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I left LA at 6:00 AM with almost no sleep as I had a show the previous night in LA at McCabe’s.

I got no sleep on the plane.. with worries that I’d be late for sound check, when I landed at JFK all went amazingly well .. the plane arrived 20 minutes early.. at 2:20 .. as I got to the baggage area, bags were coming out .. my suitcase was the third one.. my guitar was the fifth! Thanks to Kendel Carson for advising me to ask the United folks for priority handling… which they did! As I left, NO more bags were coming out!! Within a minute, I was calling my wife Joan .. waiting in the cell phone area .. she was there in two minutes.. despite heavy traffic, I got to NY at about 3:30 .. instead of rushing to sound check, I went home, showered and changed .. got to sound check at about 4:15.. fresh & new.

Sound check was simple and great – the musical director – the brilliant pianist, Bill Charlap was totally ready. And thank God Tony Mercadante had done a chart for me! Brilliant bassist Peter Washington was totally “there”. I showed them how I’d guide it and they totally “got it” .. they sounded so soulful and the sound in the room was AWESOME.

The doors opened at 6:00 .. cocktails, hors d’oeuvres & talk with 80 or so .. important folks .. several from EMI including Ian Ralfini and his assistant Eli Wolf. Artist & spouses and important music biz folks .. and some BMI exec friends like Charlie Feldman & Robbin Ahrold.

The show was jazz-based (except for me): there were about 8 different small combinations of artists, with certain ones featured .. i.e. Randy Brecker (brilliant and renowned jazz trumpeter), Joe Lovano (the most revered jazz sax guy), Lionel Loueke (the new jazz guitarist/star), Kurt Elling (jazz vocalist extraordinaire) and jazz stars, Dave Koz.. sax.. Lewis Nash.. drums.. and more than I can name.


1) terrific intros by several .. including a most insightful and hilarious one by brilliant musical historian, Michael Cuscuna.

2) an award was presented to Bruce .. an amazing thing happened here. Although as sharp mentally as ever, Bruce has not been able to put sentences together without a bit of trouble for the last whi due to his Parkinson’s. But he hobbled up to the podium, received his award, smiled .. and .. as they tried to assist him off and moved the mike stand away he just kept smiling and STAYING THERE.. so the tech guy nervously guided the mike to him … AND HE STARTED TO TALK. He talked for about three minutes .. fast.. like my brother Barry.. but NEVER MISSED A WORD .. and was funny as hell! At one point he told some pertinent jokes in a WC FIELDS accent.. oh man.. it was SO great! Beyond what doctors would believe possible!

3) then the show started .. musically directed by brilliant pianists, husband and wife. Bill Charlap & Renee Rosnes – what a job they did!

Most of the featured artists told ‘Bruce” stories.. about how much he changed their lives .. by signing them, advising them .. etc .. great stories! I was on third from last .. I was his first signing at Columbia – told some funny stuff about how he outbid for me. Then I performed “SOME PEOPLE”, the song I wrote for Bruce for this occasion. And it felt loose, honest & good and I was so relaxed in the moment. The boys (Bill & Peter) were wonderful and totally followed me.

This was some show.. some of the most amazing, soulful performances I’ve ever seen .. by these amazingly talented jazz folks.. packed into one hour and 15 minutes! I was so proud to be a part of it!

At shows end it was one huge happy family. All the artists and their wives/husbands/friends etc.. congratulating each other .. all made a special point of seeking me out .. telling me how moved they were by my song/ performance.. and me congratulating them as well .. it was so easy to do that! Bruce beamed and told me how much he loved the song .. wanted a copy right away. EMI’s Ian Ralfini was over-the-top as well (one of the first to seek me out).. and then Roseanne Cash, in her totally honest Roseanne way, told me she was very moved by what I had done .. that made me feel SO good .. she is so special .. I love being in her presence. Then Norah Jones, who was also there, gave me a big hug and told me my performance was special and that it was better I had done it by myself (originally we discussed possibly doing it together .. but our schedules didn’t work out) She went on and on about how great my voice sounded and said she’d record a demo of the song with me for Bruce, if I wanted .. (we’ll see).

And all the while Joan was there – she loved hearing the nice things and meeting all the folks.

As Joan & I were leaving, two jazz guy’s mothers – both named MAXINE! – went out of the way to tell me how moved they were by the heart and honesty of the song and performance and how much the song meant to them. Also, Joe Lovano’s wife – a well regarded jazz singer, Judi (Silvano) – told me how “right” Bruce was to sign me back in the day .. that it was easy to see why.

