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Jan 30, 20217 Stockholm – Venue – The Southside Cavern

It was only a few blocks cab ride from our cool hotel to this cool venue. We played here last year and love the place.

The Southside pub above is a cool upscale place to eat, specializing in all sorts of different hamburgers … With a good whiskey bar… Downstairs the cavern holds around 90 people and has a good sound system and good folks running it. Per, the kind manager of the cavern told us that the place had been sold out for a while, I know a lot of these fans.. including Hakan’s great brother Christer.. Who is a revered reporter on many subjects in this part of the world, I’m looking forward to seeing these folks tonight

The Show

This was a very loose and lived in show with lots of interaction with the audience… Goran was amazing… I loved every minute of this.

Highlights from me were many… Including a very special version of Dance With A Hole In Your Shoe and a precious and chilling version of a song from the album Crazy Girl. Folks clapped for a long time after this one .. beautiful gentle stuff by Goran, made this so special on stage.

Another new one, New York In Between was beautiful tonight with a similar feeling from the song previously mentioned.. total chill time for me!!

For a certain segment of the show my wife Joan stole the show!!! Folks loved the sentiment of Joan Joan Joan and the song which became the title song of the new album A Song I Can Live With

Big River and Clean Your Own Tables ( the song I wrote for Johnny Cash) were definite highlights tonight leading up to a beautiful version of Angel Of The Morning and a wonderful sing-along of Wild Thing in an understated but very cool and sensual manner… So soulful… Then came Fuck All The Perfect People with everybody singing along and when the folks kept clapping we stayed on stage for final number which was a beautiful and reverence Refugee Children with everyone singing along from their heart.what a beautiful ending
loved this show.. thanks to all my friends love seeing you hope to see you again soon,

Hi Riley… from the Akkurat. .. So glad you stopped by and left me a whiskey message!!! it was Ardbeg and it was great
Big thanks!!

Wait to see my old friend Hakan’s brother tonight who said some very kind words thanks for that Christer.. see you soon

Hi to another Hakan… Hope your friend Christer (another one again) enjoys the album,, good to see you and Hasse .. Jonas (wheelchair bound) Great to see you again ,,you lift my spirits every time .. Big hello to your new friend Anders… he’s got a great vibe as well
look forward to seeing you every single time God bless you my friend

Good to see you Magnus.. next time I will play That’s How I Love You Tonight in honor of your wife… .. please send my best to Karolyn

Big thanks again for the staff… Thanks William for the sound and Brian for the bar stuff and for sticking with us and selling the CDs… You did an amazing job!!you made it easy for us

Great to feel the vibe of good friends.. looking forward to crashing in our glass hotel and heading for Orebro tomorrow

See you all next time!

Jan 29, 2017 Vesteras.. Venue Intiman

It was only a one hour drive to our hotel in Vesteras .. our rooms were not ready at the Elite Stadshotelet

so the kind folks in reception upgraded us to beautiful rooms on the top floor, a few doors down from up a nicely equipped gym!!!

2-Goran hotel

5:00 PM Sound check at Intiman

When we arrive there to this very cool interesting state of the art small listening room with chairs and  sofas set round  and comfortable but on regimented spaces… When people come they can get a good look at the stage but they also can be very comfortable in the fact that it is like THEIR room. There are tons of posters on the wall representing artists.. some of them very successful …that Bjorn has promoted over the years… this is a very warm place… here we find the real story of the intimate

Owner Bjorn has a big heart and he turns the space over to the homeless from time to time. For example, every Sunday there’s a soup kitchen for the homeless in the afternoon where they can come and relax and have a good meal.. he is also going to open up a place where they can stay at the end of the block… It seems that Bjorn owns most of the building where he houses plays and functions like birthday parties and weddings and things like that… which probably pay the bills but his real love is in the arts in and helping the community

Everything we feel about this place and everything we do tonight on stage is in that spirit of the wonderful work  Bjorn does.

