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JAPANESE TOUR – Jan 22 – 28, 2011


It’s about an hours ride from OSAKA to Kyoto .. arrived in time for an awesome lunch at a famous old noodle shop & a visit to a famous temple (THE GINAKUJI TEMPLE) – established in 1482 .. where Japanese culture was formed.. a combination of Higashiama (a resting place for an elite, respected grandfather of the eighth Muromachi Shogunate) & ZEN.


The Takutaku is one of the coolest small venues on the planet. What a place for our last show in Japan!! It’s housed in a small two floor “house” 20 yards off a small street – two blocks from the “5th AVENUE” of Kyoto – with upscale shops like LOUIS VUITTON lining the road – advertising mostly in English. The downstairs part is the venue, holding about 70 people. The wooden tables & chairs of various sizes are scattered around facing the stage gives the feeling of being in an old Greenwich Village coffee house.

This humble venue – with an amazing sound system – and great sound engineer (“TOM”) – has been home to the greatest singer-songwriter & blues artists on the planet, including CLARENCE GATEMOUTH BROWN, BO DIDLEY, DAN PENN, SPOONER OLDHAM & the like – and has been the home for aspiring Japanese musicians. Under the guidance of a wonderful guy named HIRO & a great staff, there is some sort of cool music playing here on a daily basis.

A steep winding staircase takes you to the spacious band area upstairs – with huge posters of legends who have played there plastered on the walls. It’s a comfortable area to get ready for a show. It’s a VERY cold night tonight & the venue is just starting to warm up. A space heater does the trick upstairs.

We’re sound checked by 6:00 & relax upstairs with some good tea & a taste of “organic” pudding that AUDREY has brought in.


Again, Chihana did her amazing subtle blues thing ending tonight with an awesome instrumental on something that sounded a bit like DARK END OF THE STREET.. maybe it was. She’s the real deal – & the audience showed their appreciation.


One of the great things about tonight for us on stage was the sound. TOM got the balances just right for us, so, as it was last night, we could trade off each others playing in a way that brought new dimension to each song.

We got to a connection from the start with THE REAL THING, which had many in the audience clapping in time. Then Kendel’s OH BABY LIE DOWN brought a terrific response. They loved her tonight from start to finish!


Another thought about Kendel – her playing is so inspired & I feel such a connection with her that each song goes to some better place because of that connection. It’s something masters like John do. Kendel has totally achieved that – she is ONE-OF-A KIND AWESOME!


I guess what I’ll remember most tonight was the connection we had with the soulful songs like SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, YONKERS NY & CHARCOAL SKY. It felt like we all belonged together in this room on this night. I got such a chill playing them. And John’s IN MEMORY OF ZAPATA, with John’s humble, honest recitation, was so, so special tonight.

KENDEL’S “I LIKE TRUCKS” got the audience clapping & moving & ANGEL OF THE MORNING, with it’s new Spanish-like rhythm & warm harmonies, was so chilling & was met with over-the-top response.

Then it was time for the Chihana duets .. Oh this was so soulful tonight!! Big thanks Chihana.. we loved sharing the stage with you! Too bad it has to end tonight! You’re a magic girl!

WILD THING was so cool & sexy & understated tonight .. understated – but so, so powerful – with AWESOME solos by Jon, Kendel & CHIHANA!! – this was among my favorite WILD THING’s EVER!!

WE encored with a nuts version of TRY JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER (with the “KELLY” rap!!), which is becoming a definite show-stopper these days & we are LOVING playing it!! Then came our reverent prisoners tribute, HOLY SHIT .. which totally connects each time. There is no kidding around with this song. It’s become more of a ZEN-LIKE prayer.

Then came our tour closer, I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE which totally rocked & had the audience clapping & moving to the rhythm … and after the yodel, we said SAYONARA.. & left to huge applause & a standing ovation!




HI KUNIKO .. great to see you AGAIN!! .. thanks for the kind words… & the wonderful gifts.. so above & beyond ..please send my regards to your boy.. hope to see you both again soon … send regards to another other new friend, MAYATA son .. tell him it won’t be long!!!

Hi MASATO.. so good to see you again & again (traveled 4 plus hours from Tokyo … as did Kuniko).. what a blessing for us to have a fan/friend like you.. thanks for the gift for the grandkids!! .. by the way .. BLACK & BLUE AMERICA is certainly one of my favorites!!

