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Dec 28, 2010 – HEADING FOR A TV SHOW IN GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN (invited by Swedish singing star, Jill Johnson)


After all these years, I finally figured it out. Here’s what I suggest. Instead of flying the red eye to any Euro country – if there’s a layover for a connecting flight in that country – take the 8:35 AM flight to London, stay at the Hilton Heathrow & connect the following day to wherever.

That’s what I did this time. My final destination was Gothenburg, Sweden. If I had taken the red eye, I would have been exhausted & had to wait in Stockholm for 5 hours for a connecting flight. Instead, I left in the AM, arrived at 9:00 PM London time, took the fast train to terminal #4 & was checked in & having a quiet lovely dinner at the Hilton an hour or so later. Soon after, tired from only a few hours sleep the previous night (had to wake before 5:00 AM to get to the airport in ample time), I got to sleep (at around 1:00 AM) & was on Euro-time JUST LIKE THAT!!


The TV folks had a taxi waiting. I arrived at the hotel at 6:00 where I was met by Rootsy rep, Bjorn Petterson, along with BOX whiskey rep (& Rootsy helper) , Peter. Rootsy is my distributing & booking connection in Scandinavia – run by my old friend, Hakan Olsson & his cohort, Bjorn.


Great to see now friend, Jill – one of the GREATEST soul country singers I’ve ever heard. The band (Miko (drums), Per (Guitar), Barra (pedal steel) & cool horn section guys, led by Mattias (piano) was totally prepared & sounded awesome. New friend, music coordinator Matthew, asked me in the AM if I could shorten the song a bit & after Jill approved the shorter version, Mattias quickly adjusted the charts.

We rehearsed several times so the camera folks could make their plan & the in-ear monitoring system could get set correctly. This system was a first for me.


What a great thing this was – dedicated to all the folks that go the extra mile to make other people’s lives better!! Lots of coaches of young folks were honored. I loved seeing this from behind the stage. The film stuff & presentations would make you smile & often get close to tears. It was great to be a part of this.


Jill & I performed FOREVER’S GOING UNDERGROUND – a duet we recently recorded, which can be found on Jill’s new recording as well as my best of, JAMES WESLEY DAYS, album.

I felt so comfortable with Jill & so inspired by her way as well as her performance. I had a chills every time our voices met. This was a magic four minutes – I loved every second.

AFTER THE SHOW – TV hosted party.

Saga and Chip

So good to see Peter & fiancé Pernilla & little Saga .. oh .. do I love this little girl (5?). She is my new great friend!! Also, nice to meet Agnetta, famous author, who said hi, complimented me & asked for a photo with me in such an unassuming manner. See you soon, Agnetta. Also .. great to see Mattias, Per & Miko .. the great band folks.. what a great job they did!


After the TV party, at the hotel’s upstairs bar, I met several UNSUNG HEROES & their friends & family including LENA & her husband Michael..


Her son ISIDOR was born with a serious heart defect – the equivalent of half a heart. At birth & several operations since, the DRs have said he had less than 20% chance of surviving a procedure. He is now 6 with a half functioning body, the result of a tough surgery. Due to immune system deficiency, Lena & husband Michael at times cannot venture outside their homes & have food & all goods delivered to an empty doorway where an envelope of payment is waiting.

Lena established a “club” for parents in a similar position. She is a total hero. Her story – filmed extensively – was pre-empted from the network broadcast due to commercial interruption. Oh my!

Hi to Lena, husband Michael, brother Mats – who started the conversation – Bob Quist (another unsung hero who started some great program (according to Lena) for kids & the other UNSUNG HEROES I met this night – congratulations to all.

Quote from Lena as to what matters most in a human being:

“A big heart – big ears – & a small mouth – so you can pay attention & really hear people you meet.”


We were delayed at the border for three plus hours, due to some past issues that I thought were resolved by now – to be discussed at another time. Thanks to some great driving by Paul, we arrived to the hotel shortly after 6:00 PM .. made a quick change & got to this awesome/cool venue in time for a 10 minute sound check. GREAT JOB BY SOUND MAN PAUL.. BIG THANKS!!


This is the new, hot place in town for cool music. All the best Toronto musicians gravitate here. It’s run by Shawn from the BEAUTIES & a nice young lady named Maggie – IT IS SUCH A COOL PLACE .. almost like an old speak-easy .. a small door attached to a humble-looking store front opens to a staircase that takes you down to this cool basement bar/club.. great food, great beer & whiskey – great stage – great sound system – the best vintage amps & the best, most appreciative fans! JOHN & I ARE SO HAPPY TO FINALLY BE HERE!!


TODAY WAS THE COLDEST DAY OF THE YEAR IN CANADA .. 16 below zero .. many ticket holders were a no-show.. most calling in their regrets – but those that came were welcoming & enthusiastic from the start .. & it was a night to remember!

