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Aug 26, 2016 – Norwood MA – The Fallout Shelter

About the show:

The show features John Platania and me. The set up is one hour of show for an audience in front of cameras … And then an hour interview. They will put this together in some sort of a YouTube (called The Extended Play Sessions) show that is associated with a successful folk/americana magazine called The Alternate Root.

Our old friend Bill Hurley is the host of the show.. His partner is in very nice lady that we just met tonight name is Meribeth.

The show

I just love this. First, the place is so cool and the audience so kind and warm . .. it’s just the perfect little venue to get your most personal and intimate performance on display.  It’s always so great to share the stage with John in these sort of settings because the spontaneity that happens always leads us in different directions and always emotional ones.

Bill introduced me as having just been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. So I begin the show with my journey of growing up in Yonkers and carrying that into when I got my first record deal and then my first publishing successes.  There were lots of thoughts about my family and their wonderful influence on me as well. And all of this was accompanied by songs that caught the spirit of the words.

We started with “The Real Thing” then went to “Yonkers NY” then to “Charcoal Sky” and “Hey Jonny” and the story about the start of rock ‘n’ roll.  Then we went to a couple of my early hits. Bobby Bare’s “Just a Little Bit Later on Down the Line” and the Hollies and Linda Ronstadt’s Big hit, “I Can’t Let Go”.

Certainly one of the highlights tonight was the story about the refugees in Sweden… And my witnessing some events that led to the song “Refugee Children”.  We played soulful versions of “Angel of the Morning” and “Wild Thing”! This great audience made us feel so comfortable every step along the way … Bill had to interrupt from time to time to reset the camera and stuff like that and it only added to the fun it was no distraction whatsoever it was like a total love in… I love all the faces I saw in the audience and you could see the kindness and the respect that they had for John and me … It was special.

We encored with two brand-new songs never played before. The first, “New York In Between” seem to catch a very nice room and made it one connection with the folks … And the second “A Song I can Live With” which very well might be the title song from my January release… Seemed to bring the house down!  We finally did our double encore with one of my favorite songs “We Come up Shining”

That was the end of the first part of the show the second part of the show is Bill doing an interview with John and me.. and that was very, very special… I can’t remember exactly what was said but Bill asked very insightful questions and the audience seemed to enjoy the questions and the responses… In general this is one of my favorite shows I’ve ever done extraordinarily unique and humble and wonderful.

Said hi to several

Missing some of my notes here but from memory and a few notes here goes

Hi Melissa nice to see you!? You as well Meaghan. Big hello to Carl and Lisa… Carl was worried about making sure I said hello to his other friends and get pictures etc. I think the other friends were Joe and Debra?? Hope that’s right. Hi to Will and Paula… And Tom and Leo.

Hi to Johnny and Tim and Jena not sure if I spelled that right.. Hi Suze. and Dave and Barbara and Cheryl and Barry and Culm .. Is that the proper Gaelic spelling? Hi Gary and Joanne.

Hi to Dyan with a Y Nice talking with you and hi to Will and Paola and Dave and Barbara and Jeth and Deb.. Thanks to all for the kind words and special hello to new friends Isabelle and Sophie.

Best of luck with the school year and the future.

Another shout out to the great staff… George Steve and Eric and Connor and Maribeth and Matt… what a great group ..

And huge thanks to Bill for his hard work and support throughout the years.

Hope to see you all soon

Aug 25, 2016 – Northhampton MA – The Iron Horse

Back in 2002 and 2003 and 2004 we were voted fan favorites of one of the coolest radio stations on the planet here in Northhampton.

We had no idea until we hit the festival in Greenville 2002 and found more fans waiting for us than at any other stage .. singing along with us to the words of all our songs… The C & C thing was so strong here in this great area.

That vibe continued tonight. When we arrived for sound check,  the fans were waiting in line around the block to get in … just like old times. The place was absolutely packed and when we hit the stage, there was a warmIMG_4899 amazing audience.. waiting to say hello to us again!..  we soared on that energy.

The Show

Again it was John Platania on my right… Carrie on my left .. and we were ready to go –

We started with Keep your hat on Jenny … And by the time we get the second song, Lets Leave This Town, you could hear a pin drop .. When our voices hit each other I got chills from the start of this one until the end … and there was lots of cheering when it was over. All The Rain totally rocked tonight and we remembered every word! Not an easy thing to do with this song there are lots of them. Then, the Lou Reed favorite, Your Name is on my Lips Again, totally connected as did Oh Set a Light… And again tonight, one of the super highlights was Do Your Part which had.the audience smiling and joining in on the chorus and cheering the great solos by Carrie and John which rounding out this cool/ fun song.  We ended the set with maybe the most beautiful version of the Angel of the Morning that we have ever done it was like mystical and the audience totally reacted with a standing ovation that lasted for a quite a while.