Hi Saturu .. & Nobuyo.. Yoshitaka.. and big thanks to AKIRA, who saw last night’s show & made the trip from OSAKA. Hi Yori.. big hi to TOMAH!!! .. thanks for the kind words… HI WONDER … great talking to you .. thanks for your kindness… best with your own music!!..

GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN MARI!!!!!!! (saw at Borders 2 years ago) … what a special treat!!! – wonderful to meet your dad, KEJI as well … hope our paths cross!! .. BIG HELLO TO ICHIRO.. thanks for the kind thoughts.. so good to meet you on this trip..

AGAIN HUGE THANKS to owner, HIRO… thanks for inviting us to your amazing place & thanks for the T-SHIRTS & the amazing dinner after … hi to your friends “Shijan.. & SOMIA.. hope to see you soon again, HIRO

Again, what a blessing this entire tour has been .. HIROSHI & AUDREY .. what an amazing effort you both made .. it was so appreciated!!

“Konnichiwa” everybody! – or “good day!”. JOHN, KENDEL & I ARE LOVING JAPAN & THE JAPANESE PEOPLE – We’re ready for another show in another town.

Jan 27, 2011 – HEADING FOR OSAKA

We left NAGOYA at bit past noon, heading southwest for Osaka. Though a bit south, the terrain is more mountainous & we hit some light snow, which let up quickly. We made one stop at another rather large “truck stop” along the highway for a bite to eat. It’s always an adventure, but, with the help of Hiroshi, I ordered some seaweed, shrimp & rice soup which tasted great.


We arrive in OSAKA, the second largest city in Japan – original home of Panasonic – on the water – some shipping industry & lots of commerce in general – at about 3:00 PM. The hotel is situated on a busy street that reminds me of the main street in Queens, New York.

The hotel is another cool & efficient one. Like the hotels in the last two cities, the faucets for the sink also, with a flip of a switch, control the shower. I like that. It reminds me of a switch on my old Volkswagen Beetle auto that controlled several things. THE VENUE IS DOWNSTAIRS IN THE HOTEL. I haven’t seen it yet, but we all love the idea of going from your bedroom to the stage & back again.


What a warm, great place. Again, a bit in size like the Turning Point, which holds about 70 people. These places are all cool little serious music clubs that cater to singer-songwriter or jazz types. You know before you hit the stage that lots of soulful music has passed through the doors. It’s great to meet host & owner, Keiko after the show. Keiko has proudly carried on a tradition started by her & her late husband many years ago.

Another Dream Venue Venue Poster from Osaka Show

Thanks to YAMAMOTO for the quick & good sound check, which allowed us time to relax in our room before the show.


CHIHANA opened with her cool, soulful 3-song set. Again, I love to listen to her. She is so special!

I loved this!! This was a special group to play for. Though kind of quiet in their responses in the beginning, I still felt a communion with these folks early on. And by the end it was a total love-in.

There were far too many highlights to mention. From the beginning, due in part to the clear sound on stage, the connection between Kendel, John & I was solid. The result was that, like a good jazz show, the musicianship inspired the songs in new directions. Songs like OH BABY LIE DOWN & DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE went their own inspired way & the audience seemed to appreciate them quite a bit – as we did on stage.

Some special highlights for me tonight were SAW MILL RIVER ROAD, which seemed to spark a unique connection with the folks tonight. YONKERS NY, with its’ story of the fixed basketball games – which seemed to be totally understood by these folks – connected big time. I could see the folks swaying with the song’s lilt every time we hit the chorus.

John’s, “IN MEMORY OF ZAPATA” was so passionate tonight & the audience responded with total reverence. And I LIKE TRUCKS rocked as cool as ever & had most clapping & singing along. Then came a VERY special ANGEL OF THE MORNING, which had a warm little Latin feel to it tonight – almost like a Joe Cuba thing, which sort of took its direction from a lick John played early on. We had never done it quite like that & it felt awfully emotional & good. Then CHARCOAL SKY totally connected in story & song. By this time I was thinking that something was going on here tonight!

Then CHIHANA joined us for our duets, GUITAR GIRL & COUNTRY GIRL / CITY MAN & oh… this was so special.