The Beauties did a great opening set .. joined on stage by the great Justin Ruledge for one song & a girl named Maia DAVIES, an amazing singer from a successful Canadian band, The Ladies Of The Canyon, for a totally soulful performance of a Gram song, SIN CITY ..

Then John & I joined the BEAUTIES for two songs at the end of their great set … First, HEY JONNY .. which brought the YONKERS connection into focus.. then a chilling duet of ANGEL OF THE MORNING with the lovely & awesome MAIA. You were so one-of-a-kind special Maia!! BIG THANKS!!


Oh man this was something – First .. BIG THANKS to Derek Downham (drums) & Paul Pfisterer (bass) who did an amazing job in backing John & I tonight. I sent them possible tracks to learn only last week .. & they were totally ready!!

BY THE WAY.. The magic man, John Platania was awesome all night.. & this audience let him know it!! .. just great John!!

From THE REAL THING to BASTARD BROTHERS (great to have a little fun with old friend, Richard Flohill with this one) .. to DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE & the rest.. this was so, so vibey tonight …I felt so comfortable in this amazing place & on this stage.

It was so good to relive the SAW MILL RIVER story here tonight.. I loved it ..with BIG RIVER flowing through it & ENDLESS SLEEP feeling so retro & cool & sexy.. WILD THING with it’s sing-a-long dedicated to Lady X on the border was extra special tonight! .. it totally rocked.. HOLY SHIT was supposed to end it .. & dedicated to prisoners .. it was special ..& I started to say goodnight..

but then encores followed .. & I WASN”T BORN IN TENNESSEE had everybody singing with Merle Haggard. Finally we all left watching the caboose drift around the bend in a chilling CHARCOAL SKY.. this was a night I won’t forget ..

HUGE THANKS TO DANI at the bar.. look forward to hearing your album, Dani .. you’re great.. hope to see you again!!

Big thanks SHAWN.. regards to Shannon.. hope to see her & Wyatt next time .. if I can figure this border thing out, let’s do it again soon!

Hi To:

David, Wes & Kate (from Lucinda’s wedding) .. thanks for coming early .. thanks for the kind words Kate.. see you soon.. Big hi to old friend Richard Flohil.. great to see you tonight Richard .. thanks for being a good sport with the good-natured fun.. appreciate your support always!! .. & hi to friend, Andrea .. nice to meet you

Great to wind down with Maia, boyfriend, Pat .. special to hang out with you guys.. & friend KATY .. James (main bartender at The DAKOTA.. & awesome photog as well!! .. so good to see you .. thanks for taking the pictures .. look forward to that! .. BIG HI TO CHRISTINA (DEREK’S girl friend) .. so nice to meet you .. love your smile.. your boy was something!! .. Hi Anna .(cool bassist from the Ladies Of The Canyon).. great to see you

Hi Paul!! .. BIG THANKS .. let’s do this again & again .. see you guys in New York!.. Hi Ryan .. nice talking with you .. hopefully I’ll see you at the store next time! .. HUGE THANKS TREVOR for the GREAT food.. the Venison-burger was amazing!! DANI.. SO GREAT MEETING YOU & seeing your smile .. & all .. that was special for me tonight.. you were my buddy .. real fast .. that was so nice!! .. looking forward to listening to your SECOND GEAR.. see you soon I hope!

Hi Sean.. from the great SADIES.. nice talking with you .. hope to see you soon .. hi LISA .. so great to see you .. wish I’d have talked to you more.. JUSTIN .. LOVED listening to you .. wish you did more!!! – hopefully we’ll do something together soon! Big hi to co-owner Maggie & brother Jud (great guy & lead guitarist with the BEAUTIES) .. & dad, Doug.. thanks for the kind words Doug .. & the BLACK BOARD JUNGLE memories!! .. hope to see you soon..

Thanks to the lovely girl at the door, Angela, who sold the CDs & said some nice words as I was leaving .. wish I had the chance to talk to you more…


Every Monday night, this cool group follows the main act until well into the night. It was so great to wind down with a single malt & a low alcohol content beer .. talking to some great folks (Maia, Pat, Justin, Dani, Katy, James & all) & listening to this amazing country/off the wall band.. featuring John on vocals.. writing most of the songs.. Sam .. percussion (also makes amazing mobiles in metal- & designed his own triple “slinky” percussion instrument.. which sounded so, so interesting & cool) .. Tony, on bass – world renowned boot-maker .. & Michael.. great keyboard player for The Beauties & others at times!)

Note: sorry that great band member Miranda, who’s done some awesome work with Kendel on a new Canadian project, Belle Starr was not here – I was so looking forward to meeting/seeing her.

LOVED this wind down.. my favorite in a long, long while!

Note: special Hi to my special friend, Kendel Carson, who’s been saying for a while how awesome this place was having played here many times – just heard from her, wishing her best to all her great friends here .. so I’m passing that along!

See you all soon, I hope.