The sound check with a nice and pro sound man went quickly and then we had a terrific meal in the back room.

we were on stage at 7 o’clock… This is Sunday night and people need to get up early in the morning so we are doing one long show

The show

This was a very comfortable place to play… Particularly with the spirit that we came to know… And all the nice and kind people that appreciate what Bjorn does were attentive and with us from the beginning

Some of the highlights for me tonight were Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World, Charcoal Sky. New York In Between which we played for the first time… And people seemed to love it.. everybody loved the story of Joan and I getting together in our excursions to the Japanese restaurant… So they had a big heart for Joan Joan Joan and also loved the title song inspired by her… A Song I Can Live With

One of the surprises of the night was the great chorus these seemingly shy folks sang on the song I wrote for Johnny Cash, Clean Your Own Tables.  That brought a lot of smiles and turned out to be much fun for all of us

Lots of folks were singing on Angel of the Morning .. it sounded so so beautiful tonight with Goran’s extraordinarily soulful playing ..and Wild Thing was so sneaky good and soulfull that it brought lots of smiles as well as well cool loose singing ..that was a wonderful pre-ending for the show

I actually wasn’t sure if anybody knew anything about us before we got here… But when we finally got to Fuck All the Perfect People at the end the whole audience was singing without being asked..

We started off the stage after that but the audience kept clapping so we came back and played Refugee Children… just as we had last night… And that seemed to touch everybody including us… And we said a final good night and said hello to some nice people

Hi Darmini . .. a kind volunteer .. Nice to see you when we arrived… Max great sound thank you very much .. wonderful to see my old friend Hilding again… What would a Sweden tour be without you!

So good to see that young couple on my left, Per and Linnea.. hope to see you guys again .. I felt a nice spirit from you from the stage… the kind that makes shows a little bit better… Thanks for that!

Hi Victor thanks so much for your efforts selling the CDs .. and in general thanks for your good vibes… Look forward to seeing you again ..hi Tommy good to see you as well

.. good luck Per with the new opening and also with your personal stuff. Thanks for the kind words!

And thanks to all who attended ..sorry I didn’t get to say hello to some of you before you had to leave. Hope to see you next time through.

Bjorn… Thanks for having us… Hope to see you next time through.

Jan 30, 2017 – Going to Stockholm

Our next show is in Stockholm… We wake up early enough to have a decent breakfast at the hotel… then headed to Stockholm at around noon and arrived at a very cool hotel..  The Glass House.. not too far from the venue we will play.

1-Glass hotel

Jan 28, 2017.. venue – Bjurfors Hotel and Conference Center

Actually Peter and I arrived here in the evening of the 26th after driving nine hours from Trondheim.. what a blessing to be here in this amazing and oh so comfortable place. We had a delicious meal that night and some good wine .. served by new friend Karin ..and just totally felt in heaven.

We had a day off yesterday .. with the greatest people.. owner Leffe .. wife Maria .. daughter Sara.. and Martina and John.. Benny .. Karin

and the guests and artists as they came in.

The whole idea of this festival is to get people together who promote shows for a great company, Rootsy, that promotes artists who play country, folk .. and at times alternative rock, in Scandinavia

It’s a wonderful company owned by my friend Hakan Olsson and Bjorn Petterson.. and the promoters are a bunch of terrific folks most of whom I’ve have seen over the years… It is great to see them arriving throughout the day yesterday

1:30 PM

did a question and answer for about an hour and 20 minutes with Hakan and another old friend and revered music gurus Tom Skjeklesaether … loved this.. A full conference room listening to 3 friends just talking about some old times and interesting happenings over my career

note: Goran has been away for these two days for shows with Paal Flaata.. he’s back in tonight for dinner and a brief sound check for a show tonight at 8:30

Our Show

You sort of had to be there to feel how powerful this was. It was so powerful in its silence…. certainly one of my favorite shows of all time. …as an artist, you do not make  “favorite shows” happen by yourself… You have to have some wonderful interaction with the audience and those on stage with you for that to happen. And that’s what happened tonight

1-Chip Rootsy 1701
The tent was packed ..I’m guessing 150 or so ..some sitting on benches covered with animal skin and fur and many standing… It was like we were playing in a Cathedral and every turn something beautifully human would control the atmosphere.