Then came a totally rockin WILD THING.. & then came the encores .. .. TRY JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER, with its rap about my daughter & her husband FRANK (now getting so set-in-stone) was a huge favorite again.. .. a reverent HOLY SHIT & a spirited I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE ended a hell of a night!



AGAIN.. special hi to owner KEITO .. love your place, Keito.. thanks for having us.

A big hello to Hiroshi’s mandolin playing friend, AKIMOTO.. so good to meet you .. loved the story about your buying GASOLINE as a high school student .. thanks for the support!! // hi to Ishiguro .. & MASAKI… & MASAO .. & AKIRA.. big hi to TAKASHI & HIRO & KEI .. & E.YAMASHITA & K. MAEDA.. KIYOSHI.. big hello to Hiroyasu .. thanks to all for the kind words!!

Love & THANKS to our assistant salesgirls, YUKO & SHZUE .. so good to see you. See you in KYOTO!!

Jan 25, 2011 – YOKOHAMA


note: we just realized form looking at the promo material that the tickets cost about $100!! I would have never guessed that Japanese people would pay that much to see us.

THUMBS UP. This is a VERY cool little place – slightly bigger than, say.. THE TURNING POINT in Rockland County (NY). It’s very well laid out – the front of the stage is rounded so I stood a few feet closer to the audience than John & Kendel who were flanked on either side of me. The dinner-theater layout had the audience either in the sunken main floor area in front of the stage, or at “box” seats on the next tier, surrounding the main stage . Off to the far left was the bar, where some would sit on stools with a good look at the stage.

You would never expect a place like this to be found on the 4th floor a a small shopping mall – it definitely had that side-street atmosphere going for it – but that’s where it was. The place normally holds about 8o. There was not a seat to be had – the place was packed.


– A sharp soundman Are Kane, waded through some technical noise-grounding issues and we were soon ready.


CHIHANA did an amazing 3 song strongly blues flavored opening. She is such a tasteful slide (dobro) player & a quiet, sensitive singer. I was mesmerized watching her from the side.


Again, we were introduced by our new friend & booker, Hiroshi. I have no idea what he told the audience.. but every once in a while I hear him say a familiar word like “gambler” the audience responds with an “ooh” or a laugh. Whatever he says, when we hit the stage, we are greeted with a very warm response.

As soon as we were on stage I felt this would be a special show.. & it was. The thing that made it so magic was that it was so “lived in” .. I didn’t play to the audience like they might not understand me.. I played to them like they were my friends, who would understand me. And with that feeling, songs like DANCE WITH A HOLE IN MY SHOW & BLACK & BLUE AMERICA felt like they connected on a the highest level possible… as did songs like YONKERS NY, CHARCOAL SKY & HOLY SHIT.

In between that magic, their was the Kendel & John magic.. songs like OH BABY LIE DOWN.. & RIBBONS & BOWS .. totally connected tonight.. as did the fun stuff like I LIKE TRUCKS .. that totally rocked tonight!!

John’s performance of IN MEMORY OF ZAPATA was so warm & touching .. & the audience responded in kind .. John’s playing is so loved & appreciated by these audiences.

After a chilling ANGEL OF THE MORNING, our new amazingly talented friend, CHIAHA joined us .. & tonight we played my old BILLY VERA & JUDY CLAY (& IKE & TINA TURNER) hit, COUNTRY GIRL/ CITY MAN. I can’t remember ever performing this song.. & it was so much fun to sing it with my new Yokohama born & raised friend. Then we performed the song I wrote especially for Chihana, “GUITAR GIRL” that features her brilliant, soulful dobro playing… what a warm vibe this one has .. I get total chills performing it with her.

Chihana stayed on stage & joined us with a totally rockin WILD THING – featuring brilliant solos by John, Kendel & Chihana – to end the show. We were called back to the stage & encored with TRY JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER.. dedicated to our radio DJ friend , Peter Barakan, who had us perform it on his great show the previous day… then we did that chilling version of HOLY SHIT.. dedicated to prisoners.. & ended with a spirited I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE.

This was a show I won’t soon forget. Plain & simple, we LOVE playing for these warm Japanese folks .. many who we now call friends . Hope to see you all soon!


We said hi to several, including:


Special hi & thanks to MIJATA .. our new great friend who had attended all three of our shows thus far. BIG THANKS my friend. I CAN’T LET GO was for you tonight!! – thanks so much for your kindness & the gifts.

