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November 9 – 14, 2014 – Norway and Sweden Tour

NOV 9, 2014 – OSLO – BUCKLEY’S

Huge thanks to dear friend, Wibeke for handling all the logistics! .. you are SO appreciated!

What a great start to our tour!!  The first two shows we co-headline with the great Dead Man band from Austin .. Steve & the boys.. Morgan, Matt & Dennis .. all good guys!

Big thanks to Raymond, Alex & sound man Per.


John & Goran were awesome tonight!! .. and this audience let them know it!

It was The Yonkers Story tonight .. in story and song.. the connection with this great audience was strong and immediate .. so the stories went new places .. as the memory tapped in .. that was felt good.. so many song highlights… Used To Be A White Boy .. He’s a Good Guy.. Big River Czech Heaven.. Angel Of The Morning, Wild Thing and the closer Fuck All The Perfect People .. were all magic.. and what a chill I git from these great folks singing the final Fuck All .. so special!

Hi to Ellen & Duane .. great meeting you.. Bjarne .. great bartender from Teddy’s.. & friend Bea.. see you soon.. hi to IJ & Andre .. and Steve &  Gry.. & Mikete . & Torunn & Lars .. & Helge .. Hi Irja .

Thanks to all! .. what an awesome start

Nov 10, 2014 – Halden – venue Bryggerhuset

Great to be back in Halden .. staying at friend Winnie’s  Grande Hotel.. same room 209 where I wrote God Bless Noregians.. it’s like coming home.. one of the best bars in the world Reis is 40 yards away.. another 100 yards gets you to Butt’s amazing Indian Restaurant… perfect!

great to see you Winnie!!! .. big thanks to you &Lili, Wilma, Michael & Clairinda

A GREAT RECORDING SESSION AT ATHLETIC SOUND STUDIO (in Halden) at Andersen’s great studio.

I had written a few new songs .. inspired by two golfing sisters from Canada. John, Goran & I recorded them today. It was an magical session! Big thanks to our friend Kai Andersen who engendered & encouraged  .. expect we’ll release a special EP in the near future.

Friend & music guru Tom Sjeklersether, hosted our show at this new venue.. great to see you always Tom! .. and at the venue.. great to see you Mona! .. thanks for your nice comments after the show .. hope to see you again.. hi to the rest of the staff.. kind folks.

note: we had some great chicken soup there before the show .. saving our hunger for Butt’s Indian food


What an awesome audience to play for! This is a long and narrow space, but the good sound system.. with speakers in the middle as well as the front, allowed all to hear every word..
The Yonkers stories totally connected .. John & Goran were awesome .. song highlights were sooo many .. Angel & Wild thing & Track 24 .. felt soo good tonight .. and I particularly loved the connection with Charcoal Sky Good Guy, Czech Heaven & our closer,  Fuck All The Perfect people …………… this connection is as good as it gets.

Said hi to:

Hi to Erik .. great to see you again.. Kai & Dag Erik .. the great Hege’s mom & dad, Tor & Bryt .. great to see you both ..Hi Torn & Inge!! .. great to see you again.. on my right .. thanks for the kind words! .. see you soon hi Elise & Brytb & Hans! .. great to see you again!! .. and at the bar later.. Hi Gerd… and so good to see you! .. & Hi Jarn..

and good to see my Deadman friends Dennis, Mat, the bar .. great guys! .. and Steve .. hope to see you again

It was  great day/ night in Halden!!

NOV 11 – Goteberg – VENUE – BAR KOM

We were granted a late check out at the Grande Hotel in Halden .. we were on the road a bit past 1:00 PM, Goran at the helm .. plenty of time to make it to our venue in Goteberg or our hotel there, that is… IF we had a GPS. We had none. So once we hit the town we soon discovered maps did not do the trick. So we opted to search for a place to purchase a GPS. That took over an hour.

Our booker, Bjorn, notified the venue we would be an hour plus late for sound check. That was no problem. We arrived there well after 5:00 PM & were greeted by one of the twin-sister’s partners, Karin… a great person.


