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March 8, 2014 – Bluegrass Underground, Tennessee


A PBS special – at The Bluegrass Underground in McMinnville TN – What a venue/show this was… you have to be there to feel how magical this event is.. held in an actual cave in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee… you walk a winding ten minutes to the monster Volcano Room .. where 500 fans fill the seats facing the stage and a hundred more perch, sitting on rocks, on the big wall near the room’s entrance .. it’s reverent down there .. sort of like you’re in St Patrick’s cathedral.

These shows are being filmed to be edited and shown in a big PBS Special in the fall. Four acts a day for 3 days. Today the lineup was Lucinda Williams, Chip Taylor, Shovels & Rope, Hammerstep featuring Dave Eggar & Amy Lee (wonderful mix of music, dance, music and otherworldly stuff). So proud to be part of this lineup!

Music guru and great guy (from Yonkers!), Larry Nager, did a terrific job interviewing and introducing each act .. great to see you Larry!

We started it off … the reaction was over the top .. the band (JP, Goran Grini, Tony Leone, Ron Eoff) was awesome, we were all loose and inspired and took chances. The set was not mapped out ..  it felt magical .. in no small part becuase of the total interaction with these amazing fans!

THE REAL THING totally rocked .. with great solos by John & Goran, BLOCK OUT THE SIRENS OF THIS LONELY WORLD .. with the story about our prisoner friend .. totally connected.. then HEY JONNY and CHAROAL SKY told more of the YONKERS story and met with huge, long clapping .. appreciation… then the new one HE’S A GOOD GUY AS WELL YOU KNOW totally struck a chord .. for us on stage and these warm, amazing folks .. then came totally over the top reaction to ANGEL OF THE MORNING and WILD THING. I had chills for the entire show.

it seems like we made friends of the entire audience .. walking through the audience, everyone greeted us with the warmest compliments.. lots of hugs and tons of picture’s taken .. this was a show we will all remember.

Great to see and hear the other acts .. all were terrific .. and so good to see and hear old friend Lucinda. Lu introduced several from her soon to be released double album with her cool vibey power band, David .. great on bass, Stuart .. a killer on guitar .. and her awesome drummer Butch .. great to hang out a bit after with the boys and Lu & Tom .. love you LU.. see you soon .. just great!


A fan Jeff & his wife Sean (Shawn?), presented me with Jeff’s painting of Charcoal Sky .. thanks so much .. I’ll treasure that … so good to see you guys!

Great seeing Larry Nager & wonderful wife Marsha.. hope to see you guys soon again.

Special thanks to sound man .. Danny .. Brad .. monitors .. & stagehand .. Carla.. CD sales person Emma .. great seeing you!.. so great .. can’t get better than that.. again .. big thanks to the entire staff.


SO SORRY TO SAY I AM NOT ATTENDING SXSW THIS YEAR. We are in the studio recording the next album starting on Thursday. I can’t begin to tell you what a tough decision this was.. not for missing the official SXSW shows .. but for missing one of my all time favorite events .. my noontime NON-OFFICIAL John Conquest sponsored show at the G&S LOUNGE (For years held at Opal Divine’s) .. where several of my fans from around the world meet up with some of my local Austin fans. I’ve looked forward to this every year..I’m missing you right now!! .. hope to see you very soon!

Also .. these last few years I’ve done another NON SX show at Opa’s sponsored by my friend BIG KEV .. I’ll miss that big time as well .. all the best to KEV,  great friend Rick Starr & all .. see you soon!

Mar 5, 2014 – The Cutting Room, NYC

Love this place .. the staff is so kind & great and the sound is awesome! Thanks Susan, Steve, Lincoln & all the great waitresses and other staff .. so welcoming. We arrived at 2:30 to rehearse a bit and sound check. Sound man Gerard did a VG job, so we were able to rehearse with full sound for a couple of hours.

Full band tonight!! Tony Mercadante on bass, Tony Leone.. drums.. John Platania, guitar and Goran Grini on keyboards.


Loved this show .. it was so spontaneous.. the band was awesome! .. it was the Yonkers Story .. in story and song, with a few brand new songs.. so many highlights.. The Real Thing, Block Out The Sirens, Hey Jonny.. Charcoal Sky, Dance With A Hole In Your Shoe…Angel of The Morning, Wild Thing and Fuck all the People all felt special.

But the super highlights for me were the new songs, He’s A Good Guy As Well You Know and Czechoslovakian Heaven.. it was the first time we played them.. and they felt so warm & good.. the band was so vibey and inspiring on these and toward the end came THE BIG BIG CROWD PLEASER – GORAN GRINI’S GREAT VERSION OF Jerry Lee’s GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! .. oh man! .. he kills this song! ..what a night!


Hi to: .. so good to see Eva & Emil & Chris & James & Lida .. thanks for the kind words .. always a blessing to see you .. huge hello to the nice folks from my building, Fred & Mary,  Clare (i remembered.. like “County Clare”).. what a nice surprise! .. thanks for the kind thoughts!

Big hello to my great friends coach Pete & Jon .. it’s so great to see & talk to you guys .. Pete .. sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk more.. next time! HI KAREN .. GREAT TO MEET YOU! .. John.. nice talking with you as well .. big hello to Mercedes .. see you next time!! …Patrick .. huge thanks for coming .. see  you very soon .. can’t wait for your next masterpiece.. what a blessing!
Jonathan ( from Corner Social).. and the gang! great to see you always!.. thanks so much for coming .. best with the stuff with your Dad & your new ideas.. Eleanor .. so good to see you & your friend .. thanks SO much for your support!! .. you’re great!

MARY ANN .. SO GREAT TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT PS#5.. & THE CHAT & CHEW & Ms TRACY .. etc… amazing that we were there together!!.. Hi Rob .. hope to see you both soon again..great memories.. big hello To my friend LAURA.. great to see you there and at Parnell’s .. hi to your friends, Jennifer , Agnes & Walter .. thanks for all those kind words .. ELLEN & HAL .. thanks so much for all the support!! .. I appreciate it so much!!.. see you soon!

Thanks Debbie & Al .. your support is amazing! Hi Gail .. thanks for coming .. hope Jean enjoys the CD.. Hi Don .. originally from New Rochelle.. so good talking to you .. thanks for all those nice words! — WILLIE .. great to see you .. huge thanks for coming!!! .. Hi Brook & Mark .. it was so good to meet you!! .. I hope to see you again.. thanks for coming Dana!! .. always good to see you .. thanks Chuck & my Joan.. thanks MEMA!

ELIN … WOW!! .. what a great surprise! LOVE YOU!

And others others I forgot to mention .. huge thanks for your support.. this was a special night!