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Holland Tour – FEB 25, 2015

We leave the hotel at 12:15 .. heading from Dortreht on the west just below Rotterdam north east to Oldenzaal where we’ll play a pre-recorded radio show and then a regular show .. Since this was very recently booked we have little details…our host Fons Ter Keur will guide us when we arrive.

HOPING TO STOP BRIEFLY AT HOTEL KRUISSELT – golf course on the premises! – to visit our great friend Leanne and husband Francois who are the proprietors… for a bit of relaxing lunch. their hotel is minutes from our destination.

THE TOWER SESSIONS.. in conjunction with the venue THE COBBLE STONE in the town of OLDENZAAL

We are the first artists to appear in this series that i think will be a long-standing tradition… shot in the floor level of a church tower that took 500 years to build beginning in the 12th century.. we play one song .. with state of the art sound and first rate lighting… everything ready as we entered the holy confines .. we played NOTHIN’ COMING OUT OF ME THAT I LIKE.. suggested by Goran & Milan, .. I had total chills for the entire performance.

Thanks to Peter for the sound .. and his cohorts (including Gerrit) for the setup and lighting.


So good to meet promoter Fons & Henk & Gerty & Frans.. all so cordial .. as well as a VG sound engineer Hans .. who got us sound checked in minutes.

After a good dinner at Der Stege, compliments of the venue .. thanks to very kind waiter Chiel (VG sense of humor!).. we were back at the venue and on stage at 8:30.

The venue was totally sold out .. standing room only .. THIS IS CERTAINLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS/ VENUES ON THIS TOUR!


What an amazing audience to play for!! .. lots of fans again tonight! We started with The Real Thing.. a fan favorite .. then totally connected with Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World .. HEY JONNY, CHARCOAL SKY and GETTING OLDER LOOKING BACK were so special. Goran was brilliant and so soulful ALL NIGHT! .. Just A Little Bit Later On Down The Line was a highlight .. Leanne was in the audience .. and was so happy we played this!! .. A chilling ANGEL OF THE MORNING ended this set.. this was magical!


The magic continued.. DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE .. TRYING TO LET THE ANGELS KNOW .. TRACK 224 .. SLEEP WITH OPEN WINDOWS .. BIG RIVER .. the connection was so strong.. we dedicated SOLITARY to our tour guide and friend MILAN … then we played another for Milan.. the prayerful TOWER SESSIONS song, NOTHIN’ COMING OUT OF ME THAT I LIKE.. for me this was one of the most magical moments on the tour! .. then a rockin’ BIG RIVER brought cheers .. a requested GETTING OLDER LOOKING BACK was heartfelt and totally connected .. WILD THING was sweaty .. smaller without JP but very vibey .. and had everyone singing along.. then we totally connected with the stillness of Czech Heaven… and I invited everyone to visit me at my bar in New York, Parnells.

Leanne requested I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE .. and it was good fun with a vg Merle sing-a-long.. We ended with another song for the prisoners, Fuck All The Perfect people .. with everybody singing..



Big hello to SHALKA .. Milan’s sister and friend Willhem.. so good to see you again..see you in New York!! .. HI VINCENT .. again and again..hope you enjoy YONKERS and mom, Tina.. so glad you were there! .. Hi Tonne & Herman.. Albertjan.. hope you enjoy the Yonkers vinyl as well.. Hi Rob & Garrit .. HI XIN & Menno .. so good to see you both!! .. Hi Gerard.. Jeanette .. so good to see you.. with thoughts of Frans .. thanks for sharing that.. I’ll take his spirit with me.. thanks for all the kind words.. Hi Gusta & Wilfried.. and Albert & Marian

BERT .. thanks for booking this great tour .. good to see you.. let’s do it again.. soon!

Thanks for looking after us, Henk.. thanks Fons & Frans & Gerty & HANS .. and the rest .. hope to see you again

OFF TO THE AIRPORT .. back to NEW YORK with great memories!

Holland Tour – Feb 24 -25, 2015

FEB 24

JOHN PLATANIA is in the sky .. needs to be back for some scoring work.. this has been such a vibey trio .. so now it’s Goran & I for a couple of shows.. we’ll miss P.. we’ll need to capture our own simple vibe .. it will be different .. hopefully soulful in it’s own way.


