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FEB 8 & 9th, 2014 – THE CITY WINERY – NEW YORK

John Platania & I opened for Jay Farrar, and his great guitarist Gary Hunt.

Jay & I had teamed up to headline the Mean Bastard Festival in Kiruna Sweden, for the folks up there who suffer the total darkness from mid-November to February. Although i had known Jay a bit before that, our purpose in Sweden was special .. and we played some good music, drank some good whiskey and became friends.

A few weeks ago.. Jay got in touch with me .. said he was coming to play at the City Winery. He needed an opener.  I said i’d be happy to stop by with John and play a few songs.


Loved this so much.. the entire staff, Jarred, Roger & Nate & all the floor folks are so attentive & kind.  The sound was awesome (thanks Nate!!) & what an awesome audience of music lovers. It doesn’t get better than this! John & I played a short, but powerful,  YONKERS STORY set.  This great packed audience was with us at every turn – with every story & every song. After a touching ANGEL OF THE MORNING & a totally rockin’ WILD THING, we ended the set with everyone singing along to the song I wrote for prisoners, F**K ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE. It was so chilling!!

Since we were playing at the Winery, it didn’t feel right to announce our upcoming show on March 5th at another venue,  the Cutting Room (32nd & Park) .. several asked after the show .. hope to see some of you there.


Jay & Gary are so soulful together. Whether playing fiddle, mandolin or guitar. Gary is honest tasteful & inspired. And I’m big a fan of Jay’s songs & his honest heartfelt voice. When i listen to his songs, they help guide me to the better part of myself. I feel a similar way when I listen to friend John Prine.. but nobody else does that for me. All told, these were magical nights for me.


here’s a few names I remember .. hope to see several of you on March 5 at The Cutting Room

so good to see you Sharon.. & Sarah & Luke .. thanks so much for the kind words.. see you on March 5th .. Hi Keith .. great to see you again .. hi Mark (is that right?) .. Mark .. thanks for your kindness.. big hi to Maggie .. Hi Ed.. next time we’ll talk more about your friend, Jimmy Burnette..

Hi Emily (photog) & Amy & all the guys.. it was great meeting you all ..see you at The Cutting  Room

Hi Cameron & Natalie .. so great to see you!!! .. such a kind vibe .. thanks for all the nice compliments .hope to see you on Mar 5th .. Hi CLAUDINE & DAVID .. thanks for making the effort to say hello .. David remind me of a great guy friend of mine, Alex.. i’m putting that in print so i remember you .. see you guys soon..

Hi Jonathan.. golf pro from New Jersey (Hollywood Golf Club) .. thanks for the nice words.. hope to see you very soon!… Philip .. & Suzanne .. good to see you .. thanks for the warm words.. I’ll catch up to my Bowmore at The Cutting Room .. March 5th.. see you then..

Great to see old friends & brilliant reporters from Norway .. now living in Hell’s Kitchen .. home of my previous bookie, Meyer Lansky, Eirik & Ingvild .. always wonderful spending time with you .. Joan sends her love

And to all the rest .. so many nice comments .. and friendly folks .. hope to see you soon!