Goran was so gentle at times and then powerful when needed.

We played the Real Thing, Block Out the Sirens of This Lonely World, Dance With A Hole In Your Shoe, Trying To Let The Angels Know, Angel Of The Morning… then Wild Thing and Fuck All The Perfect People to end our show. But when the audience kept clapping, Bjorn asked us if we would do one more.

Earlier in the day a promoter, Rolf,  from Skebobruk, the town that inspired the song Refugee Children, told me that the refugees had seen the video of my song at a special event in their honor and were very moved.

So with that spirit we chose as our last song, Refugee Children .. with the crowd all singing along with us.

What a special night for Goran and me and all these wonderful folks that promote music for the love of it…And congratulations to my friends Hakan Olsson and Bjorn and Rootsy for sponsoring this awesome event.. so proud to be a part of it!

The rest of the night was extraordinarily special… all great Rootsy artists.. ending up with Doug Seegers.. the former homeless street singer from Nashville who is now the most popular singer in all of Sweden.

Doug and his great band put on an amazing show tonight ending up with doing a string of Hank Williams songs that I’ve never heard done nearly as good .. including some amazing yodeling… So soulful and Hank-like.

One of the wonderful perks of this festival/celebration was bonding with Doug over the last couple of days. What a blessing for me.

We said hi to a lot of the promoters over the period of a few days I’ll mention those I can remember but a big hello to all love seeing you guys and ladies.

Hi to friends Tor from Trondheim.. all The great folks from Falkenberg.. Zulfadli. Anders .. Marianna x 2 .. Jo Lo and all the rest from one of my favorite places to play… See you guys soon… Make sure you come around dinner time next time you’re at Parnell’s. It would be great to see you there

Hi Rune and Gunn.. hi to Lennart from box whiskey territory … thanks for the kind words… Big hi to Anders and the family

Hi Tom and Obsl and Chris.. see you all soon… Keep the bar open.. Hi Vibekka.. great to see you always.. much love.. hi Christine… Good to see you… See you in a few days .. look forward to that

Hi Anders and Elin… Anders… hope the folks enjoy the CD… hi Teresa and can… Thanks for the nice words

Again thanks to my favorite folks Lesse, Maria, Martina, Sarah and Benny and Jon as well .., wonderful to see all you guys… Special hello to my new friend Karin.. so good to see you the day we arrives that was special… and Patricia .. good to meet you as well

Hi to all the wonderful promoters and fans… by this time many are my friends… my good friends ..great to see you all

Jan 26, 2017 – Heading back to Sweden


Just left Norway over the mountains… Now in Sweden heading for the Rootsy festival




Jan 25, 2017 – Trondheim

Venue – Moskus

Great to see old friend Tor.. A legendary promoter who has been booking me in this area for the last 10 years or more.

Tor is in competition for promoting the venue of the year… Moskus.. this cool little place we’re playing tonight.

This revered venue that holds only 70 people has been sold out for weeks now.

Aside from being a venue, Moskus is one of the coolest little beer and whiskey bars on the planet. It has an amazing vinyl collection in shelves throughout the entire area. And like the great bars around the world including Parnell’s in New York, the Akkurat in Stockholm and Siste Reis in Halden, Norway of the attractions is the wonderful music they play. In all these bars I’ve mentioned it is some kind of combination of country, americana… or rock ‘n’ roll… All edgy stuff.. nothing main stream.. In this venue when they choose an album to play, they play it in its entirety .. I love that… It reminds me of the 70s!!

As you enter the venue, the actual bar is on the right.. and a very cool smallish stage is on the left with a velvet red curtain .. kind of reminds me of one of those old western stages…  just enough room to fit Goran and me tonight.

Chip Goran

After a great Indian food meal complements of Tor.. big thanks my friend… we hit the stage at about 9:30.

Note: there was an opening act tonight… A country band I think by the name of Hawk and Dove… Or something similar to that. Sorry to say I didn’t get a chance to hear them… But I heard very good things about them when we got there.