CAFE het Zwijnshoofd in Bergen OP Zoom – CROSSROAD RADIO – a radio show with a live audience

Thanks to hosts Kees & Ria at the venue who greeted us as we arrived.. very nice folks… I would find out later that Kees was a very good and respected pedal steel player from a known Dutch country band .. we soon meet DJ Jos & cohort Bert .. all nice folks .. Jos has been doing his Americana/roots radio show for many (18) years.. a once a week 3-hour show with live music from this club .. tonight the show will be archived.. we will be next week’s guest.

Kendel Carson & I did the first “live” show of this series seven years ago..we all have fond memories of that and those days .. great to be back again!


great engineer Kees arrives after a nice, simple salad and sandwich meal.. .. we had great sound in minutes .. thanks KEES.


Two sets again .. and again, it is just Goran & I tonight felt like a living room show from my New York apartment.. Goran was so vibey .. I loved listening to the moods he created .. we did the Yonkers Story again in the first set .. loved Hey Jonny, Charcoal Sky .. so special .. and Just A Little Bit Later On Down The Line was so honest and real .. big audience response from these country fans… and Angel Of The Morning was so simple and beautiful.. I loved what Goran played on this .. we had such a great connection in this set with this kind audience.


Dance With A Hole In Your Shoe.. and SOLITARY & MARTHA.. dedicated to our friend MILAN.. were so special .. as was TRACK 224 .. so sweaty and good.. … Milan loved this tonight!.. GETTING OLDER LOOKING BACK.. and STORYBOOK CHILDREN .. connected so good .. and a chilling FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE ended it .. Missed JP’s haunting soul on on B&B AMERICA and others .. but Goran & I did it in the spirit of all of us .. and it was all in all, an extraordinarily magical show.

Also.. it was also a quite lengthy show .. several had to leave quickly at shows end .. but said hello to several.


OLD FRIENDS TONY & WILLY .. from the UK .. great to see you again! .. safe trip home!.. see you in SOUTH HAMPTON!!!

old friends, lovely Jessie, Pia & Francis.. we’ve been friends for so long.. since the late 90s .. such a nice thing.. big hello to grandma and Waylon.

HANS .. great to see you .. that’s a lot to listen to.. good luck! ..Hi Anita .. so good to see you during and after the show.. very inspiring! .. and Pete & Willy and Jaap… and all the other kind folks who attended.. huge thanks for the knid words

THANKS KEES & RIA… and JOS (hope the radio show turns out good .. thanks for the support) and good to see you again and BERT .. and KEES again.. thanks for the awesome sound..

Another special one on this awesome Dutch tour .. one more show to go.

FEB 25

We leave the hotel at 12:15 .. heading from Dortreht on the west just below Rotterdam north east to Oldenzaal where we’ll play a pre-recorded radio show and then a regular show.. Since this was very recently booked we have little details…our host Fons Ter Keur will guide us when we arrive.

HOPING TO STOP BRIEFLY AT HOTEL KRUISSELT – golf course on the premises!! – to visit our great friend Leanne and husband Francois who are the proprietors … for a bit of relaxing lunch. their hotel is minutes from our destination.

HOLLAND TOUR – Part 3 – Feb 20 – 23, 2015


PARKSTAD RADIO .. with host Thomas Kaldijk

Loved this .. i was so surprised that Thomas had a proposed set list with songs from the Trilogy that were all favorites of mine .. and not typical selections.. including Nothin’s Coming Out Of Me That I Like, Czech Heaven, Little Prayers,Track 224, Tryin’ To Let The Angels Know and Nine Soldiers In Baltimore.

Loved this Thomas.. nice to see you Hilly (thanks for the memory of Gronigen!!) & Berry .. and Peter (thanks for the good sound).. hope to see you soon again.


John Platania & I have been looking forward to this since the tour started … on this tour we have several times talked about that to our cohort Goran,, indicating that this is one of our all-time favorite venues!

We arrived at 6:30.. so good to see the church again as we drove close.. great to see friends, proprietor Henk.. wife Jansje and booker Jaap & wife Berlina .. and great sound man & brilliant musician Bert (sorry Linde was not able attend.. send our love).. last time John & I were here, i wrote a detailed memory of this great place .. here’s that recollection from Nov, 2013:


The final minutes of our journey found us driving on some small winding roads past some pretty farmland and quaint houses. This is the area where Milan (our friend & road manager) was born and raised until his high shool years. We arrived at the humble town of Borger at about 4:30 and went straight to the venue.

