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Jun 11 & 13, 2010 Mojo Awards — TRIBUTE TO KATE & ANNA – THE McGARRIGLE SISTERS

Jun 11, 2010 MOJO AWARDS

I was invited to be a presenter and since Mojo is pretty much the music “bible” of our day (Uncut is great as well) and has been a huge supporter of my recent work, this was some honor for me. I attended with Richard England from Cadiz distributor (distributor of my stuff in the UK). Richard is also a film co-producer of the coolest rock/documentary on the planet, OIL CITY CONFIDENTIAL, directed by infamous Julien Temple (Sex Pistols/Rolling Stones). It chronicles the life & death of the great rock-punk band from the 70’s, DOCTOR FEELGOOD. The film is awesome! Another at the table was the lead singer of that band, AXEL – a great, honest & humble character – I love this guy!


I presented the CLASSIC SONGWRITER AWARD with lovely and off-the-wall (in a good way – very nice) actress/ singer PALOMA FAITH. The winner was a deserving ROY WOOD, who wrote several UK hits in the 60’s & 70’s and founded or co-founded three hit bands, THE MOVE, THE ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA and WIZARD. Roy’s a humble, nice guy. It was also very special to meet his proud, sweet daughter, HOLLY as well. Great to see you Holly!!

Friend EMMYLOU HARRIS was there to present an award to The McGarrigle Sisters.. to Anna (wonderful sis Kate passed away in January). Also there receiving were Kate’s brilliant & warm kids, RUFUS & MARTHA WAINWRIGHT (dad is my old friend Loudon Wainwright from the 70’s Warner Brother days) It was wonderful to feel the spirit of Kate on stage with all of them

Martha kindly put me on the guest list for their sold out tribute to Kate on Saturday.. more about that later.. THANKS MARTHA.. much love!!

Also receiving awards were a great new group from Texas, MIDLAKE – a sort of a cross between RADIOHEAD and FAIRPORT CONVENTION – but VERY original, with kind messages in the cloak of old diary-like text.

and DUANE EDDY won a big award and it was great to see him. WHAT A WARM, HUMBLE MAN! He worked hand and hand with Lee Hazelwood. Somehow through that connection seemed to know me instantly. Although I don’t remember meeting Lee, we shared the same friends & came from a sort of similar place musically. Lee recorded my Storybook Children with Nancy (a duet with Lee). Sorry I missed saying hello to Duane3’s wife, (?? EED??), whom he sweetly mentioned in his acceptance speech..

Said hi to Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) who was there to accept his HALL OF FAME award. That was doubly nice when I heard he had wanted to say hello. But stuff like this always makes me wonder when the great, soulful John Platania will start getting that sort of deserved hero worship.

A big hello and thanks to the MOJO folks – Phil, Daryll & all, who, at every turn, made me feel so welcome. Big thanks boys!!! See you next year!



This might be my favorite of all the shows I’ve ever attended – not just because of the great music – but mainly because of the soulful stuff that took place on that stage. The tears and passion of Anna, Rufus & Martha really got to me. Their dear friend Emmylou Harris was so brilliant and so warm., And it was great to see the others.. Nick Cave… my friend, Linda Thomson, new friend Richard, son Teddy and so nice to meet daughter Kamila at end.

Again, Rufus & Anna and Martha moved me so much tonight. There was so much family love on that stage. It was a show I won’t forget.

Thanks Martha.. hope to see you very soon!


All “good” hotels are pricey these days.. but for between 140 & 200 pounds .. this is reasonable… as this is THE ROLLS ROYCE!

If you go, say hi to mgrs, Banni & Chris.. and great desk folks, Sophie, Maria & Varna.. and bell guys Brian & Paolo.. They are awesome!… Suggestion – if you decide to stay there, call Banni or Chris in advance and ask them to save you a room facing Great Russell Street .. as the daylight shines through clear & bright.. a nice way to great the day.