Set II

We began with second set with our first big hit from back in the day Sweet Tequila Blues …  a huge hit in this part of the world … And the audience reacted standing up and clapping and singing during the song .. then we went to the very cool young folks favorite… Dirty Little Texas Story and that was something so special again.

Next came Memphis, Texas in honor of Carrie’s late grandma Frances and it was so touching .. Total chill time for me .. Our second hit, Don’t  Speak in English, came next… followed by a chilling Big Moon Shining. The magic of Chip and Carrie is no more pronounced than on this one! Then came a totally rocking Wild Thing somewhere in the middle I invited Stewart, our friend and bartender, to come out from behind his bar and get on the stage and play his great harmonica solos on the song.. he did an awesome job!!  Everyone sang along and this sounded as great is it ever has – Well done Stewart, John, Carrie and Jim at the controls thanks for the great sound and the great soundcheck… All in all this was one hell of a night.

We took a picture that hopefully captured the spirit of the great fans here tonight. The cheering fans at the end .. The photo was taken at the end of our encore, We Come Up Shining… We left to a cheering crowd and a standing ovation .

And said hi to several –

My wife’s brother Bobby married a good friend and a wonderful lady named Joan who has been going through some tough times recently but seems to be now out of the woods. We will celebrate soon – Joan much love

Anyway.. Joan’s  brother Ken came to the show tonight with some friends Sam & Carol and I forgot the other name I’m sorry maybe it was Millie not sure .. So sorry Francie could not make it please send her my big love.. Great to see you guys!

Hi to Sophie and Luke and Steve and Jen who were the first online that song was for you Jenni… Hi to Lynn and Doug. And a big happy birthday to Bill good to see you and Dale and Deborah and Dave and Mark and Doug and Jeanne from Rhinebeck and a big hello to Ike..

Great to see the old Iron Horse crew totally intact old friend Neil Stewart behind the bar Jim what great sound thank you an old friend John who was here when we arrived..and old friend Jerry was at the same corner at the bar wonderful to see you all you folks and Sam thanks for selling the CDs.

And later our old friend and club manager Eric stop by to say hello… Eric thanks for all you’ve done for us over the years helping make Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez something special in this neighborhood… Love this place and love these folks… Hope to see you soon what a memorable night.


Aug 24, 2016 – Joe’s Pub – New York City

DSC01327_edited-1This was an amazing night! Carrie Rodriguez and I were joined by the brilliant guitarist and great friend, John Platania

This is a very comfortable room to play and when the audience gets as enthusiastic as this you get very inspired … John was brilliant all night and Carrie’s fiddling was sensational … And the harmonies sounded very chilling to me all night.

Some of my favorites were Let’s Leave This Town,  All the Rain,  certainly Red Dog Tracks and Carrie’s great solo with Elzicks Farewell.

Certainly another special song was Your Name Is on My Lips Again… This song Lou Reed had said he liked so much because of its honesty… Big Moon Shining gave me chills… As did our version tonight of Angel of the Morning… We closed with a wild and spirited Wild Thing.

And said hi to many kind folks:

Hi James and Helen great to see you there tonight and friends Mark and Jones and their friend Peter so good to see you.. And Larry Grosses daughter Jenna from Texas… Great to see you Jens and Yens from Denmark.

Hi to good friends Ed and Katie & Mille.. Good to see you back at Parnell’s later… Thanks for all your support.

Hi Willy and Jane sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hello.. Hi Adam and Mia thanks very much for the congratulations Mia.. glad you were part of it tonight with a text video… next time you actually have to be here I want you here much love to you.

Hi Claude from 405 good to see you here and Fred good to see you and hi to Annie and Curt .. Hi to Rick and Hannah and Jessica and Tiffany… good to see you all!

Hi Tadd.. Who I last saw in Tokyo… Wait to see you tonight and memories of Tokyo girl! And I Koji… Wonderful to see you as well.. Hi to Mike Piilot and Terry great to see you again Mike.

Thanks for coming Patrick… We are in this together! good to see your friend Godfrey.. Joan and I will look forward to our next dinner

Hi Karen and Randy, DJ and Lois… Carrie Knoblock’s good friends … Thanks so much for coming!  And hi Maria… I loved talking with you and having you tell me about your family and how to spell their names correctly!

So .. now hello to longtime friend… And your father… Richard… So good to see you again and mom Cheryl .. And aunt Adele with one L.. I also like that you liked the song “your name is on my lips again”.. One of my favorites… Hope to see you again Maria!