Dec 12, 2010 – Buffalo, The Sportsmen’s Tavern

Advertised as “Buffalo’s best music venue”. I guess that’s true – I can’t imagine a better one. At least for the kind of music that rings true to me.



From the minute John & I walked into this unpretentious place – one fairly large stage – a bar – & open bar seating facing the stage, that might hold 100 plus – we felt something special was going on here. The place reminds me of a soulful/ country place you might find in the 50’s in Mt. Vernon… or, well… YONKERS.

Ken. Our booker, sat at the end of the bar. He didn’t move a muscle. Then said.. “where’s the fiddler”. I wasn’t sure how to take that. I wondered if he thought we were coming with Kendel// or even Carrie. Then he showed me the poster – it advertised “THE CHIP TAYLOR BAND” .. and the picture was John & me flanking the LOVELY, KENDEL CARSON. Then he smiled & I realized it was a joke. He knew just John & I were coming .. but THIS WAS A BETTER LOOKING POSTER TO HANG ON THE WALL!! How’s that for a sense of humor!!

So this is it – the humble place that ALL THE GREAT AMERICANA ARTISTS want to play in Buffalo. Eilen Jewell, Jim Lauderdale, Gurf Morlix to HEYBALE & even ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. They all play this stage and they all can’t wait to come back. In a couple of hours we would feel the same thing!

NOTE: AND AMAZING NEWS .. THEY ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BUILDING A THREE STORY / 2 BUILDING AMAZING NEW COMPLEX – The second building houses Duane’s warm & amazing recording studio that aspiring locals use for little or no money & that touring artists use as their green room or to record or whatever . This whole complex is so unpretentious in it’s understated storefront look in this sort of run-down part of town – that is now totally on the upswing, due to the efforts of Duane & the gang here at SPORTSMEN’s

The upper floor of the new place will look down onto this stage!! From what I saw in design .. already partly built .. I am quite sure this will be one of the MOST TALKED ABOUT & REVERED NEW AMERICANA VENUES IN THE US

Big thanks to DUANE for making us so welcome & getting us great sound so fast!! – about 2 minutes, actually .. a record!!


One of my all time favorite shows.. this was such a kind, warm bunch of folks to play for .. there could never be a better audience – just nice folks who get the heart of stories & song very quickly.

We began with the YONKERS NY songs & stories .. & since there was such a total connection, I told more stories than usual including some first ever ones..

In set #1, aside from BASTARD BROTHERS & HEY JONNY, I particularly loved DANCE WITH A HOLE IN MY SHOE & I felt the true passion of Black & Blue America as we played it .. & ANGEL OF THE MORNING was warm & chilling & special tonight.

By the way, JOHN PLATANIA was awesome all night & the crowd let him know it at every turn..


After a fun, “YONKERS GIRLS” came one of the most fun “JOE FRAZIER” interactions in memory. There was such a strong connection here .. & because of the connection, I told more of the SINATRA & POPE JOHN PAUL II story than usual. It was truly like a bunch of friends sitting in a living room…

Then came SAW MILL RIVER ROAD .. & BIG RIVER.. these felt so good.. then CHARCOAL SKY .. with this warm bunch sharing a Monday with dad & mom & my bastard brothers – this was total magic.. then, after a totally rocked-out WILD THING .. which left the spirit of Jimi on these walls, we ended with TENNESSEE, an awesome HOLY SHIT.. & requested SAME OLD STORY & JOHN TUCKER’S ON THE WAGON AGAIN..

This was a show & a venue that John Platania & I will not forget! Hope to be back here VERY soon!!! Big thanks to all!!


Again.. Hi & BIG THANKS to Duane, Ken, Paul (GREAT TICKETS!!!.. big thanks for that, the poster.. the stickers etc), PAT (at the bar), JIMMY & Andrea.. can’t wait to come back!!

HI BOB & DOREEN (from Toronto) .. so good to see you both tonight.. say hi to Bill tomorrow!! BIG HI TO ELMER, NICK, STEVE & DANA.. great seeing you all .. Steve .. thanks for the great requests.. Dana .. best with your own music!!

HI LARRY & JERRY .. so good to see you both .. thanks for the kind words & the BIG RIVER request.. BIG HI MICHAEL .. thanks for the nice words .. so good talking to you!! .. BIG HI JIMMY .. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE WORDS .. they meant a lot to me!!..

Hi to BILLY & THE BEATERS keyboardist, JIM ANGER.. great talking to you Jim.. hi Chuck .. thanks for being here!!

Hi Peter Johnson (YO YO Champ in the ’50’s!!! .. thanks for the note .. regards to GAVIN & Leslie… hope to see you all soon!.. Hi to Tim & Ron.. saw you at John Prine concert .. what happened to you later??

Hi JOHN from Manchester .. so good to see you, John.. good luck with your Buffalo “SCROOGE” performance.. hope Martha & Jean enjoy the CD .. see you in the UK SPECIAL HI TO GEORGE & late wife, SANDRA .. both big ANGEL OF THE MORNING fans.. & shared a love for casino’s & the ponies.. best George.. thanks for the kind words!!..