The sisters, Karin & Maria, who own and run BAR KON ( “K” is for Karin, the“M” is for Maria & the “O” is Swedish for “AND”) are special ladies. I’m guessing in their 40s now, they were brought up in a country music loving family. At a early age they were singing together in country bands. On occasion, they still perform. They know their stuff.

The room is located on the second floor of clean- away from the heart of town – non descript, but warm, two story building. The venue itself is sort of like a clean art space, with cool pictures hanging on every wall,  many of them of the twins at various ages, performing or just looking humble and pretty and vibey. The space doubles as a small theater restaurant, that holds maybe 60 people. The stage is simple and spacious enough. The equipment .. mikes and amps and sound board… are humble but solid. Karin knows the board & how to get things up and running. Goran knows how to get around the setup as well. In short order we get good sound & head back to find our ALLEN HOTEL hotel, about 15 minutes away. No problem, now that we have our GPS.

The hotel is in a simple and plain wear house looking structure on the main road. From the outside we’re expecting it to be a little “rough” or funky.. not so! Humble but cool and updated on the inside. We all feel comfortable here,


We’re back shortly after 7:00, in time for a lovely meal. Maria is there now. We mistake one for the other throughout the night .. they are pretty much identical .. both terrific and hard working. By 8:00 most all the chairs are taken and the dinners have been served.


THIS AUDIENCE IS SO WARM AND WELCOMING. John, Goran & I felt like we were playing for friends from the first note. We divide the show into two sets, with the first one telling the Yonkers Story in words and song, ending with the story of writing Angel Of The Morning and the song. These folks lived the story with us and their reaction turned it this way and that. So many highlights here.. let’s go with Bastard Brothers, Charcoal Sky, Hey Jonny (with the AWESOME solos by John & Goran) and Angel. We took a break at 9:00.. back on stage @ 9:15.


We started with Dance With A Hole in Your Shoe .. magical.. Goran & John & I are lost in a  special vibe tonight! .. then He’s A Good Good Guy .. chilling .. Big River felt so so good… then came a total connections with Czech Heaven, Track 224 and Merry F’n Christmas.. these warm folks loved the story of my grand daughters at the bar in Connecticut .. such good fun.. ..then it was WILD THING .. totally therapeutic .. we encored with FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE with the audience singing reverently with us on the last refrain .. so special. We were of f the stage .. but the applause didn’t stop .. so I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESEE closed it with a big sing-a-long of the Merle Haggard chorus and clapping in time!

THIS WAS ONE TO REMEMBER!  .. thanks to the great sisters and all who came .. oh yes and chef Anthony who served great food and was so into the show!!


Thomas .. great to see you again… send Leif my best.. special hello to our booker, Bjorn’s kind aunt & uncle Margarita & Ebba .. & niece .. lovely Sanna .. great to see you all! Hi Per-Olof & Agneta.. so good to see you again and again .. I’ll try to remember “Michael’s Song”.. Hi Jane & Bo

Hi Hakan.. & Lars .. Hi Lennart!!! .. we loved playing here .. thanks for your efforts with that .. & thanks for bringing lovely Veronica.. nice to see you guys  from the stage!! .. Hi Hans & Erik .. so good to see so many of you again… sorry I forgot the names of several, including the guys i saw at the end.. one who’s seen me six times .. was it Roger? .. anyway.. thanks to all

What a warm great group of folks .. wish you were coming to all the shows! .. hope to see many of you soon!!

NOV 12, 2014 – Halmstad, Sweden – Venue – Immanuelskyrkan (The Immanuel Church)

It was less than a two hour drive from Goteberg to Halmstad. We arrived at our very comfortable Continental Hotel at about 3:00, time to relax a bit before our host, Bengt arrived to guide us to the venue .. a building complex that’s main focus was a the lovely Immanuel church.

Bengt explained that he often had shows in the downstairs cafeteria area, but he sold far too many tickets for that (more than 150), so the show would fit comfortably in the church itself.


