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June 29, 2016 – The Cutting Room – New York City

This was so special .. my amazing band mates, John Platania. Tony Mercadante & Tony Leone .. the Grandkids .. and this wonderful audience .. all together! For me, it does not get warmer or better than tonight!

The show was sort of an extension of the Songwriters Hall of Fame show – stories about folks that helped me along the way – which led to certain songs, i.e: Greg Gwardiak teaching me 3 chords .. which led me to fronting my first band, Wes Voight & The Town and Country Brothers. Tonight that led to my opening song, The Real Thing. Chet Atkins, whose note after hearing a demo of one of my songs, said “It’s hard to believe Chip is from NY. But wherever he’s from, I want to hear every song he writes” which led to him cutting several with the Brown Family, Eddy Arnold, John Loudermilk and Bobby Bare hit, “Just A Little Bit Later On Down The Line”.

Then came the story about how I wrote a ballad for Garnet Mimms (TRY) with Jerry Ragavoy who then wanted to change it to an up-tempo song for Lorraine Ellison – which I did just in time for me to play it for Jerry (and hustle to Aqueduct Race Track to bet on a winning horse). Janis Joplin heard Lorraine’s version, covered it and months later, as I entered the West Side Drive off of the Bronx River Parkway I heard a DJ say “Here is the new single by Janis Joplin,” which tonight, led to me singing Try (Just A Little Bit Harder), a song I haven’t done in years!

Included in the mix were a couple from my Yonkers NY and Little Prayers Trilogy albums. We ended my solo set with my tribute to fans across the globe with a special invite to Parnell’s bar with Czechoslovakian Heaven.. then the Grandkids took the stage!

And they were so amazing. Aside from being so warm and sweet, there’s nothing that makes me feel better than sharing the stage with them! We did several from Little Brothers, including the title track, Refugee Children and St. Joan .. which brought the house down! .. with the entire audience singing the chorus in tribute to Joan. Then a lovely Angel Of The Morning and a cool Wild Thing .. featuring awesome solos by John (amazing solos all night!) and Tony AND Tony .. just great! .. ending with Kate’s “shake it one time for me” dance! We ended with a prayer from Little Brothers – Book Of Hope .. encoring with my song for the prisoners, Fuck All The Perfect People. Definitely a night to remember!

Hi to so many –

First .. big shout out to Will (William) who did an awesome job with the sound! .. We never had sound better than this.. with so little effort. Thanks to Steve & Susan for having us! And to Lincoln & Ryan for coordinating! Hi to Mark & Danielle who greeted us. Hi to Jerry Brown & Jonathon (The Rua) .. nice Jonathan?? .. inform me at Parnell’s

Hi Elliot & Ingrid .. nice seeing you guys .. talk to you next week, Elliot.. Hi Tom (Stauder) .. so great to see you! .. call me whenever.. Hi to the Philly / Delaware gang .. Bob, Dave, Richard, fiance Briana & Robin .. good to see Herman .. nice talking with you .. sure.. let’s get that Latin version of Angel Of The Morning on the drawing board .. sounds good to me!! .. Hi Hillman & Maddy .. so good to see you guys . Maddy .. hope your dad enjoys the CD..

My great friend Bill Wetzel .. so good to see you again! .. look forward to seeing you and friend Jane very soon! .. Hey Charlie Boots .. now that I met your dad, Tom, with the Sun T-shirt .. your stock went up! .. sure, let’s talk .. send to Chuck at Train Wreck and we’ll arrange it.. hi to Hainna & Kaetlyn.. good seeing you .. Hi to James & Lida .. old friends .. and Chris .. send love to Eva.

Hi to great friends, coach Pete & Jon .. & Karen .. & John & Mercedez .. love you guys !!!! .. here’s to St. Joan! …. Hi Claudio … so great to see you again.. & Chelsea.. hope to see you soon!!! .. Big hello to Michael .. great to finally meet you.. send info about your documentary to Chuck at Train Wreck .. talk soon!

Ernie .. thanks for coming.. talk later today .. The Parnell’s gang .. Stanley, James, Keith, Terrance, Carl, Allan & Elenor .. and all THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!

Debbie (Lorna & Zoe) Al.. neighbor Naomi & nice son & daughter in law .. .. Mitch, Estelle, Ailene & Bob, Jackie & friend Judy & great son and friend David…Linda & Itamar .. and Betsy & Paul ..the great Lander! and Scott & Suzie Goodman .. Eric & Julie and Adam & Carrie.. front and center .. thanks so much you guys!

Our great Vermont DJ/ friend .. so good to see you Joel! and Howard .. Great to see you again and again and again! Again, just a heads-up about the amazing new Kendel Carson project .. artwork in final stages!. We are hoping for a Sept /October release!

Kelly’s old great friends, Christine & Dave .. wow! .. thanks so much for making the long trip.

John & Lana – love you guys! So good that you’re part of the family!! ..see you very soon! great to see old friend from Elmore Magazine, Suzanne & great photographer, Ebet Roberts.. thanks to both of you .. hope you got what you needed.

So good to see John’s nieces.. Christine & Leanna .. and friends.. was it Doug? .. the “bodyguard!” .. thanks for the nice words! .. Uncle John is amazing!

Patrick … thanks for being there! .. see you soon.. Carmella & Larry .. great to see you again!

Of course the great Kelly and champion Frank and the girls and Chuck & Mary, and Sarah, Carlie, Nikki & Sammi and Maizy … what a team we are!…. and my ST JOAN.. she was a star tonight!

Richard .. my son Kris’s – grade-school music teacher. .. Gasoline! .. after all these years!

AND .. my great friend and kind dentist Alan and lovely wife Randy .. will wonders never cease! Thanks sooo much for coming!

Then came the Ivan “gang” with the young and absolutely lovely Emmanuelle – with her 40s movie-star looks – with their vibey cohorts including the talented and edgy Jesse Malin. Now this all seemed like an entire cast from an underground old-school caper movie .. we could sell this with just the cast .. no script! Ivan .. I want in .. find a place for me .. ok .. and the grandkids .. they need to be there some place too! If they’re happy .. I’m happy!! .. oh yeah! .. and St. Joan .. she needs a least a cameo!

note: Ivan Martin is currently starring in the successful Showtime series, Billions.

To all my friends and others that attended.. thanks for being here! .. you helped make this so special!