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March 18 -20, 2015 – SXSW TOUR

Three great SXSW events .. John Platania and I are not here for any official events .. it’s the John Conquset NOT SXSW first and foremost ….then my friends Big Kev, Fred Boenig & Rick Starr and Jenni Finlay hosting vibey, important shows .. JP & I are proud to be part of what all of these hard working music lovers represent.

MAR 18 – THREADGILLS – Jenni Finlay hosting

Love this Threadgill’s stage .. and so nice to be a part of Jenni’s lineup .. short but magical show.. 5 songs .. The Real Thing, Tryin’ To Let The Angel’s Know, Track 24, Angel Of The Morning and Wild Thing .. what a great audience to play for!

Great to see Sonny Rhodes & Carlos and Sonny’s other friends .. Hi Martin .. great to see you always!! ..Hi to Lars & Bengt.. Patrick Wang & cohorts, whose great film “The Grief of Others” showcased at the film part of SXSW .. to great reviews.. so good to see old friend Mark Mundy & sister? Mary .. best regards to Barbara!! ..always great to see you Mark.. good to friend Edgar from Blue Rose Records (Germany) with lovely wife .. hope to see you soon … great to see old friends Bill Kirchen & Eddie Wilson & lovely wife Deborah… thanks so much for lunch and the good talk!!

MARCH 19 – G&S LOUNGE – noon show hosted by friend John Conquest

John does a great job hosting this event and it’s great to see him and old friend & owner of this vibey place, Jimmy .. …this is why JP & I come to Austin .. to do John’s show at Jimmy’s place. It’s become the most important show I do every year because fans from several countries come to say hello .. it was that way today.

John C allotted us extra time so we could do a full hour and 15 minutes show .. so we were able to play and tell the Yonkers Story .. growing up with Mom & Dad and my “bastard” brothers .. and finding my way in the business of music… plus enough time to do lots of songs from the new album… Tryin’ To Let The Angels Know, Track 224, He’s A Good Guy (As Well You Know), Czech Heaven and others.. John C then took the stage .. he thanked other artists that alloted JP & I extra time and thanked the folks for coming then introduced our closer Wild Thing .. and it felt sooo good..loved every minute of this!!

Hi to my French friends from Lyon.. good to see you again…. and Bob & Janice .. and Jans from Norway .. I thought you were originally from near TRONDHEIM but I think you mentioned Halden .. I’ll say hello to Tom & the boys.. .. great to see you every year… Hi Neils from Scotland good to meet you at the Holiday Inn Lounge .. .. send my best regards to John & Barclay .. I miss you guys

PS.. Lindsey .. nice talking with you in the lounge as well .. hope to see you soon.. best to you & Dave in San Diego .. hope you stay in touch.. special Hi and thanks to Emilie Clepper .. who shortened her set to give us extra time .. thought you were great Emilie! .. .. hi and congrats to the rest of the band.. thanks as well to Michael Oneill for the extra time.. much appreciated ..
Sorry we didn’t get to say hello to all of you .. what a great audience to play for..

JIMMY .. thanks for your hospitality! .. so much appreciated!

Mar 19 – OPA .. with great hosts Big Kev, Fred Boenig & Rick Starr – this is a “live” Radio Show from SXSW

KEV, FRED & RICK .. These are three of my all time favorite AMA presenters… they do everything for the love of the music .. they are honest, kind and TRUE to what the AMA was originally intended to be ..

so LOVED being with these great guys and playing THEIR show

The sound was great .. thanks Gerald! (sorry if I mispelled your name. .. John Platania was awesome … the audience was warm and with us from the start!!.. what a great way to end our SXSW .. We played the Yonkers Story .. in songs and words for PART 1.. then songs from the new album The Little Prayers Trilogy .. and for the FIRST TIME played the song THE FREEDOM TRILOGY .. formerly known as TED WILLIAMS.. amazing reaction to this .. ended with Czech Heaven and Wild Thing.. what a great night!!

HI TO: .. special hello to proprietor Jackie and her kind, warm and great family .. . it was so great to meet all of you at the side table… I remember Isla & Tiffany … wish i remembered the other names.. but LOVED meeting you all .. you’re a special family!! Hi to the nice ladies in the back .. was it Debbie?.. & her other lovely friend.. thanks for being here..great to see you both .. also good to see the kind Eliza Gilkyson sort of look-a-like in the front row .. so good to see you .. good to see songwriter friend & his kind wife from the last few times.. congrats on the movie song … so sorry I forgot your name .. remind me next time.. thanks for the kind words .. much appreciated! .. and BILL & MARSHA.. so great talking to you at the end!!!.. Hi Kate & John .. my Austin friends forever.. so good to see you when we arrived… And hi to the nice Opa staff (I think) ladies we had pictures taken with in front of the tree.. so good to meet you!



First, thanks Lovinia (Rordriguez) .. for the kind manner in which you handled the booking!! And thanks to Frank & the rest of the staff for making John & I so comfortable.


The porcelain of my front tooth had cracked .. had some important filming to do upon my arrival in NY .. My dentist in NY said he would be away over the weekend and because a crazy busy schedule, might not be able to fit it in on Monday. All the Austin dentists I called, suggested by the hotel & my Google info, were closed.. maybe because of SXSW.

John & I headed to the airport. A few minutes into our trip I saw a sign on a window off to my left… ALOHA DENTAL. We made a quick U turn and headed back. The door was open.. a good sign… a friendly pretty face (Janet) greeted us .. listened to the story .. cracked tooth .. plane leaving in three hours .. TV show waiting back home .. can you help? She smiled and said, “let’s see what we can do!

In minutes a kind young man, DR. Greg Wang came out, assessed the situation and said.. my assistants are on a lunch break. I’ll round one off and we’ll give a try!!

In a half hour DR Wang and his kind assistant Rocio had me TV ready .. and John & I, after many thank you’s, headed for the plane .. me, in a much more mentally comfortable state.

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE GREAT DENTAL STAFF AT ALOHA DENTAL .. . what a blessing!! .. DR Greg Wang & Janet & Rocia & Laura & Katie .. It was great meeting ALL of you. Hope to see you again!!