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May 17 – 28, 2012 – Chip Taylor & the New Ukrainians American Tour

MAY 17, 2012 – HILL COUNTRY, New York City

The band is called “The New Ukrainians” in honor of some of my Ukrainian friends in New York. They are actually from Sweden and Norway – Bjorn Petterson (bass), Magnus Ollson (Drums) / Sweden – Goran Grini (Keyboards) / Norway – The boys arrive safe and sound yesterday. After a good dinner and some sleep they do a bit of site-seeing in the city .. then we head for sound-check.

HILL COUNTRY (30 west 36th Street)

– aside from being one of the coolest venues in N.Y., this is the best up-scale barbecue place on the East Coast.


.. Joe & Kirk go the extra mile to give us a long check and figure out adapter issues with our Norwegian-made keyboard. With all issues solved, we have a great rehearsal/check and we’re ready for the show! The opening act, Sons Of Fathers is on stage at 8:00, off at 8:45 .. great job boys! We hit the stage at 9:40.


What a band! .. We have no formal intros and endings to songs and no tight set list. I go where the spirit takes me & the boys stay right with me. Lots of crescendos and decrescendos and twists and turns .. more like a jazz band approach.

The night flew by. The audience was awesome.. every song was a highlight for us .. but let’s call attention to a chilling Me & Rohillio, and soulful interpretations HEATHROW PRISON, Dutchman Blues, Big River, I Know Dark, Charcoal Sky, and Holy Shit.. and Angel Of The Morning was so warm and real tonight.. and Wild Thing rocked hard and was so, good & sweaty . then F**K ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE ended it with huge sing-a-long choruses!

Just a great night .. awesome job from the boys .. what amazing solos by all. The New Ukrainians were total stars tonight .. and the audience let them know it!


Hi to my Iceland friends Kris & Eva.. and daughter Andrea.. hope to see you all together soon! .. Hi To James & Lida & Shelley & Adam .. so great to see you again.. hi to Gerard!! .. Hi Wynn & Emma (so special)… SO happy that you guys came!! .. and so good to see you later .. Hi great friends , newlyweds Robert & Adela .. and Toney & Tom .. thanks for the kind words .. Hi Dave (from Austin) .. so happy you wandered by!!! .. Hi Matts!!! .. so good to see you all the time!! .. all over the place!!

Hi Kenny Schaffer .. & family Jenny (wife) .. daughters Lizzy & Szoke and boyfriend Ryan.. the first time I saw Kenny was The Schaffer Festival in Central Park in 1973 presenting my Last Chance album.. great to see you, my friend .. HI MARIE!! .. thanks so much for your great support always! Hi STEPHEN & DEENA … SO GREAT TO MEET YOU!!.. Hi to my Bloomberg friend Cathlene?? .. hope that’s right .. & kind husband Bob.. great to see you

Ed .. so great that you come to these!! .. big thanks … regards to Millie?? .. see you when I get back!! .. let’s talk about that festival! .. Hi Vinny .. thanks for coming and bringing your friends … Huge Thanks to my friend Chris Karr for coming and bringing lovely friend, Alex!! .. Hi Setev & my old friend Jerry .. Jerry.. truly good to see you .. glad we caught up a bit .. best wishes with your new company .. call when I’m back from tour!!

Big thanks to my soulful heart specialist, the great Dr. Paul Belsky .. who’s got me feeling as good as new!!! .. so glad you came Paul!! .. and stayed!! .. what a nice surprise .. and my echo-heart Dr. and friend Cathy and great son Alex.. SO SO great to see you both!! Also .. so good to see my friends Ernie & Melinda.. love you guys.

Thanks to my great Shore Fire friends.. Madeline ?? (and dad Bob.. Brenden & Mark .. thanks for the awesome support! .. see you soon.. look forward to the Bob Edwards interview .. that will be great! and of course thanks to my great friend Chuck from Train Wreck (voice of the Church Of The Train Wreck) and the honorary mom of the New Ukrainians, my wife, Joan .. and great to see my friend, director Patrick Wang, whose brilliant film, In The Family, is getting rave reviews and playing here and abroad!! ..thanks for coming Patrick!! HUGE THANKS LINCOLN, JOE & KIRK .. what an amazing job you did! .. see you soon!