Loved the audience space.. a simple area with unlinked comfortable chairs. All the seating & isles sloped toward the “stage”. The stage was the alter, with a simple crucifix lying on a table behind next to which i placed my harmonicas and holder. I loved the feeling of playing in this semi-reverent atmosphere.


Before going on stage it was good to see several friends from the past & recent times. I had played in this general area before .. on the water at a venue I knew as “Ulf’s place”, a legendary character that loved good music, it felt good to be back.


Another warm and wonderful audience to play for. Again we divided the show into two parts, the first laying the ground work for the Yonkers Story.. growing up in the Voight household and finding my way into the music business as a songwriter. And again, Goran & John’s brilliance would weeve in and out of the songs that accompanied the stories. Highlights were many .. culminating with a chilling Angel Of The Morning, where .. as I told the story about writing it behind the window above the 1650 Broadway sign.. I felt myself actually there.. I don’t think our version of this song ever sounded better. Again.. Goran & John were just magic!


This set felt so good from top to bottom. We started with Dance With A Hole In Your Shoe. Then He’s A Good Guy totally connected .. to us and this warm group of folks .. Big River, Track 224 brought big reaction .. as did Czech Heaven .. I think Parnells bar (a significant part of the performance of this song) is gaining lots of customers on this tour. Folks loved the story of my grandkids ending with the song, Merry F’n Christmas… Wild Thing totally rocked .. AWESOME JP & Goran solos.. two of the highlights for me were the fan requested songs Michael’s Song & Clean Your Own Tables .. a song from my 1973 album, Last Chance which was covered by Johnny Cash. We ended with the song for the prisoners Fuck All The Perfect People .. again with the audievce singing the last refrain unaccompanied.. so fitting in this church setting!

With constant applause, we were brought out again and encored with I Wasn’t Born In Tennessee.

This was a special night! Thanks to our kind host Bengt & his lovely wife Ingela and all the kind folks who attended. It’s an amazing job you do Bengt .. much appreciated!

The show was quite long tonight, so missed saying hello to those who had to leave quickly… sorry I missed you.


Gunnel .. it was SO good to see you again. Sorry we didn’t have more time to talk .. hi Lars & Marita & Jan- Ake .. great to see you again & again..hi Tord & Mats & Iren .. Hi Mikael .. thanks for the kind words.. hi to another Bengt.. & Ake …

And big hello to Ageneta & Per-Olof .. see you all soon!


great to be back in the home town of my great great friend Hakan Olsson. When I gave up gambling & came back to making music, Hakan invited me to play here in 1997. I’ve been coming back at least once a year ever since.


Hakan’s son Jens gets us awesome sound in short order. It’s a labor of love for him. He’s great at doing it! Huge thanks Jens.


This was one of my favorite shows. Again we divided it into two halves. And again the magic was in the the trio. John Platania, Goran Grini were so inspiring! The stories and songs of The Yonkers Story in the first half, gave way to the magic of the second half.. with the focus on the new album. He’s A Good Guy and Czech Heaven never sounded more inspired.. We ended with a sexy-cool WILD THING.. a requested HOLY SHIT,  a reverent Fuck All The Perfect People and a totally rockin’ I Wasn’t Born In Tennessee. It was such a blessing to be on stage and feeling the total magic of John & Goran tonight.. so special!  Hakan said it was one of his all time favorite shows .. that’s good enough for me!

HI TO ..

Thanks to all for attending! We finished a the place shut down, so I missed saying goodbye to many. So great to see old friends Anders & Maria & Runer &Irena front and center .. huge thanks always!! And so glad to see old friend Lotta & mom Britt-Marie & friend ..

Stefan.. thanks for the kind words..hope your boy, Christoffer,  enjoys the album .. best to him.  Hi Barbar & Leif & Madeleine & Alf & Tommy .. & all the rest … hope to see you soon!! This was so special!! Hi Monica!!! Wish you were here!!

