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Loved this. Revered musicologist, Gary Calamar has this brunch show the Mimosa Series at  this very cool place (a former bank) in North Hollywood.

Held upstairs in a large room holding 100 plus. It has a good sized stage and VG sound system and a spacious backstage green room for artists standing-by to perform. Big thanks to Matt for getting us good quick sound.

We shared the bill today with Kim Lenz and her terrific rock-a-billy band, The Jaguars. As they did at my Grammy Museum show a few days ago, the great Billy Vera & Evie Sands stopped as my special guests”.


– featuring the great John Platania on guitar, as usual, John was so awesome today!
After a kind intro by Gary, we were on stage about 11:45 .. loved this. Although it was a full house in a bar area.. it was definitely a listening crowd. We started with The Real Thing .. next BLOCK OUT THE SIRENS OF THIS LONELY WORLD.. which the audience seemed to totally get into… then came DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE .. soon it was another oh-so-reverent CHARCOAL SKY.. then Billy joined for STORYBOOK CHILDREN and PAPA COME QUICK .. then Evie joined for awesome versions of I CAN’T LET GO and ANGEL OF THE MORNING .. we left to a standing ovation .. promising to be back later.

After a short intermission, Kim & her great band took the stage .. they were awesome! At the end of her show , John & i were invited back on stage to end the brunch-show with a wild version of WILD THING .. with great solos by John & Jaguars –  Ramon, Shorty, Alex & Aaron. Kim brought a special magical energy .. singing the song for the first time .. great job Kim! .. Billy Vera & Evie Sands joined us for the final choruses – great stuff!

Huge thanks Gary .. loved this!

HI to Sol & Carla . my old friend Roz Larman & Allen.. great to see you.. hi to Kim & Jake & Shorty & Aaron & Ramon… Hi to singer/ songwriter Bob Woodward .. and old friend, revered record producer,  Joe Wissert .. and hi Jeff… good to see you .. I’ll give the CD to Jon when I see him.. and Jon Rosner.. great to see you .. hope to see in Nashville. Hi Rodrigo & Autumn.. nice talking with you at the end… Hi Maggie! .. thanks for stopping by.. great to see you.. hi to the kind young lady that was helping folks in need with state-of-the-art lyric aids ..  and hi to all the other kind folks that said hello.

Big thanks to the kind staff .. you were all so kind!

August 20, 2013 – Grammy Museum

What a blessing to be invited to share my musical  history with such kind folks at this charming and historic place.

Big thanks to sound-man Eric, who set up the stage and had us sounding good in minutes. And big hello and thanks to Stacy who organized it.


– an interview (retrospective) with LA music critic. Steven Hochman – plus live performance. with special guest appearances by Billy Vera & Evie Sands. First.. this was an awesome audience to play for and were totally into it from start to finish!
Steven guided me through my entire history .. growing up in the Voight household in Yonkers .. to discovering my total love for music by a forced babysitting episode at a Broadway play and late night listening to country music from Wheeling WWVA radio… to getting signed by King Records (the all black NY division) .. my first hit as an artist on Warner Bros in 1961 . . getting a foothold in the business by writing songs for others .. first country artists – The Brown Family. Willie Nelson, Eddy Arnold, John Loudermilk and then Waylon and Johhny Cash followed by the big rock/pop/R&B hits.

I sang a few songs during the interview with my great friend John Platania (Moondance, Domino) joining me on stage to accompany me on guitar. After about an hour mixed with mostly talk, a few snippets of songs and some questions, our host Steve left the stage and the totally musical part began. John & I played the title song of my new album, Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World. Then the we invited Billy Vera & Evie Sands and we performed a wonderful medley of hits that we were associated with the back in the day. Billy and I did a duet of the hit, Storybook Children. The we had fun with Papa Come Quick, a song we wrote for Bonnie Raitt. Evie & I then dueted with a couple of her great hits from the past – a great version of a Taylor/Gorgoni song, I Can’t Let Go and an awesome version of Angel Of The Morning.

We all joined in on Wild Thing and said good night. This was a special night, one I will cherish always. After the show we signed albums for many folks in the cool Grammy gift shop area.


This was special – brother Jon and old friend Al Schwarz were there as well as my son Kris, his wife Anna and his great supportive friends, Kyle, Taz, Lisa Wanda, Michael, Larry & all .. plus old friend David Rosner, the former manager of the publishing company that published most of my hits. David was the guy most responsible for artists recording my songs .. if it weren’t for him. there would be no retrospective ..good to see him and son Jon.

Hi to Anne & Mark & Mary .. such nice words! .. hi to Rick .. good to see you .. Hi to friends Walter & Johnny Z … . Hi Mary Lou & Debbie (the “seat saver” .. met Brad & Angie ..) .. nice talking with you!  and hi to Robbie.. and Clyde .. great to see you guys .. Hi Rosie & Greg

Hi to Ken & Lonna VOIGHT… and lovely Kaelyn & mom “Cat” .. great seeing you all.. Hi Gerry & CJ & Chris … my great boy Kris & wife Anna .. missed Joe .. see him soon ….Kyle .. best with your new recording ..Taz .. see you in NY.

thanks to all .. see you soon!!


