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June 4, 2013 – Houston, TX – The Mucky Duck

Great to see old friend Shane and a big hello to Rusty .. recovering from some tests, and loving wife Teresa, nursing him along. Hear you had a great Vegas trip Teresa!  .. how do you do it??!!

Jo .. thanks for getting great sound so fast. You made it easy!

THE SHOW (JP on guitar, Goran Grini on piano and Ron Eoff on bass)

What a nice group to play for .. this was a special show.. John, Goran & Ron were so vibey .. loved every minute of this. By request we added more Fuck All songs to this set.. and that was fun. Loved playing Block Out The Sirens and Pretty Good Order and That’s How I Love You Tonight .. as well as TOO DYNAMIC .. and FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE… and some YONKERS SONGS – Yonkers NY, Hey Jonny and Charcoal Sky .. have been making the list every night. Encored with I Wasn’t Born In Tennessee .. and said hi to some nice folks.


Gary .. always great to see you.. bless mom.. hope to see you soon again. big hello to Michael Zilca.. so good to see you Michael .. thankss for the Fuck All request and the kind words about that album.. nice remembering Jerry Jffe & The Waitresses” .. and all that cool stuff! .. hope to see you soon!

Hi Barbara & Scott .. great to see you .. best with your Mexico trip Barbara.. see you soon.. Hi Bob & Arch ..thanks for those kind words .. Thanks Michelle for selling the CDs .. what a nice, kind group .. see you next time. THANKS SHANE!!

2013 – AUSTIN TX – The Saxon Pub

One of my favorite Austin venues. Thanks to Joe for having us .. great to see his lovely wife Judy behind the bar this time!  Big thanks to Richard for the great and fast-as-lightning sound check.

The show w/ JP, Goran Grini & Ron Eoff .. plus special guest***

Loved this .. lots of Block Out The Sirens and some hits and a bit of YONKERS NY .. favorites for me were Block Out The Sirens, God Bless Norwegians (with the audience singing along) …Hey Jonny .. which totally rocked, That’s How I Love You Tonight (I love this song) and then my totally favorite stuff came .. as Carrie Rodriguez joined me!

We dueted on Your Name Is On My Lips Again.. that so chilling .. then more chills with Angel Of The Morning .. and we totally rocked with WILD THING .. then ended the show with folks singing along to UKRAINIAN GIRLS and FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE

finally said goodnight with I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE

what an afternoon!


Big thanks to friends Tinsley & Betty Anne & Linda (friend Sonny’s girl friend) for stopping by – thanks to old friend Tommy Spurlock for stopping by .. good to see you TOM.. all the best with the truck and the music .. thanks to author Brian Atkinson (“The Song Writing Legacy of Townes Van Zandt) for coming by with Jenni Finlay .. love what i read so far, Brian.. great stuff! Hope to see you both soon!

Hi to Gary & Cathy & Susan .. nice talking to you before the show.. Hi Janet & Mike .. nice talking to you as well .. Hi Alfredo!! .. great to see you .. nice comments about this “small” world! .. glad the C&C stuff got you closer to my music! ..see you soon.. Hey Earl .. always good to see you!

And huge thanks to Carrie & the great Luke Jacobs for stopping by .. it made the afternoon so extra special! .. see you soon in The Cave (July 27th), great to see you Leslie.. thanks for the kind words! .. huge love to Frances.

Chip Taylor and the New Ukrainians performing at Saxon Pub

May 31, 2013 – Arlington Pavilion

This was something. First .. huge thanks to the awesome, kind staff – Linda, Cathy, Richard, Candria, Evan, Elliot, Josh.. Sharon (thanks for selling the CDs) & Kenny.. newlyweds.. congrats!!..  can’t thank you all enough.. so artist friendly!!


this was so easy .. thanks Richard & Evan, Candria & Elliot .. what a team!! We had awesome sound in minutes.. then relaxed with dinner & refreshments in the back area till show time… so comfortable.


This is such a beautiful setting.. a big stage  (great sound system) .. huge lawn area .. wall to wall packed tonight .. I’m guessing 800 people .. maybe more..

We played 90 minutes plus.. weaving in & out of the hits, the new album & allot of Yonkers NY mixed in.. lots of highlights.. THAT’S HOW I LOVE YOU TONIGHT, CHARCOAL SKY, HEY JONNY.. of course ANGEL OF THE MORNING & WILD THING … & GORAN’S AMAZING VERSION OF GREAT BALLS OF FIRE… left the stage to a standing O at 9:40 ..

said hi to several… including,

old DC friends.. Gary & Dina.. great to see you.. hi & love to Nathan & Melony.. so glad to hear the great news!!!.. big hi to lovely Sloan & Allan & Deborah.. big love to you guys good to see you!!!.. what kind folks.. hope you enjoy the CD.. Hi Ellie!! .. great to see you & mom, Phyllis & Scott .. thanks for waiting patiently to say hello.. Hi Larry (from Iowa??) & CW .. best with the grandpa band!!.. good stuff

huge thanks to all.. see you soon!!

Chip Taylor performing at the Arlington Pavilion