Also, big thanks to Masato for attending the Tokyo show & this one .. thanks so much for your thoughtfulness (the special Japanese calendar & note pad).. see you soon!!!. Also.. big hello to HIRO, who came from attending all shows as well. Thank you & your friend for the kind words.. see you soon again!

BIG HELLO TO Legendary DJ, Peter Barakan & his lovely wife Myumi (hope the spelling is OK) & their friends, Shizuco & Parker ,, who is born & raised in Tokyo .. & sounds like he’s from Hermosa Beach LA.. so special to meet Chihana’s mom, Fumiko .. thanks so much for the kind words Fumiko. I love singing & playing with your daughter.. she is so special!!

Hi to Toshio, & Nariko.. & Hiroki .. Hi Shiya & Yoko & Kobo.. Hi Tomoko & Famiyo.. & Masaki.. hello to Haruhiko .. & YASUSHI

What a special night .. thanks to all who attended. Can’t wait to revisit this place!!!

Note: big thanks to Audrey .. our co-guide & merchandising sales person. I don’t know how she does it, but I never saw so much merchandise being sold!!


After the show I found my way to the coolest little late night bar on the planet for my allowed scotch before bedtime. Two small blocks from our very comfortable hotel (“MY HOTEL”) & up four flights – with selections of ALL my favorite scotches.. Lagavoulin, Laphroig, Bowmore, Ardbeg, Coilila… I was guided to a place called THE BIG MAN… & oh man .. what a place!!

Soto, my bartender did not speak a word of English – me, only a word or two of Japanese, but before I left, we were the best of friends & had some shared philosophical discussions & some light stuff.. like Sotos take on the differences between the young women from Tokyo ..”very beautiful.. but many aloof “… Yokohama girls .. “warm .. heartfelt .. ” anyway .. nice stuff.

Soto drank I.W. Harper Bourbon from Tennessee … I had NEVER seen a bottle of that stuff before &, for the first time, I realized what Guy Clark was singing about in his (& Rodney’s) BLACK DIAMOND STRINGS.. Guy called it “ONE W HARPER. Somehow I was able to convey that to Soto who quickly googled the YOUTUBE of GUY & EMMYLOU singing “drinking ONE W Harper playing Black Diamond Strings” … Soto roared!!! That might be the new theme song of THE BIG MAN BAR!!! Who would have thunk it!!!!

Hi to Soto’s young friend, Suzuki, who stopped by & tried to interpret – it was like the blind leading the blind!! Good luck in finding a good-hearted Yokohama girlfriend, Suzuki. And remember… you smoked your LAST cigarette tonight. I’ll check up on you next time through!! See you guys soon, I hope.

JAN 26, 2011

– heading for NAGOYA (to pronounce correctly – put the accent on the first “A”… ie: “nAgoya”

Left Yokohama at noon for our 4 hour journey in our reasonably large van .. Hiroshi at the helm.. me shotgun.. JP, CHIHANA, AUDREY & KENDEL in the two back seats. Four hours into the journey, we stopped at a truck stop for a bite to eat & to “recharge” – quite a large place.. larger than one you’d find along the New Jersey turnpike .. but a bit more of a country setting than that.. at the far left end of the building – a grocery store/ restaurant complex larger than a football field – there was a cool, new, small building (as big as a typical living room area), that housed a very upscale STARBUCKS ……… & if you stood back 20 feet & looked at it .. right there.. off it’s left shoulder .. about a couple of miles away …. Was MOUNT Fuji!!!!!!… wow!!

Starbucks near Mt. Fuji


We checked in to a comfortable hotel in town in walking distance to our venue.. we headed there at 5:15 PM


This cool/ legendary venue is quite small (holds about 75 people). It has a great vibe, with posters around it’s walls of old blues & jazz artists who have passed through it’s doors. We sound checked with a very nice guy named KONO. Totally happy with the sound by 6:00, we took the tiny, winding staircase to the green room above & had tea & waited for our 7:00 show time.


Again, Chihana opened & was magic. Her slide playing is so, so simple & soulful .. nothing clever or tricky .. just beautifully soulful. She doesn’t consider herself much of a singer, but her gentle voice draws you into the songs. Her three song set started with a Robert Johnson blues.. & ended with a soulful Donny Fritz song, DARK END OF THE STREET. John & I were in the wings, mesmerized.