The Show

Because of the opening act we made the decision to play one long show tonight.

As is the case with all of our shows  in this town for the last several years… the audience is comprised of mostly fans of various age groups. Because we broke in Scandinavia about 12 years ago with an album called Black and Blue America… to a mostly college audience… there are lots of young folks here.

This was sort of a love- in from the  start… Goran Grini was amazing tonight as always.. so inspiring to me!!

The highlights were far too numerous to mention .. aside from Last Chance  favorites and Johnny Cash’s big River and the hits… It seemed like the songs from the new album… A Song I Can Live With.. some inspired by my wife Joan.. were especially revered.. actually Joan is sort of the secret weapon of this tour …after the shows everyone seems to want to get to meet Joan.. who will be arriving in Oslo in about five days!!

I just asked my great friend and road manager for this tour, Peter, what his favorites from last night were… and here are his selections.. Crazy Girl and A Song I Can Live With (both from the new album)

..Fuck All The Perfect People.. and our final song for the night… Holy Shit.. which I sort of pulled out of the hat when the audience kept clapping as we walked off the stage after our second encore… I hadn’t done that song in a long long time.. it ended up a huge fan favorite tonight with everybody singing along and toasting each other at shows end. This was some night!!! Thanks to all who attended!

Said hi to several and including:

Friethjof.. Nice talking to you… Thanks for the good questions… see you next time! Hi Steve hope the “Ted’s” enjoy Rock ‘n’ Roll Joe best to the family.. and a big hello to your plumber friend… don’t forget to set your alarm for 5:30!!

Hi Mick and Peder and Ola. Anja Thomas.. thanks for the kind words… hi Goran and Per Arne.. Hi Ingunn.. Nice to see you…hi Frode and Roger

Hi Helge.. good to meet you after the show… very nice to see you as well Stephanie!! .. hi Stina and Sofie and Eirik.. and so nice to meet college freshman and would be singer songwriter,  Mona.. so glad you were inspired to come to the show .. thanks so much for the kind words looking forward to your song!!

Big thanks to Lars for the sound.. and a very big hello to our new bartender friends Eirik and Magnus. Great seeing you guys… Big thanks!

Tor .. my friend!!!! Great to see you as always!!!!!! You have such a great spirit in the way you bring music to people… So glad to be part of that for all these years! And here’s hoping you win that award… You certainly deserve it!! Look forward to next time!


Love to Ingrid!… Tell her I was sorry she wasn’t able to make it… forgot to mention that Block Out the Sirens of This Lonely World was certainly one of the highlights of the entire night!!


Just a heads up to all… The great Goran Grini (wearing his producers hat) and brilliant vocalist Paal Flaata are up for a Grammy award this week.. for their special Townes Van Zandt tribute album. Let’s hope they win.. we will all celebrate big time!!!!

Jan 24, 2017 Heading for Norway

We left Ostersund a little past 10 heading across the mountains through Are ..the leading ski resort in Northern Europe. This is an amazingly warm January… Not nearly as much snow as they’re usually is for this time of year. But this trip through the mountains .. particularly high in the mountains had its share of snow and ice…  Peter did an amazing job negotiating the turns and getting us safely to low-ground.. but the view from high in the mountains was amazing.

It took about five hours to arrive at the beautiful Stockoya Island.. and our venue, Stockoya Sjocenter which sits right on the water.

Our new friend from Ostersund, Fia, took the journey with us to share in some cooking duties at the Skocenter with her friends and kind hosts Torild and Roar.

