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May 27 – 30, 2013 – Tennessee Tour

May 27 – Knoxville

Tennessee Shines .. loved this!  Big hi and thanks to Linda & Charles,Tony Lawson and Rob & Page .. and Dan & Nancy.. and Nelson & Red & Grace .. love you guys .. hi to Brad originally from Mamaroneck and Angela & Glen and original camper friend.. l & Linda .. and all my great friends .. can’t wait to come back.

May 28

Thanks Wayne & Mike at WETS.. loved this! And Ed at DOWN HOME .. what a great place .. huge thanks to Andrina & Christine .. and Anna & friends who traveled more than two hours to get here – Anna, you were right about the CAVE .. coming there on July 27 .. WITH CARRIE RODRIGUEZ.. a big reunion show!  Hope to see lots of friends there – it’s going to be something!


What a show! Huge thanks Todd, Laurie & Craig, Keith & lovely wife & grand daughter .. was it Madeline?  and Rob & Paige .. and CARLY & MATT andall the staff .. what great hands on proactive folks – huge thanks! Special hi to my Dutch friend Joanna.. and Judy & Jackie.. SO GREAT TO SEE YOU!And hi Bardara & John?? .. and Sarah .. who stood on a chair in a theater at a Major League showing & ssang WILD THING at 6 years old.. treat to see you .. and Tia .. hi to ALL who said hello.. loved tonight.

May 30  Sirius Radio

I was interviewed by friends Buddy Miller & Jim Lauderdale  nothing nicer for me than this! What a beautiful memory .. thanks guys!

May 22, 2013 – THE LIVING ROOM – New York

This is one of favorite venues. thanks Jennifer for having us .. & thanks Rosa for your kindness in coordinating.

THE SHOW (with John Platania & Goran Grini)

I loved this show!!! The thing I’ll remember most about tonight was the faces in the audience.. so warm & kind & totally into what we were doing. There were far too many highlights to single out one or two .. but all from the new album (Block out The Sirens Of This Lonnely World) connected on a deep level .. everyone here seemed to  care for Vinnie, from “Hey Vinnie”  & the mom & the two kids from “God Bless Norwegians” ..

ended with a chilling Angel Of The Morning, a fun Wild Thing & a great sing-a-long of “Fuck All The Perfect People”.. encoring with a rockin’ “Better Put My Glasses On”

John & Goran were so magic tonight!!! .. and the audience let them know it!!

what a special night!!


My Niko’s family.. Danielle, George, Voula & Jessica .. so great to see you guys from the stage .. love you all!! .. Hi coach Pete!!!! & brother Jon .. what special friends .. & the Village Goldsmith crew .. Carol & Lou & Lenore .. so good to see you .. & Debbie & Alvin .. thanks so much for your constant support!! .. Dana , Elsa .. same goes .. so wonderful to see you guys always.. thanks Marie!! .. better late than never .. you’re great!

Hi Carol .. thanks for coming!! .. big hello to Eric .. hope you enjoy the CD.. Hi Howard .. you’re amazing!! .. much appreciated! .. Hi Gary .. good to see you again!! .. Hi Steve .. thanks for coming .. a nice surprise .. you too Libby .. great to see you!!!  .. hi to my new friend from Elmore .. great talking to you!! .. hey Mats.. Big thanks again!!! .. special hi to the Yonkers NY fans on my left .. & the so-nice young couple on my right at the second table!! .. so good to see you ..

Big hi to my Shore Fire friends .. Mark & Matt & Alison & Carrie (great to finally meet you!!) .. huge thanks for your efforts .. so good you all came!! .. Brad!! .. thanks for coming .. that was a nice surprise!! Thanks to Train Wreck great friend Chuck & Mary & my Joan!!

HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AT THE NORWEGIAN SEAMAN’S CHURCH – 317  East 52nd Street  – June 11 – 7:00


Apr 20, 2013 – SKIEN, Norway – Venue – Parkbiorapher

John Platania & I arrived.. me without sleep for 40 plus hours. John with little as well. Goran & Paal picked us up at the airport at around 10:00 AM. We then drove 2 plus hours south west to Paal & Goran’s home town, Skien.. one of the oldest towns in Norway, situated on the water’s edge. We rehearsed for most of the afternoon. The 50 Billion Kroner Quartet, as we’re now sort of jokingly calling ourselves.. since we’re all steeped in the soul of Sun Records (Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee etc)… & since the Broadway play referencing the Sun history based on the label & those guys plus Carl Perkins is called the Million Dollar Quartet.


