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What a night this was. Carrie Rodriguez & me .. together again .. at one of my favorite venues on the planet!! There was an extra bonus for me early on .. As many of you know, I’ve been playing several prison shows these past years. And tonight .. a young woman who I played for two years ago in a women’s maximum security prison here in Sweden stopped by to tell me she’d been released not too long ago.. had found a job.. & was doing well. What a gift for me tonight. I won’t mention a name here with respect to her privacy.. but this message is for her .. so, so happy to see you again .. with your sister & your two friends .. it was one of the big highlights of this amazing night!!

The owner of the Akkurat, my great friend Stene & girlfriend Manja.. was stranded in New York due to the hurricane.. but the amazing staff here.. Richard, Andreas, Anna, Johan, Thomas & the rest made us so comfortable.. And one of the great sound men in the business, Ecklig .. had us up & running with great sound quickly .. allowing us to relax with an awesome Akkurat meal.. what a blessing.

Great to see my great friends Hakan Olsson & wife Monica.. who made the trip from Malmo.. & other friends Bjorn from Rootsy & Hakan’s brother Christer & friend Yvonne ..

Sorry to say I lost all my notes with names of folks I met .. but I’ll mention some from memory later

The band .. The New Ukrainians .. were all here. John Platania / guitar, Goran Grini/ keyboards, Magnus Olsson / drums .. & Bjorn Petterson/ bass. There is not a better touring band on the planet – they were awesome tonight!!


note: the place was wall to wall packed


Carrie opened with a great set of songs from her past albums.. combined with the single from her soon to be released album .. This warm & enthusiastic audience loved her & let her know. I joined her toward the end of her set & the duets began .. & the chill thing came fast .. from the opening notes of one of my favorites, YOUR NAME IS ON MY LIPS AGAIN . We closed the first set with a precious ANGEL OF THE MORNING .. & the vibe in the room was so amazing. couldn’t wait to get back on stage.

After a break of about 45 minutes, the band & I took the stage again.


I began with THE REAL THING, then BASTARD BROTHERS .. a tribute to my great brothers Barry & Jon .. wish they were here!! Then I tried several new songs for the first time .. songs we will record in Halden next week .. The audience seemed to love them .. PRETTY GOOD ORDER, IT WASN’T ME- IT WASN’T YOU & BLOCK OUT THE SILENCE OF THIS LONELY WORLD.. it was very inspiring to get that reaction.. then we did a killer version of FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE.. with the audience singing along.. so great!! .. Then it was duet time again .. Carrie joined me on stage & the chills didn’t stop until we did our final encore.

It was .. DON’T SPEAK IN ENGLISH, RED DOG TRACKS, MUST BE THE WHISKEY .. all so warm & cool .. then a totally rockin’ WILD THING .. we finally said good night with a new one .. THE LAST VIDEO .. which brought the house down .. everybody singing along with the chorus”

“Will you be there in the last video
Will your name be on the roll call at the end my friend
Where the Angels & the gamblers & the prisoners come & go
Will you be there in the last video”

What a night!!


    Again, lost my notes of names.. so from memory:

So good to see old friends .. Runer & Irena .. & Anders & Maria .. thanks so much for making the long journey!! .. so special to see you always .. good to see the others,, including singer Annelie .. looking forward to listening to the CD

Old friends Albin & Lisa .. great to see you guys always.. sorry Martin & Sophia couldn’t make it .. love to them .. Hi to Esa.. always good to see you .. look forward to the pictures!! .. Hi Hilding .. thanks for always being so supportive!! .. & constantly adding our CDs to your collection.

Hi to new fan Patty from Oregon!! .. & old lifetime friend, Annicke & brother, Sven .. so good talking to you all .. John sends a big hello! .. Hi Thomas & Anna .. so great to talk to you both .. see you on Friday, I hope!! .. & hi to another Thomas I met at the bar .. who was seeing us for the first time .. thanks for the kind words..

Special hello to my friend, Leila!! .. I’m so proud of you .. GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN .. & sister Anne .. & friends, Carin Liseloff (Lizzie) .. wonderful meeting you all !!


NOTE: THERE WAS SOME CONFUSION ABOUT FRIDAY & SATURDAY’S SHOW .. IT IS NOT A PRIVATE PARTY .. I’m guessing the shows will start at about 8:00 PM

here’s the info

Nov 9-10, 2012

Avetsa, SE

Bjurfors Hotel och Konferens


Nov 2, 2012 – day one of two day fest was amazing!!