NOV 14, 2014 – Falkenberg, Sweden – Venue – The Grand Hotel

Love this venue. It’s always great to play in the hotel you’re staying at, particularly if it’s a good hotel & a good music room… such is the case here … in spades.

Thee Rootsy booking organization in Falkenberg, headed by Ulf, Anders & Gerri is terrific. Booking Rootsy artists is a labor of love for these guys, and they do it so well. Good to see these friends when we arrive. And big thanks to Michael to Michael for the great sound!

A great Rootsy artist, Richard Lingren, does a terrific opening set, ending with some warm sensitive songs that gave ne chills. By the way, his lyric video of Them Lemon Tree, put together by the soulful Elin Olsson is something to see!

It’s a bit of a late night show. We’re on stage at 10:00 PM.


It’s one long set tonight. We tell the Yonkers story .. but mix it a bit different tonight, bringing my Scandinavian connection in to play early on..  Block Out The Sirens was so chilling. so glad we played that. Highlights were so many .. a requested Storybook Children, He’s a Good Guy, Czech Heaven and Merry F’n Christmas (with it’s story).. all were so special and totally connected .. as did TRACK 224.. which may be the surprise connection of the tour!

We ended with Wild Thing .. different tonight .. softer .. but sexy cool .. with a very good audience therapy connection.

Ended with Fuck All The Perfect People .. then maybe the highlight of the night .. a new song .. never played live till tonight .. “She Had No Time To Get Ready (she just was)” .. was so so chilling .. it felt great to us .. and the audience loved it! .. ended with a double encore .. Tennessee & Holy Shit .. WHAT AN AWESOME NIGHT!!

Hi To:

Big thanks to our great hosts & music lovers, Ulf  Anders & Jari .. so good to meet Jari’s lovely wife Mia.

Hi to Tobbe & Thomas & lovely sister Maria.. and friend Sophia .. great talking with all of you .. Hi to Anders dad & mom in-laws Inger & Helge .. such great kind folks .. loved talking with you .. thanks for such kind words.. Hi Calle .. see you soon!

And all the rest .. thanks for being here .. this was a special night!

OCT 23 – 28, 2014 – East Coast Tour

The Cutting Room

What a great night .. The Yonkers Story .. plus songs from my new Little Prayers Trilogy album .. with John Platania, Goran Grini & Tony Mercadante .. just great!! .. thanks to all who supported us .. what a nice turnout.

Great to share the night with great friends.. many many highlights .. but we’ll all remember Merry F’n Christmas and GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! .. what a night!!

Hi Gigi & Colleen .. GREAT that you came .. so good to see you always!! And Steve .. thanks for the support always!! .. Hi to Charles & Ed   from Parnells .. & Joe .. great to see all of you later at Parnells .. Hi to team Norway . Pete & Jon .. & John & Mercedes … Sisko .. were you there?? .. thanks always ..

Hi Ernie & Melinda.. always good to see you at the shows.. & Debbie & Al .. and Jackie .. you’re all so great .. what friends .. Hi HOWARD .. thanks SO much for the support  .. Chuck  Mary & mema you guys

Hi Lura .. always great to see you .. big hi to Lida & James & Eva .. & lovely daughter .. so great to see you all .. & my great friends Elinor & sister Wylie & Emory .. so good to see you front and center .. where you should be!! .. thanks!!

and all the others.. i’m doing this from memory as I lost my notes.. what a great night!!


John Platania, Tony Merc & Goran Grini starred again .. they were so great! .. and this audience let them know it! .. & the stories & songs of The Yonkers Story and songs from the new album were shared with great friends.. the best friends ..

Hi to .. Ed & Rory!! .. wow!! .. so great to see you .. and schoolmate Bill & brother Gary .. & Dave & Muffy & Allan.. & old friend Mats .. & Wilfried .. & the kind soulful couple up front on my left .. Evelyn & .. was it Suprea .. sorry .. something like that .. loved meeting you! .. and Rebecca & Paul ..  Johns great friend & his daughter I met back stage … so many of John’s friends tonight .. Ray .. good to see you always!! ..  & Benny .. & Nick & Joe (great job boys!) .. so good meeting all of you .. and to all the rest .. of course hi & thanks to Chuck & my Mema!