We were exhausted from lack of sleep for two nights and a long long drive over the mountains… But we decided to do a sound check right away at the offer of Terry.. an extraordinarily good soundman …which we did rather quickly and efficiently.

then we were served the most delicious mussels I have ever had fresh and flavorful… Torild mentioned that this is the area where you  would find the best of certain shellfish…  mussels being one..  local cod was the main course and it was delicious as well.

after dinner we crashed for about an hour and a half before getting ready to go on stage

Jan 24, 2017 The show venue Stocköya Sjöcenter

I was nervous about this show … Goran and I guessed that we wouldn’t have many Island fans… And since it was the dead of winter fans might not be traveling from long distances to see us

But as soon as we hit the stage we felt a very big warm welcome from the wonderful folks who attended. And it turned out that some actually were fans .. long story short we loved playing for these kind and warm folks … Goran was amazing all night and the audience let him know it at every turn

We started with the story and songs of growing up in the Voight family household… Listening to the Motorola radio and taking a ride to the train station… then we played some of the brand-new songs from the new album… A Song I Can Live With.. and just kept going with the loose storytelling.. with songs evolving from them like Dance With a Hole in Your Shoe.. Loved this one tonight… I didn’t follow any particular set list .. The warm feeling with the audience help guide the entire show.

Just before we started the second set someone told me that her aunt Sylva had a request… when Sylva requested Fuck All The Perfect People, I about fell off the stool!

So it was another one of these very special shows from beginning to end. And when we got to the end and played Wild Thing and then Fuck All The Perfect People I thought the show was over… but the audience kept clapping so we played I Wasn’t Born in Tennessee.. the  clapping continued as we left the stage… so we came back and played the title song of our new album.. A Song I Can Live With… And that seemed a beautiful way to end the show.

Loved talking to some folks after the show

Hi to Live, Maric ..Who kindly offered to cook dinner for John and I next time she comes along with me.. hope the ginger works!! I could use some…

Hi to Surla and Arne.. and Trini and Trond .. and another Anne.. both kind and lovely… hi Tormod .. thanks for the kind words.. Hi Gunner who used to sail with a merchant fleet.. so nice to hear you talk about music and your life hope to see you again

Hi Tove and Frode.. and Sylje and Bjorn.. so nice to see you toward the end.. Tormod .. so good seeing you and thanks so much for those precious words I will not forget that meant a lot to me..

Hi to Yonas Morgan and Sebastian and Tone and Jimmy and Linda and Camilla… Good to see you all!

Ingrid… It was so good to see you toward the end of the show ..I hope everything works out with the shop… and hope to see you again

.. it was great to see some youngsters in the audience in the beginning I wish they were able to stay… And it was so good to see young Peter there.. son of Torild and Roar

Hope to see you all again before too long.

Jan 19-22, 2017 – Sweden

Jan 19-20, 2017  – Travel
Left New York from Newark airport at 5:30 arrived in Stockholm at 7:30… after passport control, I went immediately to The Radisson Blu Hotel inside the airport to rest for a few hours as there were eight hours between flights to my final destination ..Sundsval airport .. one hour from the venue I would play the next day in Nylan –  the home of Box whiskey.

Although I didn’t sleep at the hotel it was good to lay down for a few hours before getting ready to take the flight to Sundsval.

After a short one hour flight I arrived there at about 5 o’clock and was met by my great friend Peter Soderlind and his terrific 11-year-old daughter Sags .. also my friend.

Peter .. a fan of country/Americana music… has worked for Box whiskey for five or six years. We first met several years ago when I was touring with Carrie Rodriguez and look forward to seeing each other whenever I come this way touring.

It was approximately a one hour drive to my very comfortable lodging… the Kraam Hotel .. not too far from the Box Whiskey distillery/venue which Goran Grini and I would play tomorrow. After a great dinner at the hotel’s upscale, yet very warm, restaurant I finally caught up on some needed sleep.

Jan 21, 2017 – Box whiskey

Goran, who was playing with Paal Flaata  in the south had to take three airplanes to arrive for sound check at Box at approximately five o’clock .. by the way I just found out that this was the first ever show at the Box whiskey distillery.

Big thanks to hostess Katerina and great sound man Thomas

We sound checked for about an hour and a half.. not so much to check… but to rehearse and be ready for the show.

The Show

1-Box Distillery

This was special!
Goran and I started out with the song inspired from listening to the Motorola radio when I was young kid… The Real Thing… then it was on to a visit to a train station in the 1940s with mom and dad and my brothers with the song Charcoal Sky..

Over two sets we played lots of things from the new album “A Song I Can Live With” mixed together with some of my favorites from other albums .. several from The Little Prayers Trilogy.