Kevin Triplett’s great documentary about soulful Austin songwriter Blaze Foley opened the evening.. with Gurf Morlix’ amazing concert .. a tribute to Blaze.. following. Then it was guest appearances by several artists following .. including Freda & the Coolents .. Freda .. who had a hit a few years back .. was terrific .. Carrie & I sang a couple .. with Goran Grini, Magnus Olsson & Bjorn Petterson backing .. Bjorn.. by the way .. does an awesome job producing the entire festival …. then Carrie sang one on her own .. and stayed on stage backing others on fiddle ..she was just great .. a few other soulful local artists followed .. including Tony from the heroic local Willy Clay band .. who had joined Carrie & I earlier singing the festival theme song .. “I Know Dark” ..Tony’s always so special.. then awesome young local singer/ songwriter Hanna did a couple of terrific songs .. featuring Max .. her high school music teacher on keyboards.. one of big highlights of the night was our own Goran Grini .. who brought the house down with his version of GREAT BALLS OF FIRE.. this was one hell of a night!!


This was a night to remember.. it started with a Texas style dinner for special patrons of the festival at the hotel that was amazing .. after dinner .. the folks walked across a ramp right to the stage some 30 yards away Hanna (so magical!) & the band did a terrific job warming up the crown with a couple of her cool songs .. then Freda & The Coolents did the same .. just a terrific opening .. then Carrie did a 35 minute set with The New Ukrainians .. Magnus/ drums, John / gtr, Bjorn/bass & Goran Grini on keyboard .. the set was awesome .. Carrie was amazing .. & the band was on fire!! .. brilliant solos by all .. Carrie’s favorite show in recent memory .. this was some special show from top to bottom!!

After a 25 minute intermission I started the second half.. talking a bit about my connection to Kiruna & the parallel to my home town of Yonkers New York & my family.. including my coal mining grandfather, George .. I then mentioned an event that happened the previous night .. where I was out at the Tragarn bar having a drink with some fans including Sam & friend Carl .. who were telling me how important my music was to them .. & mentioning also that they were fans of brother Jon’s films .. including the cult film ZOOLANDER .. with Ben Stiller .. a film that seemed to close quickly upon it’s release in the U.S. about 10 years ago .. they mentioned that they had just watched again a few days previous & LOVED Jon in it .. .. just for the hell of it, I called Jon .. got him on the phone .. told him the story & within minutes he was talking to Sam .. & all at the table said hi .. the connection left Jon & the boys feeling great .. & the family connection to Kiruna took was further established!! .. great fun.

So that story became a nice part of the show .. the audience laughed and clapped & Sam & the boys were stars of our show .. then we ripped through 4 songs .. ending with Fuck All The Perfect People with the entire audience singing along .. the connection was so warm & good & honest right away .. then the fireworks happened .. Carrie & I together again!!!! .. now with this amazing band .. & it was total chill time from the minute she hit the stage .. We blasted through YOUR NAME IS ON MY LIPS AGAIN, DON’T SPEAK IN ENGLISH, RED DOG TRACKS & MUST BE THE WHISKEY .. a total connection with each other, the band & this awesome audience.. who kept clapping & cheering each song!! .. We ended with a beautiful Angel Of The Morning ..& a rockin’ WILD THING .. with huge sing-a-longs.. and two standing ovations .. Kiruna was never like this .. this was amazing!! .. We encored with a quiet .chilling We Come Up Shinin’ .. none of us – on either side of the stage will ever forget this!!

Later we said hi to many .. including prime sponsors of the festival, Lele (Lennart) & brother Ronnie & their kind & fun wives, Irene & Victoria .. who will be seeing me at Parnells in NY in a couple of months.. friend Petri .. who had designed & built the extension room at Tragan bar/ restaurant where the mural of the first MEAN BASTARD can be seen .. where I had met Sam, Carl & the boys the previous night.. .. a big hello to fans Jonas & Gabriella.. who took the long train from Lillio to see us .. thanks you guys

Great to see kind friend Joel (who dove me to Norway last year).. with his lovely & nice girl friend LINA .. wonderful seeing you guys!! .. hi to Hakan & family .. including son Jesper .. a 14 year old drummer .. who, I’m guessing will be on stage at the Mean Bastard in the years to come!! .. big hi to new friend MiKael .. great to see you .. & Christofer .. hi to Johnny & Susanna ,, & Sane .. & all Petri’s friends .. a few from Piteo .. great to see you all .. thanks to all for the kind words .. it was a hell of a night ..