Loved this show .. Joan said it was special .. so I guess it was..  Merry F’n Christmas! See you soon!

Oct 28 – Hill Country – Washington

Big thanks to friend and promoter Sandy Gibson for arranging the promo for this trip. We’re coming to town as our new album, The Little Prayers Trilogy is the #1 most added record at radio this past week… such a good feeling!!

John & I arrived the previous night, so as to be well rested for our friend Laura Ingraham’s show today. She’s so warm with John & me.. and she knows her stuff about music! .. we played a brief Track 224 from our new album .. then a passionate Supreme Court .. also from the new album.. Laura seemed way into both of those! .. &andended with a very cool WILD THING.. with Laura & the crew singing along and taking photos .. THANKS LAURA .. great to see you

I spent the day doing some quick editing adjusts for some last minute changes for two tracks in our album.. thanks to some great support from my engineers Huck Bennert and Tony Mercadante AND soulful vocals by Audrey Martels, I was able to finish the adjusts and send them to mastering for a new version of our Trilogy .. great work to all!

Big thanks to Laura’s kind & lovely assistant Julie … & James & all .. and Raymond Arroyo .. friend of my brother Jon’s .. Huge thanks Laura .. LOVED IT AS ALWAYS!

OCT 29 – RADIO 105.5 (Bluegrass Country)

Old friend, & former producer of the world renowned live radio show Mt Stage  Andy Reidenhour (now living in DC) and Sandy Gibson teamed together to hook us up with two shows on this amazingly cool station.

Andy has his own show here on Thursday, so his friend & DJ Chris Teskey h & Andy osted a show feauring John & I and the new album at 11:00 AM to 11:45 …loved this .. thanks Chris .. and assistants Aaron & Andy .. much appreciated!

OCT 29 – THE VENUE – HILL COUNTRY (The greatest barbecue in DC!)

John & I arrived at 5:50 in time for a solid sound check with engineer John .. Big thanks to Katie & staff for setting up the stage .. & MGR Thomas & hostess Jasmine.. for getting us fed … great stuff .. much appreciated

note: Big thanks to Katie & Thom for getting the bar area silent  in our show area by show time !! what a big help that was!


first .. what a great bunch of folks to play for ..

Jojn was awesome tonight .. we played the Yonkers story .. in story & song .. & then ended with a mix of some of my favorites for the new album and recent stuff. Highlights were far too many .. let’s go with Bastard Brothers and Hey Jonny .. and Charcoal Sky .. and Dance With A Hole In Your Shoe .. and Track 224 .. and Merry F’n Christmas  .. and, of course, Angel Of The Morning.. this was so inspired tonight.. as was WILD THING and Fuck All The Perfect People … I wasn’t Born In Tennessee closed it … It was one hell of a night!

Said hi to many .. including, Sandy’s great friends, Lili, Ellen (we’ll check out Jammin Java.. let’s do that), Rhonda & Andy .. and the young contingent, Garrett & Lovely Miranda great to see you again Garret .. you guys look great together!! .. & friends Nick ..interning for a senator .. busy these days!!.. good luck with that Nick .. and great to see cohort & friend Mike .. thanks for all the kind words .. hope to see you all soon!

Special hi to great young folks on my right .. Chris & Julie .. what a great vibe for me on stage! .. as well as the couple right behind .. in about the 4th row .. I know I met you before.. I wish I had the chance to say hi again before you left .. IT WAS GREAT TO SEE YOU!

And great to meet Elaine & Bob in the beginning and at the end .. loved talking to you guys!! hope to see you soon!!… and so nice to see Dawn & Paul on the way out.. thanks for the Austin memory Dawn.. hope to see you soon!

What a great night .. thanks to all!!