As you can tell .. this was one of my favorite nights ever .. all these jazz guys are now my friends … and they were such nice folks.

Then Joan & I went to La Mangeoire Restaurant (Gerard’s) and sat outside & basked! We had some wine and an appetizer and relaxed for a good long while.

It was a night to remember for Joan & me.

Jun 17, 2011 – L.A.

GOOD DAY L.A. – 8:45 AM

Great to be back here with our friends GM, Kevin, producer, Josh & host Steve. Usually we sit & chat & play a bit of song or two. This time they have us set up on stage to perform the Josh requested, I CAN’T LET GO from our new ROCK AND ROLL JOE album. I wrote the song in the 60’s, with my friend, Al Gorgoni. It became a big hit for the Hollies & later, Linda Ronsstadt.

Loved playing the song – the stagehands did a great job setting us up & the sound was awesome. After playing the song, we chatted a bit with Steve on camera. After, we had a great hang with the boys in Kevin’s room.

This was the start of a great day!!

Jun 17, 2011

EMI in Santa Monica

I LOVED THIS!!!! .. this was my first meeting with these nice folks.

We arrived at about 1:30 and said hi to a bunch of folks in the large living room-like meeting room. About 30 people gathered there, & Kendel, John & I played a warm / loose show for the folks tracing my footsteps back in the April Blackwood days. N

ote : April Blackwood was the New York CBS publishing company that has now evolved into EMI – & that’s where I wrote all my hits.

I loved this little show. As there were no mikes, it was a bit like busking as I wandered in & out of the little group so all could here the stories & understand the words… so it was THE REAL THING setting up my Yonkers, NY background & love of country music.., then a bunch of the stories & songs from JOE, including, COULDN’T WE USE SOME OF THAT NOW, MONICA .. with it’s “other” JP/ VAN riff, HOT ROD CARSON, I CAN’T LET GO .. then ANGEL OF THE MORNING & WILD THING.

We ended with Kendel’s TEN LOST MEN. I loved every second of this!! .. Big hi to our new friends there. Greg, Tammy, Joe, Lisa, Jake, Ashley, Miguel, Shannon, Anne, Lydia & all the kind folks that attended.

JUNE 19 – McCabe’s, Santa Monica

Always LOVE playing here. Proprietor Lincoln has become a good friend over the years & Wayne, the soundman is a friend as well.

McCabe’s is an amazing guitar shop – a world class one. When the instruments are removed & replaced by chairs in the large back room, McCabe’s becomes one of the coolest little theater-like venues on the planet.

We arrive before 5:00, did a quick/ great sound check with Wayne & had some down time before our show at 7:10. I took that time to call my brother Jon who was in Alaska shooting a film – both to wish him happy Father’s day & also to get the phone # of my now good friends Ruth & Judea Pearl – Danny Pearl’s mom & dad. I was so glad to talk to them & so glad they made it in time for the show.


JOHN PLATANIA – guitar & vocals
KENDEL CARSON – fiddle& vocals
& me –on acoustic, harmonica & vocals


What a great, warm group to play for. I started the show with a dedication to dad’s everywhere, with thoughts of the late Danny Pearl in my heart, with special thoughts & love to Ruth & Judea.

We played the entire ROCK & ROLL JOE songbook, mixing it with some of the hits some great tracks from Kendel’s latest album.

There were so many highlights.. but let’s go with, COULDN’T WE USE SOME OF THAT NOW, MONICA (based on the “other” lick John gave Van Morrison for “DOMINO”), THE SAVOY FILES, I’M THE LAW IN THIS OLD TOWN, SUGAR SUGAREE, the Platania-Taylor duet of MALMO NIGHTS, LIVE & DIE FOR ROCK & ROLL & the show stopper as usual, THE VAN SONG.

Kendel’s TEN LOST MEN killed!! .. as did “OH BABY LIE DOWN”.. but maybe the most chilling moment of the night was a tribute to my dad.. along with my mom & brothers with CHARCOAL SKY, from my YONKERS NY album.

What a great, memorable night .. we all LOVED this show.


Special hi to JOSH & wife Lonnie.. thanks Lonnie for making the long trip .. & for those kind words!! The Killer (Kevin Hale) was in town again.. big thanks to his great family – wife Paula, son Tyler & bride, Lindsey .. & lovely daughter Heather – for sharing fathers day here with us!! Great to see you all!! .. Guess “Honey Boy” wasn’t back from the road yet.. send him our regards!!!

