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Mar 16, 2017 – SXSW Austin, TX

G&S Lounge

This was a wonderful day celebrating JC’s unique spirit. From the very beginning, everyone I talked to carried that spirit with them. John had developed a small influential army of fans from over the years regarding music – he championed the singer/songwriters who felt stuff and conveyed it. And he had no interest in whether they were successful or not – success would probably make John skeptical. He put out a music magazine called 3rd Coast and a group of radio stations that reported to his chart (the Far chart)… whose mantra was “all of hits .. none of the time.”

Of the hundred or so people who attended, several were from Sweden, Norway, Ireland, England, Holland, etc. Just from all over – even from New York, like me – paying tribute to this wonderful crazy guy who did it his own way and never was beholden to anybody.

John Platania, who had a special feeling for JC and his love of music, and who JC held in high esteem, did everything he could to get here but he was stranded in Albany and couldn’t make it so I ended up doing a few songs by myself. And then the great Carrie Rodriguez, who had the same admiration for John, joined me on stage for an amazing reflection of what we have done over the years … and that John was so supportive of.

And it was in a great spirit that this room just became some other kind of place… It wasn’t a typical music show by any means… It was far more than that.

I played a few from my brand-new album A Song I Can Live With. And then Carrie and I did several – Don’t Speak in English, Let’s Leave This Town, Your Name is on My Lips Again, and of course the hits – Angel of the Morning and Wild Thing. We ended with a rousing version of an anthem for John Conquest that I had originally written for prisoners – Fuck all Perfect People, and that was the real John Conquest  spirit of the day.

A few hours later we stopped off at Opa to do a live radio show with our great buddies Big Kev and Fred Boenig .. where the mention of John Conquest’s name was greeted with rousing applause.

I loved this show as well. Again played a couple of my new ones and then Carrie joined me on stage and from start to finish I had that’s special chill that I only get when Carrie’s  voice hits mine.

Thanks to all the folks behind the scenes that did such a good job in broadcasting the show… and also the behind the scenes folks at the G&S lounge who did such a great job working so hard and presenting a full days show.

Over the course of the two shows we said hi to some wonderful folks

First… Deborah Lou… So good to hug you today.. much love from me to you and this great spirit that we have to carry forward!

Jimmy .so good to see you again I love the spirit of your place and so nice of you to carry-on John’s tradition with the magazine and the Far chart ..just the greatest thing you’re doing.. hope to see you soon my friend.

Hi to Lars Renée and Bengt from Gothenburg . So good to see you guys love talking with you all

Kate ..good to see you and finally get a picture with you… tell skinny I said hello if you talk to him I hope to see him one of these days soon

hi to Mike from France so good to see you Mike I love talking to you about this sort of thing you’re one of the good guys hope to see you sometime soon

hi Rick and Carol from 23rd St. hope to see you at Parnell’s

Hi Sonny great to see you! Pete .. so good to see you again as well hope you enjoyed the CD.

Mike so good to see you thanks for the good sound!!… so great to see old friend Roger Kirkpatrick.. thanks so much for the kind words Roger… I know I was in a hurry but they meant a lot to me and all the best to you always you have such a wonderful spirit

Huge thanks and hello to my wonderful duet partner Carrie Rodriguez.. Who was just amazing today… Carrie brings out such a warm spirit in me ..  just magic singing and playing with her again!