Here’s the story ..

Goran Grini came to the US with a keyboard that needed a power adapter to transfer his 220 voltage to our US 115. Sounds simple – not so. Kirk at Hill Country in New York, after much trying, got us one for the NY show .. a very heavy duty one from SIR rental, that would have cost a fortune to rent for our tour. So .. we needed to find one in Washington..

Mission Impossible! .. several folks tried .. we were finally guided to a Radio Shack .. a friendly limo driver Melvin.. escorted us for little charge .. an hour later .. the thing didn’t work for what we needed .. Melvin stayed with us and when my phone charge died, used his own to google a suggested music store .. finally.. a tech person in that music store suggested that the only one who might help was a Maryland company, 220 TO GO … I finally tracked them down this morning .. we drove forty minutes ..

WE STRUCK GOLD! .. owner Mike & son Ari were waiting .. the greatest guys! .. they knew who we were .. and were happy to meet us.. they had just the contraption that we needed … we ended up best of friends .. they gave us our item free of charge .. we gave them CDs & T-shirts & posters

Mike and wife Sheila and Ari will join us front row for our show tonight! .. what a blessing!

Huge thanks to them, Melvin and the nice tech guy at the music store! .. what a great day!

Heading for sound check!


The DC Hill Country is awesome .. similar great country-like set up for awesome Texas barbecue upstairs.. downstairs… a cool listening room with a bar and a stage and back-line (drums, amps etc)


After a great dinner, A VG sound guy, Mike arrives at around 6:00 .. we’re through checking at 7:00 .. most of us go back to the hotel .. we return at 9:30 .. on stage at 10:00.


We played for a very appreciative group tonight.. including several fans from the LAST CHANCE days. The NEW UKRAINIANS were magic tonight!!… I love the way we all weave in and out of the emotion of songs together .. we’re always listening to each other & being inspired by each other .. there’s no “going through the motions” with this band.. ..

Far too many highlights to mention .. lets go with .. ME & ROHILLIO.. so warm and touching .. PASSPORT BLUES brought the house down .. as did TOO DYNAMIC .. F**K ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE was so special .. great sing-a-long on I KNOW DARK .. as well as HOLY SHIT .. ANGEL was so chilling .. rocked WILD THING .. and ended with a requested .. I WASN”T BORN IN TENNESSEE.. which we played for the first time ..

It was a hell of a night.


Old friends Jim & Barbara Fishel & their friends Sue & Marcos .. great to see you guys!!.. my old friend Sandy from 1650 Broadway days.. & her two friends & neighbors .. so good to see you guys.

Special hello to my fan from years ago, Gary.. wife Dena, son Nate & lovely fiancé Melanie .. loved meeting & talking with you guys… CONGRATS MELANIE!!!!! .. thanks for spending graduation eve with us .. it was so special to meet & talk with all of you..

Hi Ditte .. Bjorn’s old schoolmate and first love .. nice story about 7 year old Bjorn with violin, wearing a TUX!! .. loved to have a picture of that .. Hi Gopi from YONKERS! .. so good to see you .. hi to Nikki, Katie, Adam & Laiza .. nice seeing you all at the end .. thanks for coming! .. HI FRANK!! .. so glad you made it .. let’s do it again soon!!

Thanks to Rob.. and all the kind staff … and Lincoln .. thanks big time for coming down .. you’re the best!!


May 20, 2012 – drive to Knoxville – 8 hours

It’s a beautiful day .. with Bjorn at the wheel & Goran helping late in the trip we travel through Virginia into Tennessee – through some humble mountains .. green as can be this time of year – arrive in Knoxville at 7:45 .. have a great dinner at the Brewery on Gay street .. then catch up with old friend Tony Lawson .. who started WDVX in 1997, broadcasting 200 watts from a camper in an open field – bouncing his signal off the mountain .. one of the great broadcasting stories EVER .. gave me a fan base in these parts. WDVX will sponsor our two live for an audience & on air shows tomorrow ..