Again, I felt surprisingly comfortable talking to the audience, and they seem to like being drawn into the songs. The sound was great for us on-stage tonight, which resulted in the best song grooves in memory, with some warm textures flowing through them. John sounded so special.. not just his solos .. but his vibey cushions as well – & Kendel was totally magic. Musically, this was my favorite show in memory!

There were so many highlights.. Kendel’s OH BABY LIE DOWN, with John’s subtle guitar pulses, was magic – never better. And the folks just loved TEN LOST MEN.. & they were clapping & singing along to BIG TRUCKS toward the end.

DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE has been so awesome at every show on the tour. We play it as the third song in our set – sort of risky as it is NOT light fare. But we’ve been getting so into the powerful vibe of this on stage .. and letting the “beat poetry” of it take us to powerful places.. & when we get “lost” in it like this.. it sets up OH JOHNNY & then BLACK & BLUE AMERICA with a certain reverence .. that makes more a statement of the power of passionate music, than just a few songs in a row.

Other highlights … JOHN’S, “IN MEMORY OF ZAPATA” was so beautiful & SO appreciated tonight.. as was YONKERS NEW YORK & CHARCOAL SKY.. all met with long, enthusiastic applause. And ANGEL OF THE MORNING was so chilling & brought overwhelming response.

The Chihana medley at the end was so special again .. GUITAR GIRL was so soulful .. & our duet of COUNTRY GIRL / CITY MAN had the audience clapping & cheering.. then came a totally rocking WILD THING.. & before we closed with a reverent HOLY SHIT, we played a totally James Brown-like version of TRY JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER.. which had me rapping about my daughter Kelly picking up her future husband Frank in a Boston bar .. with call & response chants flowing between John & me .. like a James Brown thing .. this was one for the books!!! – LOVED THIS!!!

WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!!! – Big thanks to all who attended.


So good to see Andy as we left the stage .. born & raised in Tokyo by US missionary parents.. sounds like he’s from the mid west .. thanks for the kind words, Andy

Hi to Izumi .. so nice to see you!1 .. Hi to Hirotake.. & Yoshiho.. big hello to Toru.. thanks for the kind words as well. Hi Kiyoshi.. & FATS (with all the CDs) … GREAT TO SEE YOU!!! .. hi Shin & Tetsu & Jiro..

Special hi to the great fans on my left, Leah.. from Western Mass!! & her lovely Japanese friends, Mina (young violin teacher) & her student/friend Jasuko – loved talking with you!!.. hope you enjoy the CDs!!! Big hello to Yasuko.. so nice talking to you!

Big hello to CATFISH .. who had lots to say to all of us.. & big thanks for the “songs of Chip Taylor” CD .. loved hearing those Stoney Edwards tracks again!! a huge JP & CT fan.. & now a huge Kendel fan as well… with tons of old vinyl for John & I to sign .. great to see you my friend!! Hi to AKIRA.. & AKI.. & SPECIAL HI TO DEJANA.. who is a good froiend of our new Japanese friend fro Yokohama, MIJATA.. so good to see you!!

Special hi to another IZUMI, our kind & warm waitress. Hope to see you again. WE LOVED PLAYING HERE!! .. hope to be back soon!!

Jan 22, 2011 – ARRIVE IN TOKYO

upgraded my flight & John’s with miles .. so flight was great!!! – first class was awesome …

arrived to a warm greeting from our tour guide & booker.. a great guy named Hiroshi & his kind assistant, Audrey – It was an hour plus ride to Tokyo .. hotel nice/clean but small / old school & a bit “close” or stuffy for me (no air flow in winter) .. but they gave me a great fan & I’m surprisingly totally fine.. first impression of Tokyo ..

After checking in we had good Japanese food at a close-by restaurant (not high end, but good) .. sushi.. crab, sea weed … then a GREAT bouillabaisse thing .. simple good … plum wine was not great, but it was the only one by the glass.. so it did the job.

note: a local famous artist made an awesome hand painted poster for the tour – Kendel, John & me .. the Butch Cassidy look .. very cool .. T-shirts & shopping bags have this logo – they expect big merch sales … I’m just hoping folks come.


(Two shows – 5:00 & 8:00 PM) – nice to meet Hiroshi (another one) from the club, who assisted us throughout the night. Big thanks, Hiroshi!!