Vanslag (“messed up”) is a converted old church. Part of the church is from the 1400s. An extension was built in the early 1800s. For several years it sat idle. Then a photographer/music lover, Henk, made a deal with the local government to turn it into something worthwhile for the community in the form of an amazing music venue – art house/meeting space.

Henk – a great guy and lover of the arts – has invested a lot time and money turning the church into this original gem of a small theater – one of my favorite venues I’ve played.. ever! Since it has been under Henk’s wing for only the last half year or so, quality artists are just beginning to find their way here. I’m so glad that the powers that be fit this in our schedule .. sort of at the last minute. “


Since we were here last this venue has sort of exploded! .. it’s reputation is spreading .. and is now considered by many as one of the best venues in all of Holland. Thanks to Jaap’s great efforts, they’re booked non-stop .. just a great thing for music culture in this region.

After an awesome biscuit and vegetables dinner prepared by Jansje (huge thanks Janje!), and a good sound check with our friend Bert, we were on stage at 9:00 PM.

By the way … I love the sound of this room.. it reminds me of the Bluegrass Underground in a cave in Tennessee . this church.. with it’s huge ceiling height .. has it’s own cavernous & beautiful warmth..


What a great audience to play for! Looking from the stage, we were playing for a full house was like playing for family .. all kind folks that wanted to be here with us .. so nice to feel that on stage.. We began with The Real Thing & the Yonkers stories & songs to start the show .. I loved Bastard Brothers and a monday with those bastards, Barry & Jon with mom and dad at a train station in Charcoal Sky so much tonight .. it was like we were all that train station together.. and Goran & John were just so soulful tonight .. and the audience let them know it from start to finish.. .. with their amazing solos, HEY JONNY totally rocked … and Angel Of The Morning was so chilling in this church setting .. never more inspired and beautiful.. we ended the set with it . . and the audience kept applauding as you might for the final song of the night.


Oh, was this great! Such a magical interaction with the audience .. loved so many .. DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE was so chilling .. TRYIN TO LET THE ANGELS KNOW so prayerful and Johnny Cash’s BIG RIVER rocked so good .. but my favorite part tonight was the audience requests .. one, GASOLINE, which we hadn’t played in so many years, had me smiling from start to finish.. our cohort Milan suggested after the show that we had so much fun playing it tonight that we should add it to our set from now on. And John Tucker, another request that we hadn’t played in quite a while brought back so many good memories .. I think we’ll add this to the set as well.

Toward the end of the show, we played WILD THING .. which totally rocked with the audience singing along… then came my song for the prisoners, FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE again with the audience singing with us.. actually ending the song in a beautiful choir sing of the song’s title.. we again encored with I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE which had many in the audience clapping in time and cheering at the end.

what a special night!!


Big hello to friends Matthew & Jennifer & mom & sister I think! .. so great to see you in the audience & after the show!! .. Hi Fred .. & Heike .. & Kerstin & Gerard & Minnie .. &Kees .. HI FRANS.. DJ from radio Emmen … GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!! .. HI MARIANNE!!! what a nice surprise!! .. it’s been so long!!.. you haven’t changed a bit!!!.. still the most welcoming smile.. so good to see it again!! .. hi Siska & John .. good to see you .. hi Alice & KEES .. & Tina & Peter .. hope you enjoy Fuck All The Perfect People.. Hi Onno .. thanks for the moonshine .. I have your note .. I’ll read it on the plane in a few days..

BIG HELLO TO MY FRIENDS VINCENT & NIENKE .. & their friends Trudy, Amanda & Wim.. great talking to you after the show… Wim .. hope you & Amanda have a great US vacation!! .. see you at Parnells one of these days!

Again.. Henk, Jansje, Jaap & Berlina.. thanks for all your kindness.. As of course you know, we’ll look forward to next time!!..

PS.. Henk .. thanks for the good whiskey & the AWESOME beer!! . we all appreciate it! & Janje .. thanks for our good late night snack.. so nice of you to think about that.


It was good to relax for a day .. John did a bit of shopping with Milan and Goran &I I started to walk toward a shopping area when some hard, cold rain came .. later turning to a few snowflakes. We opted for the comforts of our terrific Hampshire hotel along a canal.. did a bit of rehearsing and relaxed until dinner.

INDIAN FOOD!! .. we all love good Indian food. There was a 5 star such restaurant not far from the hotel, recommended by Milan.. loved this place, De Kohinoor Van India. if you ask for hot & spicy here, be prepared.. it is really hot & spicy! .. and great.