AUG 1, 2013 – HILL COUNTRY – New York (30 WEST 26TH STREET)

One of the coolest music venues in NY as well as the best up-scale barbecue place on the East Coast. My friend Jesse Scott, former DJ from the legendary country radio station in NY (where I first got to know her), is the music director/ booker here – thanks for having us Jesse!

Good to see friends Seth & Jeff on arrival .. Seth .. thanks so much for taking such good care of the grandkids & Joan and all at the family table.


Awesome sound man Joe always goes the extra mile to give us great sound .. Huge thanks Joe!

THE SHOW (musicians, John Platania – gtr / Tony Mercadante – bass)

The special guests tonight are MY GRANDKIDS!

The first 50 minutes.. covers a lot of ground .. several from my current album, Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World.. and Yonkers NY .. and some others, including a viby highlight, Dance With A Hole In Your Shoe  .. then the Grandkids (Riley, Kate & Samantha) took the stage and stole the show.

Loved this! First they sang a reverent chorus on a tribute to my Norwegian friends, God Bless Norwegians .. then we did a fun one from the CT & The Grandkids album, “The Possum Hunter” .. we had such loose fun performing and the audience shared the fun with us ..  then came a chilling Angel Of The Morning .. the girls sang soooo pretty! And then came one of my all time favorite versions of WILD THING .. the kids were so into it .. this was special .. one i won’t forget.

And Tony & John were so magic tonight .. what a special night!


Special hi to Carol & Howard .. so great to see you .. couldn’t believe you know The Grandkids album as well as the others .. such kind words! .. huge thanks .. see you soon! And James & Lida & Eva, Charles & Joanna and all at the next table .. great to see you guys always! Huge thanks for the support and kind words! Hi Keith .. great to see you again! And Joe from Yonkers.. thanks for the nice words .. promise we’ll do a Yonkers NY retrospective soon .. talking about it already.. hi to your friend from the pizza place .. hope to see him soon.

And Rick & Carol the family .. fans for a while .. appreciate your support so much! so good spending time with you guys .. see you soon ..hi to John Conquest..  thanks Marie! .. always so great to see you .. what a blessing to have a fan like you! .. Hi ROBERT & ADELA & SYLVIO! .. thanks so much for coming! .. see you at Parnell’s .. Hi Brent .. always great to see you ..big thanks!! .. and thanks for bringing your friends, Naomi & Gene!! .. hope to see you & Sandy soon!
Thanks for being there Andrew .. so nice of you .. great to meet your son, Antony .. see you soon! .. hi to Tenny & Jack & John.. thanks for the kind words!

Hi to hostesses Inna & Elana .. and staffer Cat .. great to see you guys.. thanks for all your kindnesss … Hi Kelly .. great seeing you again at the end! .. hope to see you soon!

And great to spend time with John’s cousin Maria & lovely daughter, dancer Corina and friend Tim (from South Africa)  And actress / sister Tammy & friend –  financial adviser John.. .. what nice folks! .. nice to wind down with you at the end .. see you soon.

Thanks all .. this  was a special night!

AUG 2, 2013 – HILL COUNTRY – WASHINGTON DC (with John Platania & Tony Mercadante)

Huge thanks to the staff, Dave, Carrie, Mike and all for going the extra mile .. turning the room from a big private party .. into a listening room in minutes! .. so appreciated.

Huge thanks to Mike for the awesome sound .. made it so easy to do the show.


what a great audience to play for!  .. several staffers and friends from friend Laura Ingraham’s show – friends of my good friend, publicist Sandy Gibson .. a young couple celebrating a birthday .. a fan from my earliest recordings to present .. who i was meeting for the first time.. old friends Jim & Barbara Fishel & family and friends .. several young folks who I’d never met before who were so supportive from beginning to end.

From an artists point of view audiences don’t get better than this.


I loved this .. we drifted through several from my new album, starting with the title song, Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World.. somewhere we did a vibey Dance With A Hole In Your Shoe and Johny Cash’s Big River .. and from the YONKERS NY album, the title song, then HEY JONNY! .. and Charcoal Sky .. with all the stories .. loved playing all these Yonkers songs for these warm folks.

Then came Angel of the Morning .. dedicated to James’ lovely birthday girl, Erin.. then Wild Thing  .. with the stories of what inspired the songs . we ended with my tribute to prisoners, Fuck All The Perfect People.. and encored with I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE .. dedicated to my long time fan, Mike.


Hi to my friends from the Laura Ingraham show plus their friends .. Garret and lovely Laura and Ben and Julia and Kristen .. what nice folks!  And some that showed up soon into the show .. thanks for coming .. sorry i missed saying hello to all of you .. HI to my dear friend, Sandy and her great friends, Dana, Mark, Eileen, Heather and Lucia and Patty (make-up artist from NBC) – what kind and soulful folks .. great to see you all .. let’s do it again.

Hi to great friends, Jim & Barbara Fishel & Sue and Gwen (see you at the station, Gwen .. ) and Parker & Marcos.. what nice people .. and big hi to long time fan Mike .. so good to see you finally! And special hi to my new friends James & Erin .. thanks for celebrating with me!

And to all the others .. especially the young folks on my left who were so into the show from start to finish .. huge thanks

JOHN PLATANIA & TONY MERCADANTE WERE AWESOME TONIGHT! And this great audience let them know it!

What a night –  see you all soon!