So good to wind down here with the boys.. great food, great home-brewed beer for the boys. So great to meet Gretchen & Steve.. Gretchen recognized me when I walked In.. what a nice way to start our visit to this awesome music town!

Staying at The Crowne Plaza.. an awesome hotel .. one block from our venue.

MAY 21, 2012 –

WDVX – BLUE PLATE SPECIAL (AN AFTERNOON SHOW) .. This is a live on the air, old fashioned-like radio hour, featuring two guests & some ongoing interviews with the host, Red,.. a legendary WDVX DJ.. & my old friend.

held at the home of WDVX & The Knoxville Visitors Center.. this cool corner building on Gay Street holds about 60 people sitting for this afternoon show .. lots of great volunteers handle the production of this cool show.. Dan does a great job with the sound.. & Samantha organizes all .. terrific job … we set up a small drum kit for this afternoon show.. tonight we’ll set up the full kit.

The first artist is a duo called Hym & Her, Wayne & Lucy .. who drive their camper cross country with their five year old daughter & their dog .. playing music where they can .. they are so cool & great.. Wayne is a one man band playing drums & guitar & harmonica at the same time .. & Lucy is a cool musician, playing several stringed instruments.. including a wired-for-sound cigar box with a neck & three strings .. that makes either bass or electric guitar sounds .. strange looking but great sounding .. they’re both good singers & their songs are interesting & good


.. The sound is awesome & the Ukrainians are so loose & good .. we play Dutchman Blues, Me & Rohillio, Passport Blues & Angel Of The Morning .. what a great audience .. so great to be a part of this

Said hi to several but lost my notes!! ..

Remember a few.. Rob, & Jack & Lonnie.. & John & Barbara, & Elmo & Dan .. great meeting you guys .. big thanks to Red & Sam & Dan .. & Jonathan .. who will do sound at our evening show.


.. just before our evening show, I stopped by to old friend Tony’s great radio show .. Tony surprised me by putting me on the air & asking me for something brand new .. I was just working on a new one .. so I played “That’s How I Love You Tonight” for the first time ever .. Tony said he got chills.. it was a special moment .. thanks Tony

MAY 21, 2012 – TENNESSEE SHINES (7:00 PM)

… This is a legendary show.. in the past it was held at the Bijou Theater .. holding 500 plus .. after being off the air due to enormous production costs.. it has come back in a more humble way .. but it is as cool as ever..

It’s held at the same facility as the Blue Plate .. with many more seats added .. tonight it’s packed – standing room only!! .. Jonathan does an awesome job getting great sound .. just as Dan had done earlier..

The house “band” is a great keyboard player, Ben with cool jazz-like vocalist, Sarah. They have their own small stage off to the side. We are the main act tonight. The host s are two music lovers, Paige & Bob .. Old friend Tony Lawson opens the show with a short intro .. then turns it over to others & the fun begins ..


you can tell we have fans here right away.. we play Dutchman Blues & Me & Rohillio.. & the audience is so into them.. after each, they erupt with applause & cheers. And the New Ukrainians are simply awesome & these folks let them know it applauding many of the brilliant solo by John & Goran… in between there’s good talk with the hosts.. then a song or two from the house band .. then back to us .. PASSPORT BLUES & PHONED IN DEAD.. then some poetry reading by great local poet Brian .. It’s over so fast .. but it’s one of my favorite shows ever.. this audience was so warm .. it was totally like we were friends taking a journey together.. & this was a magical little journey!!

After the live radio show, we continue playing for the audience .. trading songs with Ben & Sarah .. loved this part as well. Brought the house down at the end with a brand new song .. UKRAINIAN GIRLS.. Tony Lawson described it later as sounding like a Hank Williams meets the Beach Boys meets Chip Taylor song. This is the first time we played this song. After this reaction, we’ll most likely include it in all shows.