My wife Joan laughs about my habit of eating Indian food every night in Halden Norway at friend Butt’s great place EVERY NIGHT… 12 in a row, while recording there a few months ago. Now we’ve decided to go to some Indian restaurants on tour stop & rate them so.. here’s the first!


We had dinner at this great place two nights in a row. Accompanied by some terrific cabernet from Portugal .. this food was amazingly good. Each dish was slightly more ‘vindaloo” than expected to most of us… but that added to the delicious mystery of the awesome food. My chicken Saag ranked **** (four stars) served by lovely host Sharon. Goran had an awesome catfish & spices with a touch of coconut flavoring .. he loved it .. Paal & john heaped praise as well .. the dark rice might have been a bit lumpy on the first night.. but tasted great anyway .. garlic nan was superb … 50 BK QUARTET HIGHLY RECOMMENDS THIS PLACE .. tell our new friend Sharon we sent you!!


The place is formerly an old theater.. all the great acoustics of that remain. With a comfortable table & chair setting, the place hold a few hundred .. it was standing room only tonight.

John, Paal & Goran took the stage at 9:30. Paal started the show with a Johnny Cash tribute, Folsom Prison Blues.. he then introduced me.. we traded songs for two hours .. stuff from my new album mixed with Paal’s current (“Wait By The Fire .. the songs of Chip Taylor”) plus a few from Paal’s super group from 10 years past, Midnight Choir & assorted other songs.. LOVED THIS SHOW!! .. the audience was with us from start to finish.

After Paal did a stunning reading of Mickey Newbury’s “Bless Us All” which totally captivated this audience, several called for “Fuck All The Perfect People”. We answered the request with the entire audience singing along .. then Paal did an amazing “Spiritual” .. which brought the entire audience to their feet at the close of the show.

We encored with Midnight Choir’s “Neon Moon” & “Better Put My Glasses On” which had the audience smiling & clapping along. I left the stage feeling like I had made a ton of new friends & loving the feeling of The 50 BK Quartet interaction .. this is a special show for us ..


hi to Christien & his friends .. Christien is Goran’s stepson.. Katrina, Goran’s lovely wife is the proud mom great to finally meet you & spend time together for these few days!! … friends forever  .. hi to Paal soon to be bride, lovely Stine .. Paal’s friends Kiesen, Anne & Lianna.. Paal’s sister Gunn & kind husband Rune .. great spending time with you Torge .. hope to see you soon.. Hi to Kjell & Geir .. nice to see you after the show .. thanks for the kind words!

Hi Sharon.. so great to see you after work .. glad you caught some of the show!! ..looked for you later, but you had gone..  hi to great & lovely girls Cicelie & Henriette (wood cutter!!!) from a neighboring (rival!) town .. so great talking to you all. .. & to all those who’s names I’ve forgotten .. thanks for the warm welcome .. hope to see you soon!

Apr 21, 2013     Solbergelva, NO – venue – Verkstedet

After a great lunch, compliments of Goran’s wife, Katrina, we drove two plus hours toward Oslo & arrived at our next venue in Solbergelva – a working man’s town – where the conservative party’s rep has been mayor of this town for over 100 years.

The venue is a lovely little art gallery, where we were met by a very nice guy & kind host, John – a sports therapist by day & a music lover day & night. We sound checked quickly with Arnwill & Rune – nice guys as well, had a meal at the local Chinese restaurant, relaxed for a bit in the upstairs space accompanied by the gallery’s collection of warm & sensitive old photos & hit the stage promptly at 7:00.


We divided this show in two halves to afford the venue the opportunity to sell some snacks & beverage & for folks to purchase Paal’s album. Forgot to mention.. my album is released in Norway & was supposed to accompany us, but a fedex shipment from Malmo somehow found it’s way to Charles De Gaulle airport in France & has been stranded there for days.