Hi John .. Joe Renda friend from back in the day.. best of luck with your own music with your friend…

AGAIN .. thanks to all our new friends at this great place – we will DEFINITELY be back – VERY SOON!!


John & I arrived in Buffalo at about 1:30 .. two plus hours later we arrived in this cool little NY college town.

THE VENUE .. CREATIVE ART CENTER.. sponsored by local businessman/bass player, Andy Glanzman, who saved the buildings and built this wonderful place as a school for artists – and now a venue as well – and an awesome restaurant as well.

Andy, wife Tina, Pete (volunteer lights sound & all things cool pertaining to music), Nate friend Linda (thanks for the cookies!!), Mary Ann, Dave & Jean were there to say hi & offer good assistance & friendship through the night!!


Pete & Andy got my DI set & the mikes ready in quick time. We need little monitor sound as the speakers for the room were behind & above us. Since the room is kind of spread out, the house seemed quite “live” & it was difficult to adjust to on stage. Andy said it would be richer & warmer with folks in the house – and he was right.

As I mentioned, Andy is a bass player & offered/wanted to play with us – as he has with other artists passing through. He had a couple of hours to learn the songs, so we invited him to give it a try.

I only did that once before with Carrie Rodriguez. We had a bass player learn the set minutes before show time at a big benefit show in Rhode Island – that worked out – so did this!! Big thanks for working so hard, Andy!!


JOHN PLATANIA (Van Morrison/Moondance & Dominoe fame), electric guitar – ANDY GLANZMAN, bass & CHIP TAYLOR, acoustic guitar & harmonica


We shifted gears from the C&C shows of the previous weeks and fell back into the songs of the GRAMMY NOMINATED, Yonkers album. Oh, it feels good to say that.

These nice & appreciative folks were way into my bastard brothers & mom & dad YONKERS stuff from the beginning .. Barry GO ON, BASTARD BROTHERS, HEY JONNY.. all touched home & were fun for John & I to relive on stage.

By the way, like all audiences for this past year, John Platania is getting lots of deserved reverence at all my show!! WAY TO GO JOHN, you were awesome again tonight!!

We ended set #1 with one of my favorite set/endings in memory – BLACK & BLUE AMERICA, DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE & ANGEL OF THE MORNING. We had had never done that ending before. We got a standing ovation as we left the stage & that was only the first set!


This flew by with more YONKERS NY songs, included YONKERS NY., SAW MILL RIVER ROAD & CHARCOAL SKY .. folks LOVED this one.

But I think my favorite memory from this set were the fan requested, COALFIELDS OF SHICKSHINNY from my LAST CHANCE album circa 1974 & my Janis hit, TRY (JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER), both of which, John & I played from distant memory. I loved these tonight.. way to go John.

And big thanks to Andy for his VG efforts in helping us by learning the songs so fast – good effort Andy. Let’s do it again!

After the show, said hi to several, including!


Jay, & Lee ** .. great seeing you both.. thanks for the nice words.. hi to bastard brother Doug..

Big hi to Carol.. & Jean .. HI SUE!! .. hope Nikki likes the CD.. Hi Pat & Bill & BOB “O” (Linke) .. thanks for your support through the years!!!

Sorry I missed getting the names of so many.. big thanks to all .. what a special night!! Again Linda .. big thanks for those AWESOME cookies.

Again .. huge thanks to Andy & Pete .. & all the gang .. Pete .. big thanks for setting up the Sportsmens Tavern for us .. hope to see you all soon!





Carrie & I have been looking forward to this! – Here’s the story: When Carrie & I were releasing our first album, we sat in my apartment thinking of towns we wanted to play. Houston was one of them. Carrie & I had both heard that the “DUCK” was THE place for singer/songwriters in Houston. At the time nobody knew who C&C was. Somehow, our album got in the hands of owners, RUSTY & THERESA & we were invited to play there. I remember how happy we were at that invitation. And so began our long-standing relationship with this place – IT’S SO GREAT TO BE BACK!!


It’s so great to see old friends, RUSTY, THERESA & SHANE – I love these guys!! On the way to the “green” room, I met staffers, Abby, Natalie, Amy & Tom. Later I’d meet Allissa & ASHLEY & others – Rusty & Theresa have a way of attracting top-of-the-line young folks to their staff – what nice people!! – big thanks to all of you for your support tonight!


I forgot how GREAT the food is here. Big thanks from the band for the awesome meal!! Note: The place has a sort of dinner theater atmosphere. Not all patrons eat, but many do. Aside from the amazing food, the wine selection is awesome!


THE BAND again is:
JOHN PLATANIA – electric guitar – LUCKY LUKE JACOBS – pedal steel & KYLE KEGERREIS – upright bass

The place is PACKED!!

What an awesome group to play for!!

