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July 16 – 18, 2015 – BEAR FAMILY CELEBRATION – Bremen, Germany

John Platania & I arrived at around 4:00 PM .. jet-lagged and without our luggage (still in Amsterdam), but happy to be in Bear Family country on a beautiful afternoon. A kind Bear Family rep, Hartmut, met us at the airport and escorted us to our terrific Radisson Blue Hotel in the heart of this historic and warm feeling town.

After a brief rest we met the legendary founder of Bear Family Richard Weize and his lovely (and oh-so-kind) wife Birgit. Richard is a kind and great character .. i.e: handed the panhandler on the street a few coins with a smile saying, “hope this gets you part way to Hawaii!” .. nice! .. loved this dinner .. with lots of Richard stories that accompanied the creation of his awesome catalog .. And Birgit was happy to take over our luggage problem! .. What a blessing! .. Richard/Birgit .. thanks so much!

Goran Grini and lovely wife Katrine arrived earlier (great to see you always Katrine .. send my great wishes to my friend Christian!). We met them later for a drink at the hotel and made plans for the next day.


About a 45 minute drive got us to Richard & Birgit’s home/office where many of the decisions about the label are made .. met some great BF staffers there .. Hi Katrine, Christian, Brigitte and a few others .. good to meet you! Also so nice to meet Richard’s kind daughter Sarah and her children .. Nona & Thiel (hope that’s right) … so great to meet you guys!

After John Goran & I checked out many of the box sets and other releases, we had an awesome lunch on a little lake .. what a beautiful place to enjoy baby crabs, beer and good talk .. again .. thanks to Richard & Birgit!

After dinner in town.. we caught up on some needed sleep.


FEATURING THE BEAR FAMILY SHOW in the large tent .. set on a river in the heart of Bremen… so vibey and colorful


After sound check at 4:30… big thanks to engineers Lawrence (hope that’s right) & Danny.. you guys were great! Thanks! And backstage guide Francie (so good meeting you! .. big thanks for your extra help!), John, Goran & I were invited to be part of a half hour special TV show .. set on a hillside overlooking the river.. .. what a cool thing to be a part of … the great crew found us last minute amplifiers etc. so we could all play

CLAUDIA .. you were such a help and so much fun to be with! Huge thanks .. and Thanks Anja for getting us to and from.


The tent was packed .. what an awesome audience to play for .. we started with The Real Thing.. loved that .there was a great vibe throughout this show .. .. John & Goran were so so special tonight .. and the audience let them know it .. loved Trying To Let The Angels Know and Big River .. and Track 224 .. was awesome with soulful solos from Goran & John .. Angel was chilling .. Wild Thing rocked .. and the highlight for me was the beautiful audience choir church-like sing-a-long of FUCK ALL THE PERFECT PEOPLE .. what a night!

Saw lots of long time fans .. some from Holland! .. Hi Vincent and Nynke .. so good to see you front and center again! Wish i could have said hello later.

Hi to:

lovely Amea and dad, Paul & friend.. nice to meet you .. Hi August! .. it was so good to meet you .. thanks for the kind words!.. and Torscen .. after all these years! .. hope to see you soon! ..HI BRITT & BRIAN.. on the hillside later .. so nice to meet you! .. thanks for your kind thoughts.

Thanks to all our Bear family friends .. this was a special visit for all of us!