Again, this felt like a magic & spontaneous show. Paal is the master of letting feelings guide his performance.. I love listening to him when the focus is not on me .. & Goran & John are so soulful & tasteful in their additions –  and since each one of us was hugely influenced by the Sun Records sounds of Elvis, Jerry Lee, Johnny Cash etc .. & since the Broadway show repping that story & those great characters is called “The Million Dollar Quartet”, I started calling us, “The 50 Billion Kroner Quartet” .. & the name has stuck ..

I loved this show .. the audience was awesome. Highlights for me were many .. certainly all Paal’s performances.. but if I had to pick one.. it was the strange adventure of “Spiritual” which seemed to wind & drift to an impossible place, before being reeled in Paal & all, leaving me with total chills .. of my new material, I loved Pretty Good Order & Hey Vinnie & Block Out The Sirens .. they were all chill time for me .. & Wild Thing with Paal & this great audience had it’s own far out magic..  just great!! ..  John has invited us back .. hope that happens sooner than later. Big thanks to all who attended & huge thanks to the volunteers!!

Apr 22, 2013 – Oslo — listening party .. for press & friends

hosted by Halden’s music guru, Tom Skjeklesather .. held at an upscale Hi-Fi  store in Oslo. Tom asked good questions before & after each track from Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World played. Such nice folks attended. Big thanks to Vibeka for setting this up. And huge thanks  to Simon & Aud for hosting the event.

Morten .. big thanks for the dinner & drinks after.. see you soon my friend!!

Apr 23, 2013  MALMO – Block Out The Sirens – record release party

This was special .. old friends, new music .. the event was held at a cool little music store in town.. hosted by owner/ mgr Keneth .. big thanks for having us!! my great friend, Rootsy music guru, Hakan Olsson set this up .. big thanks my friend! Hakan’s kind son.. my friend as well, did a great job with the sound.. since we were ready ten minutes early we played a couple of songs from the distant past .. the one I wrote with Jerry Ragavoy for Janis, “Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) & my first single hit as an artist in the early 60s, “Here I Am”. Then John, Goran & I played almost the entire Block Out The Sirens . the title song twice by request by request! Loved this intimate set.. the perfect audience & setting for these songs.

Hi to:

great to see old friends & family, Lars & Marita.. Anders & Maria & Rune & Irena.. & Jan Ake.. all dear friends.. Hi to old friends Steen & Inge from Denmark.. good to see you all again ..Hi to Arne, Goran’s brother in law .. & friend .. .Hi & love  to Elin Olsson & friend, lovely Jasmine .. & Hakan’s great wife, Monica & brother Ula.. & filmakers Magnus & Lennart .. passionate film makers ..(hope the prison documentary goes forward).. & big hello to Jens from Warners .. so happy to finally meet you .. a special night

Apr 24, 2013     Bergen, Norway – Venue -Madam Felle

Love this place .. so good to see old friends  Lisbeth & Ola, newly married to lovely Helena ..thanks for coming to the show Helena!! .. Oddvar.. & Ola & Lisbet .. thanks for the kindness & the great food & drink .. thanks for the great sound Justin!! ..

THE SHOW .. this show was so special & vibey .. Paal was awesome .. such great versions of ‘Weaker Moments” .. & “Sleepy Eyes” .. & Mickey Newbury’s “Bless Us All” .. all his songs killed! & Goran & John were off the charts – great .. love it when we connect with “Block Out The Sirens..” & “Hey Vinnie” .. and they were chill time again tonight.. & such cool grooves with “I Forgot To Remember To Forget Her” & “Big River” .. and friend Ida Jenshus joined us at the end for ANGEL OF THE MORNING (kiiler duet with Paal).. WILD THING .. FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE (that was somethin’!!!!) & “SPIRITUAL” .. just wonderful!!

Thanks to all the kind words after the show!.. Eric .. great job playing shaker!! .. Torstien .. thanks for coming.. hope mom’s doing better .. Camilla!! .. so great to see you .. see you in New York!! Hi Age .. ?? .. thanks so much for making the trip.. see you on Friday in Karmøy!! .. big hello to lovely Gretta .. have a safe trip.