From memory .. great to see Gretchen & Steve from last night .. thanks so much for coming!! .. you made my night last night!! .. & John who was a fan forever .. & a couple that drove a hundred miles from Johnson City.. & old friend Grace .. And old friend, lovely Amie & friend .. & Elizabeth & Jack .. & Cynthia & Lydia & Bob.. .. a fan (Gloria???) mentioned that Patrick Wang’s movie , In The Family – which features my music & who’s central characters are all Chip Taylor fans – ‘was loved by Knoxville folks. So good to hear.. this is just a beautiful, humble film that is becoming a huge underground success.. after some rave reviews by The NY Times & Roger Ebert.


.. so good to wind down .. sat next to Greg & Lisa, from Connecticut.. who had just driven into town ,, & were fans from our shows at the IRON HORSE in Northampton MASS.. they were also huge fans of WDVX .. streaming them from home .. & supporting the station in their fund drive!!! .. such a small world!!! ..

Good to see Chantel, Brian Joe & Destiny at the end of the night.. ..thanks for the drink, Destiny .. wonderful talking with you.

MAY 22, 2012 ..


This is a very cool AAA station that plays edgy Americana as well. They’ve been very supportive of the F**K ALL album.

We stopped by at about 12:30 .. met Alex & Tony.. then Cullen Kehoe, the program director .. we set up our equipment in a little room & Cullen miked all the instruments in a simple, but very pro-like way in a few minutes.

Then Candle, one of the stations top DJs took over .. we did a three song live segment with interviews .. a very cool thing.. played ME & ROHILLIO, PHONED IN DEAD & ANGEL OF THE MORNING… Cullen said it sounded great on the air.

After some radio spots & some good-byes, we hit the road for Asheville. Loved this visit.. very nice folks!


It’s about a two hour drive – through the beautiful Smoky Mountains – to Asheville, North Carolina. We’re playing a cool club here called The Grey Eagle. This is sort of last minute booking to fill an otherwise empty Tuesday night. Asheville is such a cool town. It reminds me a bit of Austin. It’s a college town… with a clean hippy vibe, with lots of cool little shops, bars & indoor & outdoor restaurants. After the show I’ll relax at a great place called LAB, not far from our hotel.

We arrive at our Sheraton Four Points at about 4:30, check in & head to the Grey Eagle for sound check. We meet old friend & owner, Jeff, barman Scott, doorman Jeremy & great sound engineer Andrew & his kind intern, Daniel. Andrew gets great sound for us in minutes..

Dinner is served there .. pulled pork served in various ways. Good tasting.. but I have little as I’ll have a healthy meal later on at Lab.


What a special group of folks to play for!! .. including Bob, who had seen me back in 2002 at the Tin Angel in Philly, when I was promoting my breakthrough album, BLACK & BLUE AMERICA.. & Carrie Rodriguez had just joined me. What special memories!! .. Bob since retired & took his wife & four dogs to a nice little farm here in Asheville .. Greg & Laurie were two early arrivers.. had seen us at SXSW at that awesome show at The Saxon Pub with Ray Wylie Hubbard, Billy Joe & Shooter.. our OK friend who had last seen Carrie & I in Manchester.. & his friend, Debrah.. & kind fans Anna & Bruce.. & Rob & Lee, who were sent by old friend Billy Kraft .. so glad you guys could make it .. & Josh & Janice & fan for a while, Gary… so glad you guys stopped in .. you inspired this special night..

The sound was so good tonight!! .. huge thanks Andrew!! The New Ukrainians, Goran (Keyboards) , Bjorn (Bass), Magnus (drums) & the great JP (John Platania / gtr) were brilliant!! .. Again we weaved in & out of the F**K ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE” songs .. mixed in a couple from the YONKERS NY album & played a couple of hits (Angel Of The Morning & Wild Thing) .. Angel was so soulful tonight many brought chills .. none more than ME & ROHILLIO & WEAKER MOMENTS.. & the folks loved TOO DYNAMIC!! .. & PHONED IN DEAD.. there was a special together vibe with I KNOW DARK (what a warm I’ve known, sing-a-long!) & F**K ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE, dedicated to prisoners I’ve known .. took on a special reverent & defiant spirit all it’s own. Loved this.

