for a while. The greeting by our old friends was a wonderful “welcome home”.

The sound system here is as good as it gets. Patrick & Lois had us checked in short order. After a quick dinner at a quaint local restaurant, we were back in time to catch a terrific opening set by Louis – great job my friend. We were on stage just before 9:00 PM.


This was fun & loose. We played several from YONKERS NY as I told the stories about growing up in that town as a lonely country & western music lover – playing music in local Irish bars & finally finding a way into the music business. We mixed those with several from Kendel’s great album & others – including a couple of unusual requests, which I’ll mention later.

Highlights were far too many, but let me name a few. First, DANCE WITH A HOLE IN MY SHOE.. with references to my grandkids – had some special magic again tonight – mixing elements of simple family humor with deadly-serious stuff. All the Kendel’s were so viby … Oh Baby Lie Down & TEN LOST MEN & SEVEN SHADOWS ON YOUR GOLDEN ROSES .. WOW!!! .. she was on fire!!

Also loved.. HEY JONNY, CHARCOAL SKY, YONKERS NY & a chilling at times, rockin’ at times, SAW MILL RIVER ROAD was so special… but probably my favorites were the fan requested (by friend Sandy) HERE I AM.. a national chart record for me (#1 in this area) back in 1961 —— & a song I wrote for Carrie (requested by Charlie), WAS THAT FOR ME, from C&C’s first duet album. I hadn’t played that one for 7 years or so – the last time as a request from Carrie’s grandma, Frances I was so surprised that the lyrics came like I had written it yesterday & the band was AWESOME on this one .. & come to think of it.. for the entire set– JUST MAGIC!!! Way to go boys!!! (& girl!!!)


Said hi to several, including:

Old friend Sandy & friend & Gerry.. thanks for making the trip – loved playing HERE I AM for you .. you’re special!! SO GREAT TO SEE YOU!! – Charlie.. so good talking to you… so glad you asked for, WAS THAT FOR ME.. I got such chills playing that tonight!

Hi Jean & Nevell .. great talking to you before the show… Hi Milton.. thanks for coming again! .. see you next time.. Hi Lynn & Tim.. so good talking to you .. best to IAN… Hi Jan & Tim .. thanks for the kind words — almost forgot- TIM!! – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hi Tom – good to see you before the show with kids Noah & Sarah..

AGAIN.. so good to see great volunteers.. Lisa, Kathleen, Carol & Herb, It was so good talking to you all.. & thanks Robert for help with the CDs.. & big thanks to Patrick & Marilyn for having us.

I hope we can come back here before too long. We LOVED being part of the magic of this amazing place!