3:00 PM – What a cool new place – a dinner-like mini theater venue in the tradition of the old Cotton Club. It holds approximately 200 people. Big thanks to host Keje & the sound check folks who made us feel so welcome .. we soundcheck in minutes, leaving us to go back to the hotel .. & freshen up for the show.


We’re surprised that the afternoon show is so well attended – the ground level is packed – the place is almost full.

I greeted the audience with “Konbanwa’ – or “good evening” & “minna son “genkidesoka” .. which means a friendly “how is everyone/’ .. off we went, mixing selections from my recent albums.. many Yonkers NY songs, with selections from Kendel & John’s recent CDs.

Though I could tell this audience didn’t quite get all the words as much as other audiences we’ve been used to, THEY TOTALLY GOT THE FEELING .. so I felt as much communication with them as any recent audience .. that’s the power of heartfelt music!

John & Kendel were awesome throughout & the audience showed big appreciation for their great soloing.


A SPECIAL GUEST!!!!! .. we were joined on stage by an extremely talented dobro musician & singer from TOKYO, named CHEHANA.. I had heard an album of hers several months ago & wrote a song for her called, “GUITAR GIRL” – she has been singing it at her shows recently .. tonight we did a duet of that song – that was a very special moment for me & the audience!

After a rocking WILD THING with great solos by Kendel, John & Chehana… we ended with a soulful HOLY SHIT with many in the audience singing along.

What a great start to our tour – WHAT A WONDERFUL GROUP OF FOLKS TO PLAY FOR!

Said hi to several, including:

HI MIYATA!!! .. great to see you up front .. thanks so much for all the support! Hi to Kiroshi.. & Takehito .. thanks so much for making the long journey (several hours by plane).. hi Midori.. & Frances,,, & Fugii… Hi Tsuno.. & Yasushi..

Nice talking with you Shinja (who sounds like he’s from the US.. from only a one year visit there) .. & mom Kuniko .. who plays YONKERS NY everyday in her car.. see you at another show!! .. hi Naho & Tsono

Very special hi to new friends, MAI & friend Arata (which means “new” ) .. thanks for the kind words .. I noticed you on my left in the back during the show .. what a nice inspiration .. \

Hope to see you all soon!!


Several of the folks who attended the first show – particularly those who traveled long distances – stayed for the evening show. So this show was even more packed than the last. And, maybe because it was evening, the audience was looser & their reaction more over-the-top. But, just like the first show, the communication was far easier than I expected.

I felt totally comfortable greeting the audience and sharing the stories that led to the songs. And although much of the set list was the same, the performance was new & fresh, because that’s the way John, Kendel & I play – we inspire each other to different directions.

John’s playing was so magical in this set & the audience let him know it .. they erupted often from solos from both John & Kendel

Again, DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE went to new places.. as did Kendel’s OH BABY LIE DOWN .. the highlights from the first show would apply here.. but let’s add CHARCOAL SKY .. this was totally chill time for me .. & the audience seemed to absolutely love it.

And CHEHANA was so, so soulful .. our duet gave me chills. And she totally added a sweaty great vibe with her dobro playing on WILD THING. We ended with a chilling HOLY SHIT – dedicated to prisoners everywhere .. & we encored tonight with I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE.. with the entire audience clapping IN TIME (NEVER MORE IN TIME .. EVER, ANYWHERE!!!) … what an awesome night!!!

Hi To:

WADA.. & Hirasin.. & MUSAKI.. & HARUMI .. good to see my great new friend MAYATA again!!!!! .. hi Hideo & Masao .. Masazumi.. & AKIHIRO .. all were so kind

Big hello to RHISTO .. & MITSUKO.. & TOSHIO many with SO MUCH Vinyl!!! Hi Masanor .. & Toshi .. & HISAKO… & hi to SHIHO .. so great meeting you all … hope the pictures turned out well!!..

Hi Shje & Shiro.. & Nobuo.. & MASATO.. Hi SHIZUKO.. & MASA .. & Jim Whitney’s friend, HIRO .. & TAD

Hope to see many of you in YOKAHAMA & beyond!! .. what a great night!!

Note: as HIROSHI & AUDREY SAID WOULD HAPPEN.. the merchandise – CDs – t-shirts – BOOKS etc.. are selling like crazy!