We closed with a similarly reverent, HOLY SHIT!! .. which sounded so chilling.

This was a very special night, with very special folks. Hope to see you all soon!!

MAY 25 ,2012 – RADIO SHOW AT KUT with friend Jody Denberg

Love this station!! .. we arrived at 10:00 .. a nice guy named Peter met us in the load-in area with a sticker for our car …thanks Peter!! Soon we were set up in the large downstairs studio sound checking with friend & great engineer, Cliff Hargrove.

Then old friend Jody Denberg, who was in the middle of hosting his show upstairs, came down to our room, continuing his show with our live segment. Jody seemed way into this album. We talked about the great band & introduced each guy .. playing Dutchman Blues, Me & Rohillio & the clean version of the title song, SCREW ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE mixed in with good conversation.

Loved this Jody!! .. love to Barbara .. see you tonight.

PS.. at shows end friend Jay Trachtenberg stopped by to say hello & meet the band .. great to see you Jay .. hope to see you tonight!!


In 1974 John & I played a show at one of the most revered venues in the world, Armadillo World Headquarters. We were one of the new upstarts in the alt country world with my LAST CHANCE album, which Rolling Stone had called “one of the year’s best”. The two most powerful stations, including Joe Gracy’s legendary, KOKE FM, were playing us round the clock. We were sharing the bill with Tom T Hall.

Although Tom was more or less the headliner – the last one on stage – young Austin had turned out for us – over a thousand from beginning to the end – & the constant standing ovations toward the end took the Tom T folks by surprise. This was our town that night – we were hard to follow, even for the great Tom T. . My gambling addiction would take me away from touring & shows like this. But this memory is strong & when we hit the stage tonight – at Threadgill’s – a great food emporium with the coolest outdoor stage in Austin, holding several hundred – built on the same hallowed ground as Armadillo World Headquarters by the same owner Eddie Wilson!!!!!

Note: great to see Eddie at sound check!! Great to be here old friend!


This was a special one for an awesome Austin audience!! After sharing some of those memories about the 1974 show we started with THE REAL THING.. the same song we opened with back in ’74 which pays tribute to the 50’s country music & the Race Records stuff from back in the day – stuff that defined my existence back in the day!

Then it was off to the stories & songs of our new album, F**K ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE .. with some YONKERS NY songs & some hits thrown in. Tonight I loved some good-natured kibitzing with some from the audience – including golf pros Sonny Rhodes & fiancé Linda & Tinsley Penick & his wonderful wife, Betty Anne, and the great story-telling dobro legend, Steve James & world famous Austin keyboard player Earl Pool Ball.

Highlights were far too many to single out one or two. The thing I’ll remember most about this shown was the brilliant, inspired playing by this awesome band, THE NEW UKRAINIANS (Goran Grini – Keyboards, Bjorn Petterson – bass, Magnus Ollson – Drums, & the great John Platania on guitar..

The Dutchman Blues, Me & Rohillio, Passport Blues, Hey Jonny, Passport Blues all had that storytelling warm & special thing .. and we dedicated BE KIND to Sonny Rhodes efforts to cease & desist his political hate mail, instead looking to “be kind” to ALL humans (even left of center ones!!) … then came the YONKERS NY songs Hey JONNY, which places brother Jon (Voight) & me outside a theater in Yonkers in the early 50’s.. & CHARCOAL SKY.. we dedicated the latter to friend Steven James .. who grew up there, just like the Voight Boys.

Note: as the show went on, the audience erupted with applause for the amazing keyboard solos of Goran & the brilliant guitar solos of JP .. these off-the-charts amazing performances tonight. At shows end, much of the talk was about this amazing band!!