Some of my favorites tonight were “Dance With a Hole in Your Shoe”.. A spirited version of a song of mine that Johnny Cash recorded, “Clean Your own Tables”.. I haven’t done that one very often… It was special tonight .. then “Joan Joan Joan” was so nice… The audience seemed to love the story about Joan and I and our visits to the Japanese restaurant .. and the story about me writing the title song of my new album for Joan.. “A song I can live with”

Wild thing was crazy good tonight ..different than we have ever played it .. very loose and soulful… With the audience singing in from start to finish. Other favorites were songs for prisoners –  Solitary and Fuck all the Perfect People.

We ended with everybody clapping along to I wasn’t born in Tennessee … Goran was amazing tonight..

after we said hello to several

Great to see the CEO Thomas there… Nice to talk to Gregor.. a local reporter who has some very pertinent questions that kind of inspired the early part of our show

Hi to Ingrid and Erica and Soren and Bride and Kirstin.. hi 0laf and Gig and friends Zander’s and Agneta.. please send my love to Sofia.. hi Stefan.. see you next time Frederik .. great to see Saga’s grandparents Yvonne and Kurt

Again big thanks to Peter and for Parnilla and my great friend Saga… Saga thanks so much for the picture I loved looking at it after the show!

Jan 22, 2017 – Ostersund

We checked out at 2 o’clock and started the slow journey to our next town Ostersund… we have a day off there and a show on the day following.

We arrived at the Paradise on the lake at about 5 PM ..greeted by amazing hosts Fia and Martin and .. a bit later ..their great kids .. Pelle and Emmylou.. what a blessing for us to be here… Beautiful accommodations.. amazing dinner by an unbelievable cook… Known in the region and throughout Sweden for her accomplishments in that area and others..  including politics… and her kind and gracious husband Martin .. an extremely interesting guy… among other things… A hunter… loved hearing about his thoughts about the balance of the universe regarding animals and all things important to the sustainability of the universe.. amazing stuff.

Jan 23, 2017 – Ostersund venue

The day of our show here in paradise down at the boathouse.. which doubles as my beautiful apartment sitting right on the water overlooking the sea. Once I woke up and came upstairs to have a little breakfast. The effort had begun by Fia and Martin to convert my apartment space into the venue room and they worked all day. They also worked to set up the space for the pancake vendor who would make these unbelievably delicious, over saturated in butter, pancakes for the patrons just before they entered into the boathouse for the show

The wonderful thing about Fia and Martin is that in their work effort they never express just pleasure – it’s a joy to just continue working through the day with a goal in mind and work they did… It reminds me of my mother when she had something on her mind to do. She just didn’t stop until she was done

The sound check

The room was set up by mid afternoon.  Yonas and Morgan… the soundmen – wonderful guys… Got the equipment set up and sounding good and Goran and I did about a half hour sound check and felt like we were totally prepared

The show. .. A local singer songwriter in the image of Townes Van Zandt… But a fellow that has his own thing to offer… A wonderful voice and sincere quality ..did a wonderful opening set of about five songs in the audience really took to him and let him know it – nice job Marcus!

Our show

I cannot imagine a more memorable or magical show..

One of the things that surprised me was the age of the folks that came there were quite a few young people in their 20s and early 30s and several older folks as well .. I heard later that there were several musicians… Whatever… This was about the most beautiful and attentive audience you could ever play for so they totally got the best out of you with the sincerity of all the songs. We didn’t skip over any. It was total passion tonight.

There were too many highlights to mention but let’s go with Charcoal Sky which sounded so warm and felt so real to me on stage.. I absolutely loved Crazy Girl… ended with Until it Hurts.. The total passion of that one was simply still and floating around for everybody was and it got to me and Goran on stage.. and just to point a finger at Goran .. he was so soulful and brilliant as always and always the connection between the two of us was so spiritual and magical it brought chills to my body throughout the night.

