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MARCH 13-18, 2012 – SXSW, AUSTIN, TX


Great 10th Anniversary radio show with Ray Wylie & great friend Mattson Rainer (KNBT GM) last night!! .. played 6 songs from the new album .. “SCREW” ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE (w/ great audience sing-a-long), PHONED IN DEAD, TOO DYNAMIC, WEAKER MOMENTS and PASSPORT BLUES … loved this!! .. show included great performances by singer songwriters Ted Russell Kamp (brilliant bassist as well), Guthrie Kennard .. such honest soul and lovely Beth from the UK ..such cool vocals & harp as well .. what a night!

Three more SXSW shows .. Thursday at noon at The G&S Lounge on First .. Friday at 3:00 at Omar’s Coffee Shop .. on So Lamar… then the SAXON PUB at 8:00 Friday .with Ray Wylie, Billy Joe Shaver and Shooter Jennings.. this will be nuts/great

March 15, 2012 – John Conquest’s – THIRD COAST X-SXSW SHOW – G&S LOUNGE

Always my favorite SXSW show .. We always open John’s great shows .. This is where I get to say hello to my fans from all over the world.


Luke Jacobs – pedal steel, John Platania – guitar, Tony Leone – drums, Tony Mercadante – bass… what an awesome band!!


We played for the better part of an hour, mixing songs from the new album with some hits & a beautiful sounding Charcoal Sky from my YONKERS NY album.. Highlights .. far too many to mention.. PASSPORT BLUES, PHONED IN DEAD, ME & ROHILLIO, TOO DYNAMIC and finally F**K ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE all connected big time .. the latter was so chilling with this great audience singing along .. then came a special part of the show for me..

CARRIE RODRIGUEZ then joined me on stage.. for a chilling version of our “hit” from the recent BEST OF album, YOUR NAME IS ON MY LIPS AGAIN.. then closed with a beautiful, ANGEL OF THE MORNING… what a nice thing!! .. huge thanks Carrie!!! Love you!!!

HI to: Great to see my friends from Sweden.. Anders, Kristine, Johannes, Lars & John .. hi to Terry & Evon from Liverpool ..huge Kendel fans.. from the BIG TRUCKS days .. Hi Mark .. great to see you after .. love to Barbara.. hi to friend Fred .. from the Netherlands Roots show Real Roots Café..

Hi to Tim .. great photog friend .. good to see you again, Tim .. HI TO MY BOOKINGS, OREGON friends, Jim & Patty.. hope to see you at Pistol River Friendship Hall one of these days …. good

Great to see MAURIZIO & GIOVANNI from Rome .. fans from ROME .. who get our CDs at DR. RECORDS in Rome .. thanks for the kind words boys .. especially about ROCK & ROLL JOE .. hope to see you both soon.. God bless my friend Carlo Carlini .. such sad news.. Hi to our special friend who comes to the Cactus for all our shows.. thanks for the kind words in the back at the end of the show.