.. big thanks to friend & Rootsy Norway rep, Vebecka, for setting this up .. Paal & I were on air for about ten minutes, with warm & smart host, Berger .. this was loose & great .. I played a a few bars of HE SITS AT MY TABLE .. the way I wrote it for Willie Nelson.. then they played the entire Paal version .. thanks to producer Gerry for his quick work getting the track ready for air! .. good to see you again, hope to see you & your wife soon .. maybe Halden??

Apr 25, 2013     Oslo, Norway – Venue – Crossroads

what a place .. great sound check by Moten .. great food.. no, AMAZING food!! .. terrific staff top to bottom! ..


Awesome audience!! Awesome show .. loose, inspired.. off the charts.. Paal great as usual .. John & Goran absolute magic.. Paal is revered throughout Norway .. a huge following here!! .. his Midnight Choir songs were chilling .. his Weaker Moments, & Sleepy Eyes were magic.. &  I feel right in the middle of some powerful stuff with the BLOCK OUT THE SIRENS OF THIS LONELY WORLD songs .. the title track, Hey Vinnie.. Pretty Good Order & the rest .

Ida came from her show in town to join us again to add her spirit to another amazing close ..ANGEL OF THE MORNING, WILD THING, FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE & SPIRITUAL.. oh was this chilling .. what a special night!!

Hi to friend Morten.. great to see you & friend Sverre .. thanks for the kind words, Kenneth (from Minnesota) ..& Dan .. good to meet you Torge..& Lynn & Tanya .. hi Lynn .. see you soon! .. good to see you again Karen!! .. thanks for the nice words .. they mean allot .. Big hi to Tinka & Lars .. & Tom!! .. thanks for helping me dial the US .. good luck in the play .. see you soon

Apr 26, 2013     Karmøy, Norway – Venue – Smio på Vea

Having less than an hour’s sleep, we left Oslo at 6:00 AM & took an 8:30 flight to Hegersund, an island west & slightly south of Oslo. We were picked up by our kind hosts Age & Teddy,  checked out the amazing venue some 15 minutes away – a former blacksmiths shop – a tiny place right on the Vea fjord,  We arrived at our little cottage located directly on the fjord slightly south of the venue at about 11:00 AM.. where salad, fresh shrimp, salmon & an assortment of breads awaited compliments of our hosts, Teddy, Age & Per Gunnar. After a good meal, we crashed for a bit.

At 4:00, we sound checked with our friend, Paal Inge (Paal had done sound for us a few days earlier in Bergen), & had a delicious home made Norwegian meal at the venue, before heading back to our cottage for a bit more rest.

Special hi to sons & daughters & daughters in-law of our hosts,  Lars. & Helena recently married.. who did much of our escorting through the day ..  Angela (LA Girl) married to Kirsten.. great talking to you at the end .. hi to Gert (Age kind wife) & Gretta (Per Gunar’s wife) who prepared the meal & all the kind volunteers who helped serving food & drink.

THE SHOW (Set #1)

The venue – this former blacksmith’s shop – holds only 60 people.. it was intimate & wonderful. What an absolutely great group of folks to play for!

Because of the wonderful interaction, this was a heartfelt show from beginning to end. Paal was awesome & so soulful & Goran & John were magic. I loved playing the title track of my new album, BLOCK OUT THE SIRENS OF THIS LONELY WORLD.. which seemed to connect on a heartfelt level with these kind folks. Paal connected with everything .. a great version of Midnight choirs Gypsy Rider .. a soulful Weaker Moments .. & others we ended the first set with Big River & Paal’s chilling rendition of Angel Of The Morning, said high to some folks & were back on stage in a half hour for the next set

SET #2

This was loose & amazing ..lots of songs from my new album & Paal’s .. including HEY VINNIE & I CAN MAKE IT WITH YOU .. which totally rocked .. Wild Thing was off the charts .. as was FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE .. then SPIRITUAL was other worldly .. then we encored for the second time with an amazing version of MYSTERY TRAIN.. featuring blistering solos by John & Goran.. this was like Jerry Lee “live: in Hamburg. Rock & roll does NOT get better than this… WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!.

PS .. we are sort of jokingly referring to our ensemble on stage as “The Fifty Billion Kroner Quartet” in honor of the Sun records sounds & other country & Race Records hits of the fifties., but we are deadly serious & making plans to revive some of those treasures with this ensemble.