Some more songs totally got to me were Block Out The Sirens of This Lonely World,  Little Angel Wings and oh so soulful version of Hey Lou… Which really got some folks… Including me. In between the sensitive stuff we had an amazing version a Big River and Clean Your Own Tables… With everybody singing along… Just to remember that the audience singing tonight was absolutely astounding… was special and almost like it was a prepared choir and it was so much fun to hear that

One of the highlights for everybody tonight was Wild Thing… As I invited Fia and Martin’s son Pele to join us on stage playing guitar and he did an amazing job! ..with a smile on his face and a guitar on his hands he looks like he belongs there! Way to go Pele – you were a star tonight!

We ended the show with a wonderful version of Fuck all the Perfect People which was never more sincere than it was tonight.  The looks on the faces that I saw from the stage was just amazing.  I had a fire all over me through so many of the songs and certainly that one in the chorus with the sing-along just sent chills up my spine thanks to this wonderful audience for giving us back so much.

We ended with a rockin’ I Wasn’t Born in Tennessee.. and said hi to some wonderful folks –

Hi Gianna’s and Bjorn… Young this works for the local favor and be on the local radio station got that and they did simple and beautiful interviews with me before the show and actually got me in nice spirits before I hit the stage so thank you guys take a load to Yolanda and I know you guys are so special Lovisa and Victor and Marcus and leaf and Jimmy and Linda Yonas and Morgan thanks so much for the great sound and tone .. so nice to see you at the end.

Quick to see what the end Sebastian and thanks for making those wonderful sandwiches for us and talking about the wonders of nutritious and beautiful bread… Lovely stuff

So finally… I just like to say a big thanks to all who were here and all the wonderful comments you made to Goran and me ..we appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine… we felt so connected to you it was great .. wouldn’t it be nice to be spending many more days together.. something beautiful happened tonight.

Big thanks to our Peter Soderlind..our friend and escort for this whole trip was so much a part of the spirit of all this good stuff

OK your knees and out of 24 January and we are ready to leave for a next venue and we are stealing Fia .. she’s coming to cook for us there as well – what lucky guys

Jan 6-7, 2017 – Chicago and Roots on the Rail Show

Had an amazing three day run with John Platania ..starting in Chicago… We played FitzGeralds on Friday.. Loved that! And on Saturday – after an amazing experience, an interview with old friend legendary David Hoekstra at WGN  – we took a train ride from Chicago to New Orleans and we played two shows on the train!  An amazing experience!

Huge thanks to my friend Tom Jackson for booking us at FitzGeralds club and forgetting so many nice folks to stop by and say hello.. and then escorting John and I to WGN and a strange journey to the docks and the back rails where we met the domed train.

Regards to new friends we met at FitzGeralds .. hi Suzie!! .. Great to meet you… Michael and Steven and Linda and Gary and Kevin .. Malon and Charie and Ray and Joanne and Dave and Steph, and all the rest thanks for the kind words and the wonderful support.

The “Roots on the Rails” train ride was a strange wonderful beautiful experience..  an old train with a dome on it from 1948 surprisingly well functioning (I think only 80 some odd made) ..swaying back-and-forth as the rails took us to places from Chicago through Mississippi on into New Orleans.  Both musicians and the audience rocking and swaying .. John and I sitting in the back of the train playing for 18 terrific folks who paid quite a bit of money to take the ride .. plus the staff… all seemed to be enjoying every minute of it… Lots of good friends, new friends.. hi to Jane and Helen and Catherine Mary Ellen Denise and Richie Charles Ed and Barbara JT and Chuck and Jim.. and all.  What fun to play for all these folks.

Using the background symphony as inspiration… the swaying and the strange, sometimes magnificent chugging and clanging and banging of the wheels .. we played everything including all the ballads from the new album and somehow it all seemed to work.. John Platania was just amazing… It seems like we were both born to take this train ride .. something worked for us here… It was so special once-in-a-lifetime thing thanks Natalie and Cassie.. Dan.. and Sarah and Bill & Charlie.


“This photo is the view in the bubble featuring the folks that organized this crazy/ great tour.. … Dan, Sarah and Charlie .. big thanks”



“another view in the bubble with new friends Barbara & Ed.”