FEB 22

Heading for a Sunday afternoon show in the south.. in a town called Ottersum, I think a bit north of Venlo and minutes from the German border. A few years ago I met a lovely girl named Roos not far from there in Arnhem .. with her mom & dad and her teachers… and later her nice boyfriend. I had written a song about that memory, “Roos Of Arnhem Town”.. Roos is off to school in the US.. Hoping to see mom & dad tonight!

VENUE . ROEPAEN (a former church)

From the north to this area of the south is still only a 2 hour and 15 minute ride. We get there, as scheduled, at 11:30. It seems like we’re always arriving “as scheduled” .. That’s Milan’s responsibility .. and he does it so well!!! Big thanks Milan!!!

We arrive at a very large old church complex in the small town of Ottersum just before 11:30 .. it’s such a big complex we’re not sure where we are supposed to enter.. then I see a small truck that has written on it’s side, “PERFECT SOUND WILLY”

In seconds WILLY arrives in another car and escorts us into the the church, shows us the area where we will play.. a very warm feeling room with a comfortable size stage, with seating for just over 100 people with a small bar in the back …


This was a place run by nuns & priests & brothers that cared for mentally challenges folks .. mostly children.. That work is now being done in a large city nearby. The complex was sold by the government a few years ago to someone (Tony) with a promise that he enhance the arts in the region… Tony’s daughter Lotte handles booking musical programs and his other daughter Fleure is host to the artists.

We meet lovely and kind Fleur and another lovely, kind bartender Mel (Melanie) .. Fluer has made us a very good & tasty vegetable soup .. she serves that with lunch meat, cheese & good bread .. very nice Fluer .. thank you!!


This is the quickest sound check on tour .. “perfect sound Willy” lives up to his promo!! .. the sound is awesome!

THE SHOW .. the venue is sold out ..


What a warm, welcoming audience to play for!! ..

We played the story & songs of “The Yonkers Story” .. starting with The Real Thing.. including the story of my brothers halting my violin playing in the song, “Bastard Brothers” .. the story & song of start of rock & roll with HEY JONNY .. a visit to the train station with mom, dad & my brothers in Charcoal Sky.. I loved telling these stories to this warm group .. after playing my song for prisoners, SOLITARY .. a request from my great friend and tour guide, Milan.. we ended the first set with a beautiful version of ANGEL OF THE MORNING..

GORAN & JOHN WERE AWESOME .. we felt so locked on stage .. and the audience was with us at every turn.


This was so loose and good .. so many highlights.. DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE .. TRYIN TO LET THE ANGELS KNOW . i loved this prayer tonight.. & DUTCHMAN BLUES was so special .. the story of my first coming to Holland with the story & song of SAME OLD STORY .. sounded so real & lived in tonight…

But maybe the highlight for me was the song I wrote a few years ago for a young girl named Roos from nearby Arnhem, “ROSE (ROOS) OF ARNHEM TOWN” .. I met Rose a few years ago with her mother & father, Jan & Antoinette… along with a few of her teachers, in Arnhem. Roos in in New Orleans now.. working on her studies.. I loved singing this for her tonight.

After my tribute to Johny Cash with his BIG RIVER.. we played Black & Blue America.. this was so heartfelt tonight.. Goran & John are so subtle but always so soulful.. just beautiful tonight.

After a spirited and therapeutic WILD THING, toward the end, we got a request for FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE… another song I wrote for prisoners.. loved this with the entire audience singing the chorus with us.

We ended with I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE .. John & Goran left the stage to a standing ovation.. I was waving goodbye .. when someone asked please play STORYBOOK CHILDREN.

so .. I played that solo to end the show .. I hadn’t played it in a while .. I loved playing it tonight.



THANKS TO OLD FRIEND JOOST (respected musicologist) .. for the kind introduction

great to see ROOS’s terrific parents, Jan & Antoinette & Christine and teacher TOON.. so good to see you always!! Thanks for the kind words.. please give my big love to Roos.. i always feel good when i think about her.

Hi Annike & Herman & Mayjke .. thanks for the nice words.. hi Jan & Bianca .. & Els & Jack .. hi Wilhelmina (like the queen!) .. good to see you.. Hi Joost & Festen .. & Tony.. & Harry (the musician) .. nice talking to you Harry .