Hi Ase.. & Ragnhild & Henry & Henrik (huge music fans) .. Hi Per & Ole & Jacob .. thanks for the kind words.. hi Jostein & Oystein & Mane & Einer .. nice talking to you all … hi to Leif & lovely Anna .. fun talking with you .. thanks for the compliments!! .. Hi to Kvellaug .. & all the other kind folks whose names I didn’t get or forgot … what a great group to wind down with!

Special thanks to our kind hosts, Age, Per Gunnar & Teddy .. HUGE THANKS FROM ALL OF US .. we’re loving this!!!

Apr 27, 2013     Karmøy, Norway – Venue – Smio på Vea


Goran, Paal & I stayed up late last night celebrating .. drinking good whiskey, wine & beer, eating fresh salmon & shrimp ( learning the art of “peeling”) .. & talking about our new friends & how we love playing here.. slept great & woke up to paradise on the water.. amazing!!

We went back to venue at 4:00 to sound check a bit & have a great Norwegian dinner compliments of Gerta (Age’s kind wife).. then back to the cottage to relax & get ready for tonight’s show.. Age & his friend, Knut (nice to meet you, Knut!), picked us up later to take us to the venue ,,  we arrived back at the venue at 9:30 .. SHOW TIME!


Paal played his great Midnight choir opener, “Neon Moon”.. then introduced me. In an effort to get a bit more space between my stool & the microphone stand, I slipped & somehow banged my knuckles on a piece of sharp metal .. I realized after my opening song that my hand was bleeding pretty badly.. a blessing for me..  as the loveliest young lady, Martha, miraculously (within seconds!) cleaned my wound and applied a band aid on the wounded area!! ..  later I would get to know her & her kind mom (about to be married!!) a bit better!! ..

back to the show…

this first set flew by .. I Forgot To Remember To Forget Her was so inspired tonight, Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World (so chilling again tonight!!) .. Big River rocked .. & Angel Of The Morning was mystical!.. Paal was so on!!.. I guess we all felt something special going on tonight!


It doesn’t get better than this… just a huge love-in with this great audience.. we held nothing back .. Pretty Good Order (Human Beings) was awesome .. Paal killed with Sleepy Eyes .. a special tribute to my Joan .. every one connected to my friend Vinnie .. so moving .. I CAN MAKE IT WITH YOU was off the charts with everyone singing along!! .. then a great local singer, Karen, did a wonderful version of a Tom Waits song .. she was so great!! .. big thanks Karen!

then we  rocked WILD THING.. again just awesome tonight.. as was FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE .. huge favorites .. then Paal poured his soul into “Spiritual” as an encore . … so chilling .. never better!! .. again the audience wouldn’t let us go.. so we blasted into Mystery Train .. & what a ride that was.. Elvis could not have sung that better than Paal tonight!! .. what an amazing night!!


said hi to so many folks .. a great guy named Arve had a collection of 5 of my albums from the 70’s for me to sign.. huge thanks for the support over the years, Arve ..  send regards to Aashield!!..  see you soon, my friend!  Hi Ove .. hope Rebekka enjoys the album.. Hi Frank & lovely friend…. & Kersten & Kristofer .. nice talking with all of you, & big hi Kari!! .. so good to see you.. so glad you came!.. .. Hi Christien .. who brought another of my albums from the 70’s for me to sign .. & kind wife, Hild Marit .. who was one of the volunteers .. helping serving hot dogs & drinks .. so nice to meet you both! .. Hi Anne .. & Vilhelm .. nice talking to you .. Hi Sverre &.. good to see you!.. hope Reidun enjoys the CD ..

Hi to Tove & Herald .. great talking to you both!! .. Hi Anne Grethe .. nice to see you as well!! .. Lars .. good luck with the smoking thing .. YOU CAN DO THIS!! .. Angela.. Helena .. you’re both so special .. loved being around you both!! .. Martha!! .. huge thanks!! .. loved our pictures .. hope to see them .. send to my web site (TRAINWRECKRECORDS.COM) .. I’ll get them .. sing pretty at mom’s wedding!! .. huge thanks Age, Per Gunner & Teddy .. GREAT MEETING YOU GUYS!! .. you are all so kind .. my heart & prayers are with you Teddy..  God Bless.