Hi to John’s friend (& now my friend) MJ & lovely Julia & Shelley (great seeing you guys later!!! .. big thanks!!) .. & hi to legendary GREAT guitarist ALBERT LEE & wife Karen for attending!!! – what a nice surprise!!! Hi Joey & engineer friend, Gabe .. great to see you again!!.. Hi Clyde & Tobi.. & Henry & Alex.. & old NY friend, record producer Bob.. talk to you soon!.. Hi to Bob, Will & Simone & Jimmy .. thanks for the kind words!!

Great to see my great boy, KRISTIAN & all his friends, Taz, Lisa, Bee-Bee, Mark & Paul (again!) .. BIG THANKS FOR COMING!! great seeing you all!!!! … Kris & wife, Anna live in Hermosa Beach.. with their two year-old boys – my amazing grandkids – Jack & Ben.

Big hi to Vance & Diana .. thanks so much for the kind words!!! .. Hi Norman.. & Ilona & Bergon?? .. Hi Joe & Dan ..


Again .. big thanks to my friends Lincoln Wayne!! .. great sound again tonight, Wayne.. say hi to Jack & Terin.. tell them thanks!!

See you all soon!!

Rock and Roll Joe Texas Tour May 28 – June 4, 2011

Jun 4, 2011 – KHYI RADIO – 12:30 PM

It’s always great to stop by this great renegade country station. Since Bruce Kidder days (Bruce was the programmer here for many years), this station has been a huge supporter of Americana music, and more specifically, my music. Big thanks to Becky for setting up this interview. And big hi, thanks to my great friend who runs this ship, Joshua Jones. And congrats to him & bride, who are in Ireland on their honeymoon.

THE SHOW – with host John Murphy

Loved this. John has a nice honest interview style. He encouraged some good stories & inspired music. I got such a chill today singing R&R JOE with John & Kendel and Angel Of The Morning with Kendel. This was special.. big thanks John!!


So good to be with my old friend Bill & the warm hearted folks that support his store & his Saturday afternoon music in-store. These are the salt of the earth .. the kind I like to play for & be around.

Bill reminded me that the first time we met was 4 days after 9/11 when I convinced American Airlines to get me to Dallas to do a benefit show for KHYI radio. The passion of those days is a vivid memory today.


Tony. John , Kendel & I played a half hour set .. mixing the story & songs of R&R JOE with a Bill request of a song I wrote for my wife Joan, I DON’T KNOW WHY I LOVE YOU (I JUST DO).. and ANGEL OF THE MORNING & WILD THING..

Loved this!!!! .. Big thanks Bill!!

Hi & thanks to all who attended .. Steve, Ray (thanks for the coffee Ray!).. special hi to young Gracie & dad, Steve .. and Dave and Kellye (correct spelling) and the rest .. I lost my notes so forgot many of the names.. .. all such kind folks.

Hope to see some of you at the Kessler tonight .. big thanks to all!

Jun 4, 2011 – THE KESSLER THEATER – Dallas, Texas

What an amazing place!! The Kessler was an original Gene Autry owned theater that burned down years ago. Now totally reconstructed, & run by new friends Edwin & cohort Jeff, this is as cool & vibey a place as you’ll find.

A seating area faces the stage on the ground level with balcony & surround seating on an upper tier, that can comfortably hold several hundred. The sound system is state-of-the-art. The dressing room & green room area is as comfortable as it gets, with monitors keeping you in totally in touch with what’s going on down on stage.


– real pros are at the controls here – soundman Paul & sound assistant & lighting guy, Kyle. Big thanks for the effort boys. It sounded great on stage tonight & from what I hear, great in the house as well.

Thanks as well to Texas legend Marc Bennow who does a fine job opening the show. Great seeing Marc’s family & friends backstage before our show.. daughter Jessica & Taylor & Allen & the rest. What a nice bunch of folks.



FEATURING: John Platania, Kendel Carson & me. With Tony Mercadante (The “Merc Man” on bass)

Again it was the stories and songs of ROCK & ROLL JOE, with its tribute to the unsung heroes of rock & roll leading the way tonight..