Hi Bart .. & Peter .. Teus & Hans Hans & Ruud.. hi Emiel .. nice talking with you .. & Hans-Georg .. I’ll just say hi to “one of you” this time!! .. great to see you again!!

Again.. big thanks Willy & Fleur .. & BIG THANKS TO MEL.. for the kind note & good whiskey .. much love!



On a scale from 1-5 .. this hotel is a TEN!!!

After the show we arrived at our hotel in minutes.. It was a quiet Sunday on a country road in a little country town. We didn’t expect much .. we wondered where we would have dinner ..

We walked in & met proprietor Toon.. and noticed that the downstairs area looked like a warm home-style large kitchen / dining room/ sitting room.. Toon said there was no need to find a place to eat .. he would cook for us.

He then showed us to our amazing vibey B&B (en-suite) rooms as he prepared the meal .. home cooked home grown pork, baked local pear dipped in wine.. local potatoes with broccoli, cream and fresh cheese mixed in .. fresh home made bread .. delicious Chilean wine.

Later .. great local beer from Toon’s “help yourself” stock .. with Milan’s great Laphroig quarter-cask “gift .. one to remember!

Sitting around a table .. 4 rock & roll guys listening to mostly softly played classical music .. with Sound Hound helping us identify the piece and performer … HEAVEN! .. Interesting to know that Milan had the best knowledge to start with .. me, the least.. but I loved listening and finding which ones appealed to me most.. like Greig, some Chopin and Satye.

Huge thanks Toon & wife Tina.. and to Milan for finding this amazing place .. what a blessing for us to have stayed here!!

FEB 23 – BREAKFAST at the hotel

At 10:00 AM, Assisted by a young kind girl named Evy, Toon cooked us some friend eggs to go with home made bread .. which we ate along with some fresh ham and varied cheeses

Alone in the downstairs area .. with varied classical and classical church music in the background, we all caught up on some work .. for me it was the tour notes..

Then we said our big thank yous and goodbyes to Toon, Tina & Evy and headed for the next hotel .. Although the venue is in Eindhoven tonight .. we’re staying an hour further north, loser to the airport .. John leaves for home in the AM & our hub for the next two days needs to be closer to Schiphol.

THANKS TOON!!! .. what a blessing.


Another amazing Milan find .. The Postillion is a small hotel chain.. but this is newly renovated .. and so clean and sparkling and comfortable .. this will be our hub for two days. Today we’ll relax here for a couple of hours, have dinner at 5:00 then, drive an hour south to Eindhoven for our show.

HOLLAND TOUR – Part 2 FEB 18 – 19, 2015

FEB 18 – Wednesday – VENUE – De Republiek – in Heusden, Holland

The venue is in an up-scale old town.. the interior is like an refurbished old carriage house .. with high ceilings .. lots of character.. it doubles as a small restaurant. The proprietor, an interesting character named Peter.. is a former actor and acting teacher..

We arrive at 7:30 .. Peter’s kind daughter Brechtje serves us a terrific Indonesian dinner (her husband’s influence) .. We sound check with Peter’s friend and sound man Erik in the small front room with high ceilings, which “legally” holds 40 people… tonight they’ll pack in 72!


This was as special as it gets for us. The sound was simple but good… like playing in a house concert.. almost like busking .. but without the effort. The audience was warm and so kind and enthusiastic. John & Goran were brilliant all night.


The first set was again the Yonkers story with songs and stories of family and finding my way into the music business .. the audience seemed so connected to this. They loved the Bastard Brothers and the visit to the train station.. and the Bobby Bare connection and Angel of The Morning, which totally gave me chills.


This set was so inspired .. Dance With A Hole In Your Shoe.. started it .. and it was so chilling.. John & Goran were total magic.. loved so many in this set .. Dutchman’s Blues was so warm..He’s A Good Guy was so warm and silent and beautiful.. I could feel there were lots of “good guys” in this audience.. .. I dedicated Getting Older Looking Back to new friends Frans & daughter Flora in the first row.. Frans has been a fan from the early 70’s.. I loved playing this tonight.. Black & Blue America again brought the house down.. The story and song of Same Old Story totally connected.. it was extra special tonight with old friend Martin De Kort in the audience… Martin was the record store manager who, with assistant Leanne Van Gelder, made my album This Side Of The Big River, record of the month when i first came to Holland in 1974.. we ended with a beautiful audience choir of my song for prisoners, Fuck All The Perfect People.. I loved this! And encored with I Wasn’t Born In Tennessee.