It’s been over three years since we played here last. WHAT A HOMECOMING!! The C&C vibe was intact from the minute we started YOUR NAME IS ON MY LIPS AGAIN.. I felt such a chill – the C&C vibe was so, so strong. And the audience reaction let us know that they were getting that too. From there on we were off to one of the great nights of this tour – actually, one of the great C&C nights period!.

The up tempo songs like LAREDO & SWEET TEQUILA BLUES & KEEP YOU HAT ON JENNY were loose & totally rocked – with Lucky Luke, John & Kyle killing the audience with brilliant solos But what was so, so chilling tonight was all the mystic ballads, like ON AN ISLAND & BIG MOON SHININ’ They were simply off-the-charts chilling tonight. When it gets like that, the reward, as an artist, is what the vibe just did to you. You live for that sort of otherworldly thing. So, even if the audience doesn’t get it, if you do – it’s enough. But tonight, THIS audience TOTALLY got what WE were getting & their reaction was – as we felt it – OVER THE TOP! BIG, BIG thanks to all for that!! Note: When we finished BIG MOON SHININ’, I was so lost in that vibe, it took me several seconds to recover – & in the middle of that recovery Carrie leaned over & whispered.. ” that.. was something!”

And so it continued .. and DON’T SPEAK IN ENGLISH &, MUST BE THE WHISKEY killed (The BOX WHISKEY theme song) killed .. & DIRTY LITTLE TEXAS STORY grooved big time … & after a totally rocked out WILD THING – which included “the best sing-a-long in DUCK history – according to manager SHANE, we visited that chilling place again with the requested RED DOG TRACKS – this was something! We closed with the sweetest version of WE COME UP SHINING – what a touching ending to this C&C return. This was night to remember!!

Huge thanks to all who were here!!


First, a VERY SPECIAL HELLO & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to JENNY & RYAN!! – thanks for getting them the tickets Donna.. hope you got my messages. We’d love to see you guys at The CACTUS in-store!! If not, let’s get together next time I’m in town. HUGE HI & THANKS TO CARRIE’S cousin Celeste & husband ANDREW .. great talking to you .. LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU NEXT TIME!! Great to see old friend, FRED .. you look great Fred.. & sis, Carol.. Kathy & David & friends .. hope friend TOM enjoys the CD… HI VERNON.. good to see you again & again.. Hi Melba ..Theresa’s mom.. so good to see you & Garrett .. good luck in VEGAS Melba .. or wherever you try your luck.. but be careful!!! .. Hi Jack & Mark .. hi Caleb .. hope to see you NEXT time!! – hi JEN & JON .. wish you could have been here.. thanks for the support & the kind words, Janie.. much love .. Hi Gary, & Donny .. hope Harry enjoys the listen.. Hi Pam & STU (STURAT!!) .. so good to see you guys up front!! .. thanks for the kind words & awesome support .. JP thanks you as well!! Big hi to Jeanine & Kimberley (see Kimberley .. I remembered!!) .. so great to see you both!!!! .. hi to your folks (reminder to me .. the folks from Germany from a few years ago) .. hope to see you all next time!!

BIG HI TO SCOTT (from Edmonton!!!!) & JELENA.. so great to see you both .. Hi Nancy & BRUCE .. what nice words!!! .. hope SUZY enjoys the CD.. HI RANDY & MARY .. so good to talk to you!! .. & big hi again to Elizabeth .. mom, DOROTHY is from YONKERS (ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL) .. Elizabeth, tell mom that my album, YONKERS NY, is up for a GRAMMY!!! Hi Robert & CARMALYN.. love that name .. great to see you both .. Hi CORY … GREAT TO SEE YOU IN THE FIRST ROW!!!! .. thanks for the kind words.. & hi to friends PAM & MARK .. so good to see you all.. & big hi to HEIDI & DAVID!!!! And to all the others who were here – WHAT AN AWESOME NIGHT .. see you soon!!


This is another one of those amazing stores – in a similar image of the great WATERLOO RECORDS in Austin – stores that defy the trends – sell great music & have lasting, loyal customers. Both Waterloo & The Cactus cater to in-store shows & have VG sound systems & good stages to perform from.


GREAT TO SEE MANAGER QUINN.. a friend from past days & kind staffer, Adriana as we entered. A terrific soundman, Mark, had us ready in minutes. Big thanks Mark!!! Again, it’s JP on electric guitar – Lucky Luke on pedal steel – & Kyle on upright bass.


It’s great to see so many “friends” on hand for this – thanks to all for the warm welcome. After briefly explaining what the new CD, THE NEW BYE & BYE was about, we began with YOUR NAME IS ON MY LIPS AGAIN.


I guess if you listen to this song, you’ll get to know me pretty good. There is no ego involved when I tell you I LOVE this little song. It is humble & it’s the truth – & I get a chill every time Carrie & I sing it. If some one said – this song represents the best of my writing – or it perfectly represents the C&C magic – I would not argue. And …it gave me a total a chill today.