The show continued:

Too Dynamic was so fun & inspired tonight .. Then came the tribute to the darkness in the far north of Sweden.. with I KNOW DARK .. then the song for the prisoners F**K ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE .. so, so reverent tonight .. then the hits .. a-chilling ANGEL OF THE MORNING .. & WILD THING was so rockin’ good tonight.. The UKRAINIANS were on fire!!! .. We ended with another for the prisoners, HOLY SHIT .. so chilling .. this was some special night in Austin!! THANKS TO ALL WHO SHARED IT WITH US!!!


Big hello to my friends Sonny & Linda & Tinsley & Betty Anne .. their friends Pat & Phil & Photog, Greg .. & Sonny’s soon-to-be wed son Kyle .. Kyle send best regards to Jen!! .. big thanks for the kind words ..Sonny .. so glad you started your “BE KIND” therapy tonight.. well done!!… hi Melvin & lovely Jodi .. thanks for coming back Elvin .. & hi to your other friend Melvin!! ..

Hi Carlos & Tina .. great to see you guys!! .. best with your own music!! ..HI BRENT!! .. so good talking to you .. glad you got a chance to talk to JP ..Hi Alan & Karen .. thanks for returning .. best with your writing!! .. Hi Robin & Debbie & Karen .. great to see old friend Martin at all our shows .. much appreciated!! .. Hi to great friends John Kunz & wife Cathy.. & Jody Denberg & lovely wife Barbara .. great to see you..

Hi to my Opal Divine friends.. Matt (send my best to brother Chris) .. & friend Dan.. thanks for the ride home!! .. sure needed that.. hi to lovely Ashley & the staff Erin (thanks for the great service) & Anna & Amber from the night before!! ..& my other friends there & Michael & Susan .. hope to see you guys soon!!


Loved this as always .. wanted the Ukrainians to meet friend Bill & get a feel of what a humble, soulful one man record store can do for a community. On any given Saturday afternoon musicians come from all over to say hello to Bill & the local fans & sing a song or two. These wonderful & soulful fans are seated in the back room on a couple of old sofas and chairs. The show goes from 1:00 or so till whenever. The stage is small, the equipment a bit makeshift .. but it’s cool as can be. Can’t wait for the boys to experience this!

I called Bill a few days ago & asked him if he’d like us to stop by. He was thrilled .. the great local station, KHYI sent their best DJ, & our friend Brett Dillon to host our show. This has become a big deal.

We arrived 3:25 .. on stage at 3:45. This is one of our favorite events of the tour!!

More details about this & a last minute invite from Ray Wylie Hubbard to join him on stage tonight at a big out door event in Arlington, Texas.. stand by!!!!! .. Right now .. the boys are in the lobby of our South Fork Plano hotel .. getting ready to drive 11 plus hours to Nashville Tenn.


When we first arrived, several folks were outside the store ready to help us load in, including Ray & Mr. Troll – from Poor David’s pub next door & Bill himself. We said hello to Brett & Diana & several kind folks inside In short order we were able to get all the Ukrainians plugged in & on stage.. KHYI & Bill’s store mad a big deal about us coming. The place was packed

It was great to feel the great vibe of the folks as the Ukrainians played.. for years the folks have been cheering the great JP solos, now they’re going nuts for Goran’s solos as well. We played The Real Thing, Dutchman Blues, Phoned in Dead (the KHYI single) , Passport Blues (the folks loved the story & song of this) .. I shifted WILD THING earlier as a little guy, Mason had come especially for this.. then we sang along to SCREW ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE & ANGEL OF THE MORNING.. we encored with I KNOW DARK .. with the entire audience singing along .. and they sang, so, so great & warm on this.

This was special .. I love playing here at Bill’s & for these kind folks!! .. see you soon Bill!!

Said hi to several, including: Laura & William, Rod & Clay.. & all the family surrounding the band , Rebel Crossing .. loved meeting these folks & talking with them & playing for them …Dickie Lee, Shannon, Jeffrey, Christian.. all such great folks .. & Dale Darlene.. Hi Clayton & Rose?? .. & hi Dave .. sitting along the stage.. thanks for being there!! ..Hi HAYWOOD .. I asked who he was.. he said, “a regular person just like you!”.. big hi to Bill’s associate, Dave .. great to see you!!