This was a favorite show.. none better than this.. what a warm and great audience.


Ggain, special hello to my new friends Frans & Flora.. thinking about you both .. I’ll take yours & Maryâ’s spirit with me as I go.. with much love.

special hello to singer songwriter Hilda & musician Ad.. hi to Corrie & Johan.. Adry & Ben.. Hi Martin.. thanks for the kind words about the show & Black & Blue America.. hi Ankie.. Hi Karin.. hope Bram enjoys the CD.. Hi Jan.. & Gerard & Joke.. Hi Charlotte & Gert-Jan nice talking with you

Hi Theo .. thanks for the kind words.. Erik, Peter & Brechtje .. hope to see you all again.. many thanks!

NOTE: special thanks to the proprietors of our hotel, Krabbendam, Jan-Chris & wife Monique who showed special kindness .. it was much appreciated!! .. and much love to your lovely daughter Anna.. hope to see you all again!

Feb 19 – radio show (MEERRADIO) .. in Kruisweg.. near Amsterdam

Loved this .. all volunteer radio.. all for the love of music… with old friend Gerrit Caspers.. engineered by great guy Ron Surowietz.. 6 songs .. . & some good talk .. Goran & John were so soulful!!.big thanks!! .. good to see old friend Ton as well

Feb 19 House CONCERT in ZEIST

After a good , relaxing dinner with old friend (and my record distributor for many years) , Bert Pijpers & his friend Elly .. we headed for Elly’s friend and old schoolmate (and absolutely brilliant artist), Kathrine-Toos’s home in Zeist…

We were welcomed at the front door of this charming house by Toos, her husband Ron, lovely daughter Coco and young house friend Robert.. Bert had already brought a small sound system to handle the minimal amplification needed.. we somehow fit the keyboards in the small “stage” area in the living room area. The audience was sitting in chairs and on sofas in front and to the right of us ..we sound checked fairly quickly as guests arrived… the sound seemed surprisingly good!


This was warm & very special. Unlike our other shows on the tour, I got the feeling that most of the guests were unfamiliar with me.. aside from knowing I had written some hit songs. But I felt very comfortable with these folks.. and it seemed we all got to know each other from an audience/ artist stand point rather quickly .. John & Goran were absolutely brilliant from the start and so well received by all.


We played the Yonkers story .. about my family .. my early music career.. and my gambling life.. .. ending with a chilling and powerful Angel Of The Morning… these folks seem to love the Bastard Brothers story and well as our Monday “services” with Mom & Dad .. ending at the train station with Charcoal Sky I loved this one tonight..


We started with Dance With A Hole In MY Shoe..and that totally connected.. John & Goran were so vibey on this.. then Sleep With Open Windows seemed silent and powerful.. later Black & Blue America brought total chills .. WILD THING found us at 1650 Broadway for the writing process.. and at Dick Charles studio with the lights out for the demo .. and it rocked tonight!.. our semi-finale .. the song for the prisoners, FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE felt so chilling… with everyone singing the chorus with us.. we ended with a rockin’ I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE…

Another special night on a great tour!

HI to

thanks to all who attended.. had a chance to say hello to several kind folks..

Jan.. and Afke & Ella .. thanks for the kind words.. & Tanya & Jap,, from the original Golden Earing band.. so good talking to you. And Jos & Letty .. and Licky & Luigi.. & Willy & Trees.. and Janneke .. so nice meeting and talking to you all.

.. again thanks Bert & Elly for organizing & for the relaxing dinner .. and to Ron & Kathrine Toos for hosting .. special hello to Coco & Robert .. all the best in your studies!

Thanks Toos for letting us invade your studio for a bit .. I love what you do.. so special and so warm.

HOLLAND TOUR – FEB 13 – 17, 2015

FEB 13

Milan Breukers – awesome tour guide & friend – picks me up at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam at 4:30 PM. I arrived from London and tried beating jet lag by taking the NY AM flight to Heathrow yesterday and spending a night at the Hilton there. It didn’t work… great dinner.. great hotel .. but was not able to sleep. I’m exhausted when I arrive in Holland.

Milan has us booked in a cool/great hotel, La Promenade in Baarn, 20 minutes south of the airport in the province of Utrecht. This will be our hub for three nights. The hotel has a terrific and warm vibe and restaurant with kind folks running everything. After a good meal.. good wine and a whiskey I crash… sleep great.