And then it was SWEET TEQUILA BLUES & ON AN ISLAND .. & the chill stayed strong right through DON’T SPEAK IN ENGLISH. And we all smiled together when Carrie cussed me out in THE NEW BYE & BYE.. and it seemed like everyone felt the seriousness of the “hard times” in the story that followed. Then it was a totally rocked-out WILD THING with a huge/great sing-a-long. And after some over-the-top cheers & warm applause we said thanks & good-bye & Carrie & I quickly found our way to the signing area & we said hi to some wonderful folks.


Hi CRYSTAL, great to see you today!!! You always were our special WILD THING!! Have a great Christmas .. we’ll be thinking of you. Hi Eddie .. very good to see you .. thanks for the kind words. Hi Sandy .. so good to see you again & again – hope Nan & Ted enjoy the listen. Hi Lisa & Hugh (with the great Troggs CD) & Bob.. thanks to all for the kind words .. Bob .. nice to see the full LAST CHANCE vinyl . with poster included .. big thanks! Hi Tim .. what nice words.. Hi Buster.. good to see you! Hi David .. big thanks for being here .. SPECIAL hi to dad PAUL & his sweet girls, Emily & Isa.. it was so good to see you off to the side of the stage during the show! Hope to see you again!! BIG HELLO TO OLD FRIEND, ANDREW DANSBY & SWEET two-year old DAUGHTER, HAZEL .. so good to see you both .. Hazel.. this is for you.. “HOLY COW!!! BET YOU KNOW HOW .. TO SING THIS SONG .. BOW WOW!!!” .. love you Hazel. Andrew.. hope dad & mom (John & Karen) enjoy the CD .. big hello to them

Hi to Bob, Mike, Katrina, Jules.. HI BRUCE.. good to see you again!! .. Hi Theresa.. thanks for the sweet words.. Hi Eli & Mike .. hope Kathy enjoys the listen .. HI Jeannette & Rick.. & Neil .. big thanks for those words.. Hi Gary.. big hello to Bob & Emma.. HI PAULA.. hope Mike enjoys the CD

Special hi to Jodi & lovely daughter KAT (with the guitar).. so good to see you both (happy you got in line again!) .. LOVED that picture of us KAT!! …Jodi .. send it quick & we’ll post it .. hope to see you both soon. Big thanks to all .. what a great way to wind up the C&C tour.. see you soon, Quinn!


That’s the question everyone asks. A simple answer is – I’m not sure. It seems everyone wants that – & Carrie & I were talking today about how great this tour was – sold out shows – huge response. We know something special just happened & we’re listening to what fans are saying.

We both have lots of solo things on our plate coming up, but we talked about the possibility of pointing toward an annual end-of-the-year reunion tour – with new recordings each year – similar to this. So, we’ll see – but Carrie’s solo career is in full swing.. so look for her coming your way soon. And I’ll be coming your way soon (late March) with John Platania & Kendel Carson with a new project dedicated to musicians who never got the credit they deserve. It’s called ROCK & ROLL JOE .. with input from Lucinda, Bill Frisell, Greg Leisz, JP, Bryan Owings, Ron Eoff, Buddy Miller & many others – with “a cast of thousands”. It should be something! Hopefully, when all is said & done, C&C will come your way soon again.



Held at a cool little roadside place called TAVERN IN THE GRUENE, just down the street from the oldest dance hall in the US, GRUENE HALL. Mattson was instrumental in breaking me & then Carrie & me in these parts – & Ray is not only an amazing artist in his own right – but a soft spoken gem of a radio host as well.

With musicians, guitarist John Platania & pedal steel player, Luke Jacobs, we played & talked for the better part of two hours, jumping from songs from our new album, to the hits – with lots of off-the-wall conversation – some of it funny as hell – Radio doesn’t get better.

Big thanks Ray & Mattson!! – see you soon!


This entire Texas return will be an old sentimental homecoming, filled with huge memories. We’ll see lots of old friends/fans on this run. It’s fitting that this magic place is a part of it. Carrie & I LOVE being here! This is one of our favorite places to play on the planet – first of all, because it’s such a cool retro-record store – secondly, & more important, because it’s owned & operated by a wonderful guy & our great friend, John Kunz.


Note: Big thanks to hard working KELSIE & the crew for getting the good sound together by show-time. Hope to see you again, Kelsie.

This is certainly more like a show than an in-store. John has a great stage area set up high against one of the walls, that overlooks every section of the entire store, so the artist gets a good look at all the folks in attendance. And this place is PACKED this afternoon.

The Musicians:

John Platania – guitar
Luke Jacobs – pedal steel
Kyle Kegerreis – upright bass
Carrie & me

We played a 40 minute set, the new songs (YOUR NAME IS ON MY LIPS, ON AN ISLAND & THE NEW BYE & BYE) mixed with some Taylor/Rodriguez classics & ended with a rousing WILD THING. This was more than just a great prelude to some magic that would happen at the CACTUS CAFÉ for the next two nights!!! What a nice way to spend a late afternoon.