This awesome, spirited audience was totally with us from start to finish. “JOE” has John, Kendel & I are trading vocals all night and that’s part of the fun & the passion of it. So – long story short – because we’re inspiring each other in different ways each night and the stories take different turns as slightly different memories pop into my head, this show stays totally fresh for each of us. The net result is.. we love playing JOE!! And the audience gets that.

Far too many highlights to mention .. but the touching ones were truly touching tonight.. ROCK & ROLL JOE, I’M THE LAW IN THIS OLD TOWN, MALMO NIGHTS, COULDN’T WE USE SOME OF THAT NOW and LIVE & DIE FOR ROCK & ROLL all gave me chills from start to finish & I heard from several, including Jeff that they were almost touched to the point of tears . Me too!

John, Kendel & Tony Merc were brilliant tonight.. with awesome solos from each receiving over-the-top audience reaction. We rocked THE SAVOY FILES, THE REAL THING, HOT ROD CARSON.

As usual, what totally brought the house down was THE VAN SONG.. our tongue-in-cheek poke at JP leaving the band from time to time to join Van Morrison on the road.

Shortly after that fun, we chilled with a so-pretty ANGEL OF THE MORNING.. & closed it out with a rockin’ WILD THING which included an awesome group sing by the audience!! We said good night with a totally loose & fun I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE that had many in the audience clapping along and singing the “Okie From Musgogee” chorus.

Big thanks to Tony Mercadante who is so solid on bass. As usual, John & Kendel were magic again tonight, not only with their great lead vocals and harmonies, but also with amazing solos throughout.



Special hi to Mark & Barb … so great seeing you guys. Best with the “family secrets” screenplay Barb.. Mark, see you at KNON next time though for the 2 hour deal. Big hi to all my friends there!! Love that station!

Hi Chad & Tara.. & all your great friends!! .. Happy Anniversary!! .. love you guys.. best with the film stuff. Let me know about your thoughts about the JOE film. So good to wind down with you at the Belmont.

Big hi to Buddy who saw C&C in Greenville.. so good to see you again! .. Hi Randie!! .. Way to go Marc!! .. see you soon. Hi Taylor & Allen & Jessica.. so good to see you in the dressing room..

HI TY .. & PJ .. sorry we didn’t talk later .. thanks for the support… AMY .. SO GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!! .. (not since Roie & Midge days!!) .. wow!!! .. you look the same… Hi Don .. so good to see you as well!!

Hi Sharlee!! .. & Ricky .. & Dallas Alice .. thanks to all for the kind words.. & Ros (short for Roscoe) & Shari.. Shane .. thanks for the kind words re: my support for the great CACTUS CAFÉ .. thank God it’s still going strong & probably will stay that way!! .. Hi Patti & Edwin.. & Sean & Katie .. tell friend Earl I hope to see him next time through .. hope he enjoys the CD… Hi Matt!!! .. all the best … Hi James .. good luck with the band!! .. I’ll try to listen soon..

Big hi to the “F” man.. limo driver “for the stars”, Forest .. so good talking to you my friend.. hope to see you soon.. you as well, Mary!!


And HUGE thanks EDWIN & JEFF for having us… and big thanks Jeff for the “cooks tour” at the end!! What an awesome gallery!!! This place is special. Can’t wait to come back.

And please thank your great young staff .. loved their vibe! See you all soon!


Love the Cactus – it’s great to be back.. Last year, there were questions as to whether The Cactus would continue to operate as a music venue. With much support from local folks, a deal was struck with the University & now it continues to operate under the umbrella of the University’s great radio station, KUT.

Although Matt ( a great guy) runs the Cactus now & does a great job, I think of former mgr Griff every time I enter the place. He’s retired now. Hope he’s doing OK.


Hard working soundman, Seth, assisted by a fellow named John, worked hard to get us good sound. Although the sound system is new & fresh, it still needs some tweeking to fit the room. And Seth & John did a good job figuring it out. Thanks for the effort boys!


There was a special spirit in the room tonight. Although not a packed house, like it would be for a Taylor/Rodriguez show, the reaction to the ROCK AND ROLL JOE songs was strong and loud, so it felt like a totally full house. Big thanks to those who attended for the amazing support.

We were joined on stage tonight by brilliant drummer, Scott Matthews from the rockin’ Austin band, The Derailers. Awesome job tonight Scott!!

So it was John Platania, Kendel Carson, Tony Mercadanre (bass), Scott & me taking the R&R JOE journey tonight, weaving the stories of the passion of the early days of rock & roll & celebrating the UNSUNG HEROES.