And special hello to the WILD THING young boy, Mason & lovely mom, Betsy .. great to see you all!! .. love ya Bill!!


We went to old friend Mike Schneider’s place. The All Good Café, in the arty-area of Dallas, Deep Elm. Mike was out of town but asked his kind waitress Kelly to trade dinner for our latest CD.. sorry we missed you Mike!! .. see you soon!! Had some great conversation with friend Joshua .. including his efforts with a local community group to help re-build a church in Guatemala.. what a nice thing!! ..Ray Wylie Hubbard called Joshua to invite him to his outdoor concert in a few hours in Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys.. Ray heard I was there & Joshua passed the phone to me ..Ray invited us to be his guests at the show & to do a guest spot if we were up to it.

After dinner we headed for Arlington – 45 minutes away.

MAY 26, 2012 – ARLINGTON FESTIVAL (part of The Arlington summer concert series) ..

Ray had left word that Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians were coming!! Despite the crowds, we managed to find the stage entrance & some kind folks Charlie & Richard were there to greet us!.. Pattie, the kind host, could not have been more cordial. We were given stage passes & invited to make ourselves comfortable in the private room & share in the food & drink offered.

Ray & The band.. including son Lucas, Austin bassist John & our old friend & great drummer from the Dead Man band, Todd arrived.


.. Ray hit the stage at about 8:20, playing for a few thousand sitting in an out door area. .. the show was typical Ray great!! .. lots of sort of planned irreverent off-the-cuff remarks before each song, but always good-natured & finally self-depreciating in a cool way .. & those bluesy, haunting voodoo-like blues songs .. you gotta love RAY!!! After an hour or so, he invited me up with a huge intro .. there was no piano, so unfortunately Goran was unable to play. I introduced Magnus & Bjorn & John .. told them a bit about why we were on tour .. then told them Ray had asked for one of my hits .. we played ANGEL OF THE MORNING.. I had a bit of trouble lessening the volume of Rays’s guitar, but finally got that OK .. the boys were awesome .. the folks seemed to love it.

Then John stayed on stage for one more blues song. Trading licks with Ray’s son. Lucas… such a special moment. John was awesome & the audience let him know it!!

Note: Goran was sitting in the audience. Someone next to him said, Man, that guys “smoking!” .. Goran said.. oh, no .. he’s not!! .. The guy said emphatically. “He sure is .. he’s definitely smoking!!!” .. Goran, puzzled, said “I’ know for sure.. I ride in the van with him.. he never has a cigarette.. never!!!”

MAY 27, 2012

.. drove 11 hours to Nashville .. arrived in time for a late dinner at one of my favorite restaurants .. the Sunset Grill.. spent lots of nights with Lucinda there .. great memories!!


– probably the highlight of the tour!!

I had phoned Buddy several days ago to let him know we were coming. He said he’d try to make some time to meet us .. he way into the new album & LOVES The NEW UKRAINIANS.

We spoke after breakfast & he invited us to his house/ studio ..a wonderful place in a warm residential area.. not pretentious .. Black Keys live next door .. we spent about 45 minutes talking about all sorts of stuff .. our tour, his love for our album, his gear (AMAZING VINTAGE STUFF!!) .. analog 16 track .. vintage board .. old vintage mikes .. etc .. he’s currently finishing producing Richard Thompson .. he’s way into the tech end of his amazing studio .. can engineer himself when needed ..

Buddy seemed way into The Mean Bastard Festival .. we’ll be talking about that in a few days .. he is starting a Sirius Radio hour with Jim Lauderdale .. he asked if I would do a segment just before the AMA Convention..

What a great humble guy!! .. the UKRAINIANS were on a cloud .. just a great morning for all of us!!

After the visit, we loaded back into the van & headed for CHARLESTON WEST VA..