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It’s so great to be back in this town with so many old friends. The Grand Hotel .. with good friend & proprietor Winnie, has become our sort of home away from home. So good to see friend Qendressa (pronounced “Chendressa”), who checked us in. And great to see Winnie’s husband Bjorn & their son, Mats & his wife Helena & the cutest daughters, Lotta (3 or 4, I’m guessing) – what a great character!! – & baby Mia. Hope to see you all soon!

The Venue

What a warm & lovely little restaurant/ coffee & wine shop in this art/ museum small complex. Big thanks to proprietor, Ann-Cathrin for hosting this last minute tour stop – sort of a record release party for my new album, Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World.

It was just John, Goran & me tonight .. &, although we played some past hits & rarities, the focus was on the new album, Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World.


The room was full & the audience was so warm & appreciative. Goran & John were so loose & inspired as usual – lots of clapping for solos. This was our only show on this tour without the great Paal Flaata, so we were adding several new songs to the set & I was a bit nervous as to how they would play. But, toward the beginning of the show when we played the title track.. Block Out The Sirens.. I knew there would be a deep connection tonight.

Hey Vinnie, Pretty Good Order (Human Beings), That’s How I Love You Tonight, It Wasn’t Me It Wasn’t You & others from the album totally connected .. I could feel that chill on stage. This was not a typical connection.. there was something special going on here.

We ended with a warm Angel Of The Morning, a rocking Wild Thing.. and again finished the planned set with the total fan favorite, Fuck All The Perfect People.. We encored with It Wasn’t Me It Wasn’t You, Better Put My Glasses On .. & I Wasn’t Born In Tennessee (a first for Goran).

What a wonderful night .. thanks to all who attended.

Hi to:

great to see friend Kai Andersen – proprietor & engineer of the great Athletic Sound Studios, who stopped by with the country band who have been recording there . thanks for stopping by boys!!

Hi to great friends, Hege & Omar .. & Hege’s mom Berit & Tor (the original Elvis of Norway!!) .. hope Torill & Thore .. & Evy & Bernard enjoy the album.. hope to see them sometime soon. great to see Bjorn & Mats .. & Winnie .. thanks for your kindness to us all!

Hi to old friend Eva.. great to see you .. big hello to Michael!! .. hi Big daddy .. always great to see you. Hi Christine!! .. so good to see you .. hi Ellen .. please send a big hello to lovely Sanna .. hope to see her next time!! .. Hi Lars & trine!! .. & Dorota .. so good to see you .. hi Kjell & Heidi .. good talking to you!! .. & hi Mona.. good to see you again… Hi Morten .. thanks for the kind words!.. hi to Tom & Monika*.. great talking to you! Special hi to John & my lovely friend, Ida .. so good to see you both.. bless the kids!!

what a special night!!