To all the others whose names I forgot .. huge thanks .. hope to see you all soon!

Apr 28, 2013     Oslo, Norway – Venue – Herr Nilsen

Ended our tour with Paal Flaata at this legendary jazz club. Another awesome audience.. again .. Paal was  his loose awesome self.. so soulful on Weaker Moments & Sleepy Eyes.. & the Midnight Choir songs .. so rockin on I Can Make It With You & Mystery Train.. you could hear a pin drop on Block Out The Sirens & Hey Vinnie .. this great audience got the best of us .. & joined in big time with WILD THING & FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE .. a chilling SPIRITUAL.. the loose & totally rockin MYSTERY TRAIN ended it .. thanks to all who attended & added to the magic.. what a night!!!


Hi to:

Great to see you again, Morten.. see you soon.. maybe New York! Hi to Frode & brother Rodger ( & wife Vigdis) ..  .. great to see you all.. thanks for the kind words.. hi Gunni .. GREAT to meet you .. thanks for the nice thoughts!! .. good to see you & your warm friends at the end.. hi Hartbik.. & Svenn.. & great to see Glenn.. (thanks for joining in).. & hi to Raghild .so good to meet you!! .. Hi Celia.. nice to meet you .. & Christien.. let’s start again.. see you next time


It’s so great to be back in this town with so many old friends. The Grand Hotel .. with good friend & proprietor Winnie, has become our sort of home away from home. So good to see friend Qendressa (pronounced “Chendressa”), who checked us in. And great to see Winnie’s husband Bjorn & their son, Mats & his wife Helena & the cutest daughters, Lotta (3 or 4, I’m guessing) – what a great character!! – & baby Mia. Hope to see you all soon!

The Venue

What a warm & lovely little restaurant/ coffee & wine shop in this art/ museum small complex. Big thanks to proprietor, Ann-Cathrin for hosting this last minute tour stop – sort of a record release party for my new album, Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World.

It was just John, Goran & me tonight .. &, although we played some past hits & rarities, the focus was on the new album, Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World.


The room was full & the audience was so warm & appreciative. Goran & John were so loose & inspired as usual – lots of clapping for solos. This was our only show on this tour without the great Paal Flaata, so we were adding several new songs to the set & I was a bit nervous as to how they would play. But, toward the beginning of the show when we played the title track.. Block Out The Sirens.. I knew there would be a deep connection tonight.

Hey Vinnie, Pretty Good Order (Human Beings), That’s How I Love You Tonight, It Wasn’t Me It Wasn’t You & others from the album totally connected .. I could feel that chill on stage. This was not a typical connection.. there was something special going on here.

We ended with a warm Angel Of The Morning, a rocking Wild Thing.. and again finished the planned set with the total fan favorite, Fuck All The Perfect People.. We encored with It Wasn’t Me It Wasn’t You, Better Put My Glasses On.. & I Wasn’t Born In Tennessee (a first for Goran).

What a wonderful night .. thanks to all who attended.

Hi to:

great to see friend Kai Andersen – proprietor & engineer of the great Athletic Sound Studios, who stopped by with the country band who have been recording there . thanks for stopping by boys!!
Hi to great friends, Hege & Omar .. & Hege’s mom Berit & Tor (the original Elvis of Norway!!)
.. hope Torill & Thore .. & Evy & Bernard enjoy the album.. hope to see them sometime soon.. great to see Bjorn & Mats .. & Winnie .. thanks for your kindness to us all!

Hi to old friend Eva.. great to see you .. big hello to Michael!! .. hi Big daddy .. always great to see you. Hi Christine!! .. so good to see you .. hi Ellen .. please send a big hello to lovely Sanna .. hope to see her next time!! .. Hi Lars & trine!! .. & Dorota .. so good to see you  ..  hi Kjell & Heidi .. good talking to you!! .. & hi Mona.. good to see you again… Hi Morten .. thanks for the kind words!.. hi to Tom & Monika*.. great talking to you! Special hi to John & my lovely friend, Ida .. so food to see you both.. bless the kids!!

what a special night!!