Here is the set list for tonight’s show:





The highlights were far too many, as it seemed that there was a total connection with the band & the audience on ALL these songs. ROCK & ROLL JOE has John, Kendel & I trading vocals from start to finish. That’s part of what I LOVE about these shows. And John & Kendel playing and singing are so, so inspiring. And on all levels, they were magic tonight.

The up-tempo rockers sounded so good – THE SAVOY FILES, MONICA, SUGAR/SUGAREE & I CAN’T LET GO all had some special fire with Tony Merc & Scott setting such a powerful bottom end. And the passion of R&R JOE, COULDN’T WE USE SOME OF THAT NOW, I’M THE LAW IN THIS OLD TOWN & LIVE & DIE FOR ROCK & ROLL all gave me chills & brought huge response.

The Platania/ Taylor duet of MALMO NIGHTS had something so sweet & special tonight. John’s humble, warm vocals always connect with me. He’s the real deal ROCK & ROLL JOE of this band & again, he was totally magic tonight.

And Kendel totally killed on I CAN’T LET GO. I can’t say enough about her – she brings that fearless energy to the stage every night.

Certainly the fun highlight of the night was THE VAN SONG, which pokes some good natured jabs at Van the Man & JP, who for a while has divided his gigging with Van & me. This song always takes the house down. And it did again tonight.


Hi to Ian, Jack, Allisa.. thanks for coming Carol!!! Tell Katy & Lelie a big hello.. good to meet you Rick

Thanks Sonny .. & friend?? .. hope to see you soon.. JOHN & KATHY & MARTIN .. so good to see you again & again.. great to see you again Pablo.. thanks for those kind words!

Chris.& Susan.. it’s so special to see you guys. I’d love to figure that residency thing, so the visit isn’t quite so brief.

Thanks to all .. this was special.

June 2, 2011 – KUT RADIO – AUSTIN

With old friend Jay Trachtenberg

Loved this as always!!! With Jay’s good guidance, we presented R&R JOE to the KUT audience. Since Jay was “new” to JOE the questions were honest & informative .. we played 3 songs .. R&R JOE, THE SAVOY FILES & the tongue in cheek, VAN SONG .. which was so easy to perform as Jay was laughing/ smiling through it all

Big thanks to Jay, soundman, Cliff & new friend Matt for allowing us to present R&R JOE .. & good to see GM Stewart Vanderwilt for the first time. Stewart seems pretty hands on in – making sure we were OK with the new sound system at the Cactus etc. .. appreciate that.

Thanks guys .. see you soon.


With John at the helm, Kendel, Tony Merc, John & I take the 3 hour plus journey to Dallas, arriving at our old friend Bill’s record store. Great to see Bill & assistant Dave again. We drop off R&R JOE CDs & vinyl and after some warm hellos, we check into our Hollywood Hills-like cool hotel, The Belmont, which sits on a little hill & offers an amazing view of the skyline of Dallas .. love this place!!


Simply put, this is a wonderful, soulful place that supports great, honest music of all sorts. The volunteers who work at this non-profit station are common folks like us & in it totally for the passion of the music… which fits perfectly with the spirit of what we do & in particular our Rock & Roll Joe project ..

Note: again, JOE is dedicated to “The unsung heroes of rock & roll” .. where rock & roll means any kind of music made with passion… be it country, jazz, folk or rock.

Old friend Mark Mundy hosts our segment .. several songs from R&R JOE, plus a bit of WILD THING.. with some very informative conversation in the midst. Big thanks Mark!!! .. and big hello to the great staff.. a bunch of good guys, Allen Hair, Texas Trevor, David Besonen & Don O, who was just about to start his awesome blues show as we left.

Also great meeting some of the local supporters who were there. Hope to see you boys at the show at the Kessler.

May 28, 2011 – AUSTIN TEXAS

Just flew in from LA yesterday. Kendel I were there for the past several days working on writing new songs & prep for a video with brilliant Finish film friend/director Paola Suhonen.. Kendel flew back to Vancouver to get her VISA. She’ll join the boys & me in Austin on May 30.

Note: It’s 100 degrees outside but, as there’s not much humidity, it feels good to put myself into that (out of the air conditioning) every so often… loving it here.

May 29, 2011

John P & Tony Merc meet in Austin. We’re staying at the Hilton Airport. LOVE THIS PLACE. We’ve stayed here several times & by now have become great friend’s with the terrific staff here .. Tony, Jay at the bar.. Jeff, Paul, lovely Mary & “V” at the desk.. waitresses Edna, Maya, Lauren, DeShyla & others at the restaurant. It’s so great to be back!!!!