Huge thanks and hello to the great staff, Sikander, Leannart, Michelle & Lynn.. and owner Jasper.. Sikander has kindly invited us to use their wine room to rehearse tomorrow when Goran arrives.

FEB 14

John Platania arrives. He has slept a bit on the plane .. gets an hour more rest and we’re off to our first venue about 10 minutes from our hotel, “IN THE WOODS” .. run by some great folks .. all volunteer.. at a cool place in an up-scale little town called Laage Vourshe.

Joss handles the sound .. great job! .. John & I rehearse a bit as we sound check .. then Irene cooks a great meal .. we’re joined at the dining table by the In The Woods staff .. Bart, Joss, Jennet, Han, Kees, Bosh .. our great CRS distributor, Bert & friend, Elly stopped by as well.

ON STAGE AT 8:30 to a packed (150) house.


Played the Yonkers Story including some songs from the new Little Prayers album.. THE REAL THING, USED TO BE A WHITE BOY, BASTARD BROTHERS, CHARCOAL SKY, a song for the prisoners, SOLITARY & ANGEL OF THE MORNING.. a total connection with these great folks …. JP was awesome!!


Played lots of new ones combined with some old fan favorites.. DANCE WITH A HOLE IN YOUR SHOE, TRYIN TO LET THE ANGELS KNOW,, loved this as always.. NOTHIN’S COMIN OUT OF ME THAT I LIKE .. THEN a so-cool Track 224 .. a great showcase again for John’s soulful brilliance.. played SLEEP WITH OPEN WINDOWS for the first time ever.. loved playing this ..the Dutch connection with SAME OLD STORY was magic.. GETTIN OLDER LOOKIN BACK, BIG RIVER, BLACK & BLUE AMERICA.. all connected .. then came WILD THING, FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE .. ended with I WASN’T BORN IN TENNESSEE

A great night! What a special first show!


Floris, & Hennie & John .. & Corrie & Bert.. & Hans & Gerta.. so nice talking to you all… Hi Anne .. hope your DJ son likes Black & Blue America.. please wish Seb a very happy birthday.. Hi Reddy, Henk & Dan .. & TON.. & OF COURSE Jean Paul from Belgium .. who’s favorite CT song is “We Just Roll On” .. !!! wow! .. love that too.. haven’t played it in years!! .. of corse big hello to Jean Paul’s great friend, IVAN.. thanks my friend.. I owe you!!

NOTE: From the CD sales after the show and the comments by folks it is clear that the current album, The Little Prayers Trilogy, is revered here. This feeling will continue throughout the tour.

FEB 16 – Monday

Radio show LIVE AT LLOYDS .. drove an hour south to Rotterdam. We were met by a kind staffer Marlene who escorted us to a fairly large studio where we met our host Ronald (enthusiastic and very good at what he does).. and pro engineers Bob & Stephano.. we sound checked, took a lunch break, then played 5 songs & talked with our host for an hour.. we loved this .. the show will be broadcast later in the evening .. great job Ronald!!! .. and huge thanks to Marlene, Bob & Stephano .. and hello & thanks to photog, Goroen!! .. hope to see you all again


We came back to our hub hotel .. than drove a half hour to our next venue… a very interesting stand-alone three story house .. not so large.. newly renovated .. old pre-war architecture .. tall ceilings .. next to the Akkurat in Stockholm, this is the best whiskey bar i’ve seen in a while .. not only amazing scotches , including ALL my favorites, but the best gin selection I’ve ever seen.. owner Gerard Joost is responsible .. JP, who loves good gin,, is in heaven!

Our host Joost – a well known and revered Dutch fiddle player – books this venue on Mondays.. for mostly bluegrass and alt-country artists. It’s only a few months in operation but already has it’s vibe and audience. When we arrive we meet the kind owner Gerard Joost, his wife and awesome cook, Else.. kind and lovely manager/ bartender Laura & Gerard & Else’s lovey and cool 16 year old daughter Nina and her “best friend”… her dog Roose. All warm and special folks.

The show is held down the main hall in a smallish room with a good sized stage .. Andre, a revered local engineer, gets good sound fairly soon and we sit down to an amazing Else’ meal!! Huge thanks Else.