First – so good to see John Kunz with his lovely wife Kathy & talk about good Thanksgiving days! – so good to see old friend Vincent, who always has interesting stuff for us to sign – a poster always included .. .. great to see you again & again,,

BIG HELLO TO OLD FRIEND PAT – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BOOKS .. everybody loved them .. kept looking through them in the dressing room at the Cactus – great stuff!! .. please send BIG, BIG Love to Terry.. we are totally there with her in these tough days.. hope to see you very soon Terry

& hi to Gina & Rush ..

Hi Gary .. & Chris . has photos of Carrie & me from here & New Braunfels.. love to see them.. Hi Robin, & JOSH & MANDY.. & Diane & Eric – such nice words from all.. Hi Peter .. big love to Bunny .. so glad she’s feeling better! … Hi Marcel.. ..& Kim (nice guy) .. good to see you!..

Hi to Morris & kids, Sarah & 12 year old ARIANA (BIRTHDAY ON MAR 27!!!)– once almost sand WILD THING with me at Gruene Hall) & Allysa 5 – HOPE TO SEE YOU ONE OF THESE DAYS SOON

Hi Zosia, Joseph, Rhoda, (for Sherry & Dick .. is that right??) .. Hi Ann & Bob.. & Herb – Hi John & Patty .. HI KURBY .. hi Charlie .. & Steve Hopson & Ryan Fennell.. Hi Bonner& Edie . Hi Joseph .. & Rhoda

BIG HI TO DELLA (From Gueros) .. hope to see you soon Della.. you’re great!! Thanks for the kind words … HI EARL .. I’ll remember what you said!!! Many thanks for those special words!!

GREAT TO SEE OLD FRIEND JODY DENBERG .. who did the beautiful Liner Notes on our album.. nice to see you as well, Caroline .. hope to spend time with you another day.

THANKS JOHN & KATHY & The Waterloo folks .. this was awesome .. as usual!!




For those who don’t know – several months ago, there was much talk that the owner, the University Of Texas, would be shutting the place down. Many locals including a bunch of heralded musicians led a charge to save it. I was proudly part of that mix with my song, JESUS CHRIST, DON’T LET THE CACTUS FALL, which I recorded back then & was on sale at Waterloo to benefit the cause.

Tonight, I saw old friend Griff, who has managed this legendary place for 30 years. He threw his arms around me & said..”BIG THANKS, CHIP .. WE DID IT!!! THE CACTUS IS SAVED””

THAT WAS GREAT NEWS TO HEAR! Supposedly Griff will stay on as an advisor to work with the new manager, Matt – who seems like a great guy & totally efficient! I’m thinking this could work well!!


It was so good to see my old friends, bartenders CHRIS & SUSAN. It seems like we’ve been friends forever – what a great homecoming this is for me!!


Thanks to Jeff, who worked through some inherent Cactus sound challenges, to get us awesome sound by show time!! Big thanks to Chris .. great sound engineer as well – who is recording these two shows!!


The Musicians:

John Platania – guitar
Luke Jacobs – pedal steel
Kyle Kegerreis – upright bass

Well. This was a love-in from start to finish. The band was so great from the start & that gave Carrie & me an opportunity to vibe at our best .. & when it’s like that we go to some magical new places.

We started with YOUR NAME IS ON MY LIPS AGAIN. And when the audience erupted at the finish, we followed with SWEET TEQUILA BLUES & LET’S LEAVE THIS TOWN.. adding a chilling version of the new ON AN ISLAND .. a few rockers later (LAREDO & KEEP YOUR HAT ON JENNY).. we closed the first set with fan-favorite version of ANGEL OF THE MORNING.


This was so loose & fun.. from DON’T SPEAK IN ENGLISH.. to the end. I loved PLAY IT AGAIN SAM, our tribute to our WESTERN MASS (IRON HORSE) fans.. as well as MUST BE THE WHISKEY .. which is now the theme song for BOX WHISKEY from SWEDEN… but it was a chilling BIG MOON SHININ that totally gets me .. those 5 minutes display the C&C magic like no other. I am always left with a physical buzz that doesn’t disappear for a while.. And oh, I love being in that place!

And then came WILD THING .. which totally rocked. With Carrie’s blessing I then sang my tribute to the CACTUS CAFÉ – “JESUS CHRIST – DON’T LET THE CACTUS FALL” .. which gets to me emotionally every time .. there was total solidarity in the room for those thoughts .. a special moment for me

We ended with “WE COME UP SHINING” .. & the response was overwhelming .. it was almost like some super-group reuniting .. C&C are definitely back.. at least in Western Mass & NY .. & HERE IN AUSTIN, TEXAS! – what a night!!


Sorry. I lost my notes on this .. but from memory..

Big hi to Sonny Rhodes & friend Carlos.. & Travis, from ANCHORAGE, ALASKA .. & Carrie’s mom, Katy & husband, Jim .. & aunt LESLIE .. GREAT TO SEE YOU LESLIE!!! ..