Hi Joan… Hi Bobby… Sorry we didn’t talk but thank you so much for coming .. Let’s celebrate soon.

And big thanks to all my great Westchester friends.. Al and Debbie… And Dana and Elsa… And Jackie.. Sandy and Norman… And Marvin and Judy… So nice of you all to come.. what great friends!

Hi to my Joan… Otherwise known as Saint Joan… And our great friends Chuck and Mary… Chuck thanks for all your hard work… You’re the best!


Oh, I almost forgot to say a big thank you to our great sound man, Thannasid. Hope to see you soon my friend.

And to all the others that I forgot to mention it … Thanks for a special night

Aug 21, 2016 Dallas Texas… The Kessler

It would seem impossible to keep up with that great Austin vibe… But somehow we did here in Dallas though that it wasn’t exactly the same… It was a little more crazy a little more vocal .. a little bit more nuts but totally Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez night again here in Dallas!! And again… It is a full house!!

Huge thanks to Jeff the manager organizer whatever you call him… The guy that makes the great Kessler tick!! And huge thanks to Cal for the sound and Graham for all the extra work you do!! .. Appreciate all your efforts in selling the CDs and great talking to you later about your band!! Good luck in Marfa!!

The show

Another amazing night… just before the sound check I met a wonderful guy named John… A big C&C fan… and a big fan of some of my other stuff .. For all the right reasons… And his wife Linda… That kind of set the tone for the night.. Great to see you guys!

John and Linda and the rest of this audience were amazing!

The show

Carrie and I were going to do one long set because of the late starting time .. 8:30.. but Jeff suggested two.. And we deferred to his request and we’re glad we did it

This was a huge C&C audience!! From the opening song.. Keep your hat on Jenni… to the end of the first set .. There was a beautiful connection

Some of my favorites from tonight… let’s leave this town… Don’t speak in English… Oh set a light… Red dog tracks… This was so special… With Carrie’s  solo on Elzik’s Farewell following it.. Memphis Texas.. A tribute to Carrie’s late .. And oh so special..  grandma.. was so heartfelt… further on and toward the end something totally crazy happen with wild thing.. The audience was singing along with reckless abandon from the absolute first word.. This was such crazy fun… It would take the Dallas audience to do this!! Loved this!!!!!!

We encored with we come up shining.. Which felt so special and beautiful.. such a warm connection with Carrie and me on this one… I absolutely loved it… Then when the audience kept clapping Carrie suggested we do Laredo… What a great choice this was!!! This was so loose and totally rocking…a perfect ending!!

Thanks Dallas … what a special night !? And what an amazing Texas tour!!

Hi to

Richard and Mary and Al… Actually Alabaster… And Sharon and Townes and Leo and Raquel and Buddy and Janey… Hi Doug… And .. wonderful fans from earlier days .. joy Ariel and dad… so great to see you guys! And Steve and Delma… And Coty.. Tesenia.. And Brian and Amy.. And new Ukrainian fans Paul and Debby.. And Keith and Barbara and Emily!!

And Gary… Carrie’s  fan for a while.. Very nice to meet you.. Hi Aaron.. And Melissa and Jason.. And Wade and Joe and Darlene?… Is that right… And Marita… really spelled “Marieta” .. is that right? So good to see you!!!!! I recognized you right away!!!!

Great to see my old friend Chad… Margaret so good to meet you!! And Danny and Jack.. Best with all your projects!! .. Hi Ted hi Stella!!.. Hi Melissa and Jason… Good to see you.. And hi Paula and Jerry nice to meet you as well

Tara.. Hope all is well…

Special hi to Bill from the legendary Bill’s Record Store and his associate Dave

Can’t wait to come back here again… Dallas was awesome!

Aug 20, 2016 .. stateside theater in Austin Texas !!!!!!!

IMG_3291The show was amazing!… We arrived in a rainstorm.. Huge thanks to the stateside theaters staff Steve for the sound Tyler for the lighting and Christie for taking care of our every need..  what a great job you guys did . Much appreciated !!

The show

The main reason the show was so great tonight was that there was such a beautiful connection between the audience and Carrie and me.. From the minute we started till the end of the show the vibe was just unbelievable ..  the audience lifted us to different places and the chill for me on-stage was as powerful as it’s ever been

It wasn’t that Carrie and I were  perfect… This was only our second show after many years… We sort of messed up the lyrics big time on all the rain but that even brought us closer to the audience… that’s how it goes sometimes… It’s like that we’re in this thing together feeling.