First show with Goran Grini on keys .. very special. Again .. it was two sets including the Yonkers Story .. with stuff about my bastard brothers.. which totally connected with these kind folks… Far too many highlights tonight to mention only a few .. but LOVED Dance With A Hole In My Show, Trying To Let The Angles Know, Big River, Queen Of The World and Black & Blue America gave me total chills … Wild Thing rocked big .. and Fuck All The Perfect People the song for the prisoners with it’s choir -like ending was special.

John & Goran were amazing tonight…the audience loved them!

Hi to:

Great to see Herman & Aleid .. hope you enjoy the collection and hope to see you soon! Hi Ronald / Arnold! Great talking with you and signing Gasoline with your two proper names!! .. Hi Erik .. nice talking with you ..thanks for the kind words! .. hope dad Harry & mom Riny enjoy the listen.. HI YOLANDA .. love your soulful voice .. you’re special .. hope to see & hear you again! ..

Hi Arrianne .. it was so nice seeing you at the side of the stage and later signing your vinyl.. sorry i missed saying good by when you left.. Hi Adriaan .. thanks for the kind words .. and memories of Austin .. Hi Wilem .. great to see you as well .. Hi Margo .. good to see you at the end!

Feb 17 – Tuesday .. AFTERNOON VENUE – De Gouden Leeuw Dongen

This would be a hectic but great day.. Several areas in Holland celebrate Mardi Gras with lots of beer, whiskey and music.. we were special guests at a afternoon of probably the best of those musical events featuring good guys & brilliant Dutch musicians, Bart on bass, Sanders on guitar, Rob on Keyboards & a world class drummer Fokke.

We drove an hour south again and arrived at 12:30 .. in time to meet the kind folks .. owner of the venue John , wife Clausine, Bart & Nancy & the boys..

Ron .. the monitor side guy was awesome and the house mixer was equally brilliant. With all that was going on on stage, these guys were calm & efficient.. great sound and monitor mixes came within seconds.


Half way through the show the place was sardine packed with Mardi gras madness.. great fun.

Bart was the bandleader .. he & Fokke & Rob started it off with a couple of cool blues songs. Then a harmonica player did a cool special guest .. then John Platania joined the band for a couple .. include a great vocal / slide on one of the Elmore James greats, Dust My Broom.. John was awesome!! ..then John introduced Goran & I & we closed the show with soulful versions of Track 224, ANGEL OF THE MORNING and WILD THE THING. The band was sooo awesome and so prepared!! .. huge thanks to Bart, Saunders, Fokke, & Rob…. WE LOVED THIS!!!

FEB 17 – evening session – OBUS MUZIEKHUIS

Headed north west on major highways, after a cool stop at our cool hotel on a Leiden canal, we arrived at the venue by 7:30… met by nice guy hosts, Hans, Gert Jan & Jack.

Gert Jan was our sound man.. he got awesome sound in minutes. In a listening room, sound does not get better than this!


The venue reminds me of a mini Mercury Lounge in NY – sort of a mini rock club. They were expecting about 40 to 50 people, which would have been a comfortable fit. By show time it was double that.


There was something magical about this show. It was the silent serious ones that totally got to me tight .. and I felt a total connection with this warm audience with them.. With Goran & John sprinkling their magic at every turn ..Queen Of The World, Tryin To Let The Angels Know, Solitary He’s A good Guy As Well You Know, Black & Blue America, Getting Older Looking Back … sparkled among Big River, The Real Thing, Same Old Story and Hey Jonny .. we closed with a song for the prisoners, Fuck All The Perfect People.. with the audience “choir” singing the final refrain like a prayer.

One of my all-time favorite shows!

HI To: Wim & Flip & Clary.. & Fritz & Martin .. hope you enjoy the vinyl.. hi Ineke & Herbert .. good to see you at the coat room!….. nice meeting you .. hope you made it safe home.. Hi Cees & Rudolf .. and another Cees… Hi Antoinette.. good to see you Idsert.. & thanks for the DVD Peter.. thanks for your kind offer

Hi Andre .. great to see you at the end of the show .. and good to see you as well Louis .. glad you were here..And great to see my special Troggs fan club friend, Pete & his lovely daughter, Norah.. Pete thanks for the info re: You’re Takin’ Hold Of Me.. interesting .. I’ll check it out. Norah.. good luck with your studies in neuropsychology.. my instinct is that your warmth and kindness will do so good for so many! Hope to see you again

… such a special night .. tomorrow we head south for just under two hours to our next venue in Heusden.. toward Maastricht.