Hi to great friends, John & Kathy Kunz.. huge thanks for your support .. John .. I’ve been an accepted honorary Texan in your place for years.. that has meant so much to me!! .. big thanks

DEC 2, 2010 – WOKE UP TO GREAT NEWS!!!!!!

My latest CD, YONKERS NY IS UP FOR A GRAMMY AWARD for BEST RECORDING PACKAGE … what an honor for Andy Taray, designer & all THE TRAIN WRECK RECORDS STAFF, who worked so hard to put my family tribute on the best possible setting!!

DEC 2, 2010 – KUT RADIO – with host MATT REILLY..

It’s like I said last time I did an interview with Matt. This new-guy-on-the-block is simply very good at what he does!! – he’s sneaky good. What I mean by that is – you start the interview & expect to sail through typical questions – then all of a sudden a “real” question is asked .. a good question .. & your jolted a bit – and you think & respond & the audience (as well as CARRIE & I) – gets to know us better! .. that’s a very neat thing!!

So this was a good interview / performance setting for us. Along with the interesting questions, we played some new songs along with DON’T SPEAK IN ENGLISH.. and said our good-byes .. Big thanks Matt .. well done! – & thanks always Cliff for the great sound.



Both nights were totally packed – but tonight, it’s oversold. We managed to squeeze in Sonny Rhodes & his crew, who arrived at the last minute. Then they bolted the door & we hit the stage.


The Musicians:
John Platania – guitar
Luke Jacobs – pedal steel
Kyle Kegerreis – upright bass

Again.. this was a love-in from start to finish. This was a very vocal crowd with constant bursts of cheers.. mostly emanating from the packed bar area in the rear.

I felt such a chill when Carrie’s voice hit mine on YOUR NAME IS ON MY LIPS TONIGHT” – & it didn’t stop the whole night. There were so many highlights.

SWEET TEQUILA BLUES.. LET’S LEAVE THIS TOWN .. was so, so warm tonight.. then LAREDO totally vibed with all the great solos by John & Luke & Kyle.. Then DO YOUR PART was so cool .. & gain the band’s solos were so, so special..

Luke & Kyle were great tonight.. but their was so much deserved reverence for the amazingly soulful JOHN PLATANIA tonight – it felt so good to hear all those cheers. And I have not mentioned Carrie’s fiddling enough in these notes – she has been so on fire .. & she was sheer magic tonight!!

The C&C vibe continued with MUST BE THE WHISKEY .. & their were roars when CARRIE cussed me out in the opening verse of THE NEW BYE & BYE.. this is so much fun in the beginning & so dead-on serious as it gets going .. not many songs can do that.. it’s a good thing!!

I was left misty eyed with BIG MOON SHININ’ again.. & at songs end my instinct is always to put my arm around her.. nothing in music gets me like what we do when we sing that song! .. ’nuff said.

We closed with an extraordinarily appreciated Cactus tribute, JESUS CHRIST – DON’T LET THE CACTUS FALL

And closed again with my “flowers” for Carrie, WE COME UP SHINING

What an amazing two days at this wonderful place .. thanks to all who were part of it!


BIG HI to Carrie’s great family .. Frances, so good to see you sitting there!!! – good therapy for me! – great to see you again Sylvia!! Hi & love to Leslie, Katy, all the cousins, Paloma & Wills (remember your promise Wills!!) – it was SO great to see you all!

Big hi to old friends Chad & Tara .. somehow we belong together .. this separation is not a good thing .. for any of us. Just plain wrong!! – Right Tara!!

Sonny & golfing cohorts .. great to see you boys!! .. hope to see you soon… Hi Carlos & friend .. was it Susan?? .. so good to see you!! Hi Brent .. Hi to Pal from Seattle & Evy .. great to see you guys… hi to CLARK & SHERI .. hope you enjoy the album .. I have great memories of you guys .. wish you were here! ..

Hi CJ.. & Cheryll .. hope husband, HUNTER enjoys the CD.. Hi Brittany.. Hi Valerie .. & Bill .. hey John .. all the best.. Hi Chris for DAD-in-law, Mike .. Mike .. hope you enjoy the CD .. Hi EARL .. thanks for coming by again & again.. hope I can live up to your words.. Hi Daryll .. all the best with your own music.

So special to see Phoebe (from the Bellevue Outfit) & lovely friend Heidi .. nice talking with you both .. look forward to hearing your new songs, Phoebe ..& seeing you both again.

Jody & Barbara .. it was SO special to see you .both. Barb .. you look great!! Hope to see you soon.. & John Kunz .. what a nice thing it is to hang with you always .. big thanks .. & big love to Kathy

BIG HELLO TO PAUL from LONGVIEW who traveled with his lovely & sweet daughter, AMY – 275 miles to see the show!! That meant a lot to me.. hope to see you both soon!!