And, oh man, we were in it together with this thing tonight… We blasted off with stuff from red dog tracks let’s leave this town and the trouble with humans.. Let’s leave this town felt so so good tonight.. total chill time.  Oh set a light was so inspiring.. The song that Lou Reed like so much… Your name is on my lips again .. was so special… .. Then there was a very special moment with a Unglorious hallelujah which is a bonus track on our red dog tracks reunion album..  Then  do your part was so much fun.. with great Carrie solos !! And red dog tracks  was chilling… And Carrie’s  fiddling on Elzik’s farewell was amazing .. And by the time we got to the end of the first half and we sang angel of the morning.. Carrie and I were feeling something very special on stage…… and seemingly out of nowhere there was a standing ovation .. and the show was only half finished!!

The second half was sort of a continuation of a love in with this great audience..

First we had a taste of Carrie’s revered last album.. With a song in Spanish from her wonderful “lola” .. so special!.. like Merle Haggard passion in Spanish.. I have to find out what she’s talking about… But I got chills without even knowing..

Then we’ll all had fun with the hits sweet tequila blues and don’t speak in English .. so cool and special tonight… And dirty little Texas story was just so charming .. This was the kids special favorite back in the day..

Then something amazing happened with big moon shining .. that seemed to find the audience and Carrie and I right there together on a porch in that southern town.. so cinematic .. sort of like James Dean’s East of Eden.. and somehow Wild Thing made some sense in all of that spirit… And then came We Come up Shining… The chill on stage on this one was so beautiful ..  like old times and new times for Carrie and I ..could there of been a better night?  Carrie and I would certainly say….  I don’t think so!

Thanks Austin!!

Hi to

The amazing Carrie and Alex.. Who flew in from San Diego just for this show!!!!!!!! How crazy are they!?.. So great to see you guys… What an amazing blessing for Carrie and I… So good to spend some time with you after the show! I love you guys!!

Hi Francis and Raul… And Darcy and Mark and the kids Lucy and Townes … Leslie.. so good to see you !!!!!!! And Katy .. We are so blessed to have the Nail family spirit around us!!!!!! Hi Jim and Michael and Kate and Connie and Matt… And Trent and Donna Joanna and Drew and Maggie… and Layla and Maggie and Alyce ..

And Paul and Jean and Ruth… And Kurt… And Laura and John… And Ben and Mariaha.. So good to see you later at the bar .. And thanks Joe friend John Kunz for stopping by… And Martin great to see you as well… And Sonny .. great that you could come

And to all the ones I have forgotten to mention… Thank you so much for one of the most amazing nights ever for Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez

Aug 19, 2016 the mucky duck- Houston Texas

So good to start this wonderful tour with old friends at one of our favorite places in Texas, the mucky duck

Rusty wonderful to see you and Shane again… Send Teresa my best. Hope you have a great birthday in Las Vegas !! Careful my friend!

The show

Note: All the Texas shows our duo shows… Up close and personal with just Carrie and me

What a great audience to play for. Most must have been long time fans as they were singing along with many of the songs throughout the show. it couldn’t of been a warmer reception for our opening night

We did two sets there were so many highlights. I guess the biggest highlight for me was just listening to our two voices together once again. It always gives me chills .. such a blessing to be with Carrie.

Love so many of them but let’s call attention to Let’s Leave this town… Don’t speak in English… Dirty little Texas story… Big moon shining… Wild  thing was so much fun tonight .. Angel was beautiful and the closing we come up shining… was never more beautiful

Hi to

Say hello to so many nice people after the show… First Tracy thanks so much for helping us with the CDs. Gi Gary who sees us here every time we come… Appreciate  your support Gary!! .. Thanks for the pen! I think IOU about 10 of them!

thanks to Mark and Thelma and Alan and Marie and Tom and Emily and Steve Kurt and Fran and Lee Roy… So good to see you all and thanks for the nice words…

Hi Rick at KPFT… Thanks for your support .. Hi Shayna and Justin… Saw you from the stage on the right,  so good to meet you afterward… Hi Tonya and Gary and David and Carla and burning always good to see you Vernon

Hi to Marti hope to talk to you and thanks for talking about your films  sure hope dirty little Texas story gets in there someplace

Hi to  two of David Rodriguez old schoolmates Carol.. Nice to meet you .. and Nancy .very nice talking with you…

And hi to another very special Nancy who is been a big fan for a while and saw us for the first time tonight… Very nice talking with you Nancy… Hope to see you again

And big hi to Carrie’s aunt Carla and cousin Celeste and Andrew great to see you guys!

Thanks to the entire staff at the mucky duck… James thanks for the good sound… Hope to see you all again soon!