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Sep 15, 2012 – Nashville, TN & Grand Marais, MN

Hi all .. here’s an update on an awesome week!!! ..with amazing Norwegian singer Paal Flaata & cohorts Goran Grini, & John Platania .. first.. the AMERICANA festival in Nashville & then MOUNTAIN STAGE in Minnesota .. here’s some highlights ..

First.. so great to hook up with Kendel Carson again. Kendel & the other Belle Starr GALS, Stephanie & Miranda did an awesome set at the AMA Canadian party/ show .. .. that party is always a highlight of the AMA for me. . what a terrific lineup including White Horse, Joe Nolan & DEEP DARK WOODS.. also.. Kendel sat in with The Deep Dark Woods at the awards show & absolutely lit up the stage!

Our party/ show introducing Paal Flaata to the Americana folks & playing songs from his “WAIT BY THE FIRE.. the songs of Chip Taylor” album…was a huge success .. the AMA folks LOVED Paal …. the great Will Kimbrough, Johan Orjansson (a star in the making!!) & Bridget De Meyers did an amazing opening “in the round”.. then Will joined JP, Goran, great John Prine bassist David Jacques & me in supporting Paal .. Paal is so one of a kind… kind of floats somewhere between Chris Isaak & Elvis .. that sort of of the great interpreters of song.. gives me chills

Mountain Stage .. the legendary radio show hosting a variety of amazing artists was doing a remote show in beautiful Grand Marais Minnesota.. one of my favorite shows EVER!! ., first .. the awesome house band .. now my old friends .. were all there.. Ahmad.. drums .. Steve.. bass .. Bob .. piano.. Mike .. guitar .. Ron.. acoustic/ & harp, .. & a great lineup including Chris Hillman, Herb Pederson, Mollie O’brien & Rich Moore, Jonathan Edwards, Gretchen Peters… so good to listen to all the interesting and great music.. For our set, I sang THE REAL THING & SCREW ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE .. folks seemed to love that .. and when Paal sang .. there was just an awesome connection .. & his version of Angel Of The Morning was so, so deep & spacey & beautiful .. it was like we were in St Patricks Cathedral .. at it’s end, the audience all stood and wouldn’t stop cheering .. I never saw a reaction to a performance quite like that .. so, so chilling!!! … what a night!!!!.. Huge thanks to my great MT Stage friends .. ADAM, JEFF. PAUL, RICH & all the great musicians .. hope to see you soon!!

Sep 9, 2012 – NYC

RE: LAST NIGHTS SHOW AT THE NORWEGIAN CHURCH IN NEW YORK. What a night!!! .. There was something so warm & magical about this show from the very beginning. Paal Flaata & I on stage together for an entire night with John Platania & Goran Grini joining in. Much of the show dedicated to songs from Paal’s soon to be released album, WAIT BY THE FIRE (The songs of Chip Taylor)… with some special Elvis & Johnny Cash tributes thrown in the mix as well.

I had chills from the minute we hit the stage. And what a great audience .. a full house with mixture of my old fans and friends and some wonderful Norwegian folks I had never met before. Thanks to all the great folks at the church for quickly organizing this & for all the care & kindness they showed along the way .. Thor-Erik, Annette, Camilla .. how dedicated & kind you’ve been .. HUGE THANKS from all of us.. and Margit & Hanna, John, Conrad & all .. thanks so much for your effort!!!

I didn’t take notes last night but I remember meeting so many kind and wonderful folks .. I’ll mention a few I remember. hi to Niels, Einar, & Kris, James old friend Matts & his entire Norwegian connection.. what a great buch!!! .. hi to Colleen & Gigi, Will & Vinnie, Brian, & new friend Cisco & all my other great friends from Parnells.. & Tony, Daisy & Giovanni.. so great to see you guys.. & Martina & Pat .. what a nice surprise.

Hi to friend Robert & Adela & and lovely sister.. great seeing you again.. hi to my old friends Ernie & Bill Wetzel.. & Tom .. my great friend & music guru from Norway.. so instrumental in this Paal Flaata project.. & his friends, heralded Norwegian journalists Erik & his lovely wife, Ingvild .. great talking with you!!.. Goran’s distant cousin Ken.. & wife Mayume .. nice meeting you both.. & my friend Gerard & James & Lydia & their friends,, & Pete.. kind coach of kids named “Team Norway”.. in honor of the victims at Utoya & nice brother Jon .. so great meeting you guys!! .. my friends, film director/ fashion designer Paola & sister Pirjo (& tall & handsome friend), my EMI friend Brian and my Joan & cohort Chuck .. all the other wonderful folks .. thanks for coming .. this was so special!!

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