We rehearse the songs for R&R JOE. We’re presenting Joe for the first time. We’re ready.

May 30, 2011

KENDEL joins us

May 31, 2011


We arrive at 11:30 – met by great station folks, Dave, Tony & host Roark. I did a show several years back with Roark. He’s a GREAT host.. extremely informed. We’re on the air before noon .. we play a four song R&R JOE set as Melissa took video for their Internet site. LOVED this.., thanks to all!

ROARK .. don’t forget to send in your JOE!!!!! .. I’ll look forward to that!

May 31, 2011


Arrive at one of our favorite venues in all of TEXAS. Great friends, owners Rusty, Teresa & manager Shane are in Vegas.. a favorite past time of Rusty & Teresa’s. A terrific young lady, Maureen greets us as we walk in. After a good meal we rehearse a bit & spend some time on the Internet. Thanks to the great staff.. Alissa (hope mom, Carrie, enjoys the CD) ..Allie, Jennifer & Julia & Hanna .. Rusty & Teresa always have the nicest folks working for them.

NOTE – Shortly after arriving, I called Rusty in Vegas.. I think I woke him up. He said he was winning a bit, Teresa not having the best of luck. He asked for some advice. I suggested he take the next plane home!


This is the Tuesday after Memorial Day… maybe the worst day of the year for getting fans out. And though it’s not packed like it was last time through, what a great spirit these folks brought to the entire show.

For the next 2 hours it was the stories & songs & passion of R&R JOE – with John, Kendel & I trading vocals, – with the audience taking that ride with us at every step & loving the journey!!

I PARTICULARLY LOVED THIS SHOW.. first, because it’s all on stage pointing to THE UNSUNG HEROES OF ROCK AND ROLL .. and next, because the songs are so easy to feel & “live”. And finally, because we can point the fans to a web site representing these heroes that reps these unsung heroes & just might live forever.

SOOOO… check out the R&R JOE WEB SITE .. which has fans and artists bringing new JOES to the table every week. YOU WILL LOVE READING THIS STUFF!!!!! It will totally make your day! So go there, get hooked on JOE!! It’s a worthwhile addiction!!

Here’s the site:


Highlights tonight were so many .. the title song, R&R JOE, SUGAR SUGAREE, the JP/TAYLOR duet of MALMO NIGHTS, HOT ROD CARSON (the tribute to the 50’s ladies rockers & our own rocker, Kendel Carson, the story & song of I CAN’T LET GO .. featuring Kendel & the final JOE song LIVE & DIE for ROCK AND ROLL all totally connected .. but so did the rest… it was a hell of a night.

We closed with an awesome version of TEN LOST MEN from Kendel’s album .. a chilling ANGEL OF THE MORNING a soulful/ playful WILD THING.. then a Monday visit to a train station with my family with CHARCOAL SKY from my YONKERS NEW YORK album.. then a rockin I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE..,

What a special night this was.. & what a GREAT start to the R&R JOE tour!


SAID HI TO SEVERAL, including:

Hi Emett .. good to see you!! .. Special hi to Charles & Judy (Emily’s mom & dad).. who drove quite a ways to attend .. so good to meet you both!! .. Hi Don .. a witness at John Vandiver’s murder trial (CHECK OUT ROBERT EARL KEEN’S AWESOME TRIBUTE TO JOHN & THE R&R JOE SITE!!)

Hi to Gary .. will take your advice about listing ALL the names of the performers on our TRAIN WRECK site .. great idea!!!.. Hi Ray!!! … GREAT TO SEE YOU FROM THE STAGE & LATER, BRANDYWINE!!! .. see you soon!..

Hi Ken .. thanks for the crazy character toys .. good listening with your new collection!!! .. Hi Peter & (oops .. is it Anna???) .. anyway .. good to see you both!!.. Hi Warren & Frank & Vernon.. hey .., where was Fred & Carol tonight??!! .. tell them hi!!! .. Hi Nancy .. please send WILD THING Claire my big love!!

Big thanks to old friend Andrew Dansby, for the great article in the Houston newspaper.. Andrew..big hello to my “HOLY COW” friend, Hazel. Hope to see you both next time.

Shane!!!!! No excuses next time!!!! ..

See you all soon!!