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Apr 26 – 30, 2017 – Ireland Tour

Apr 26, 2017 – 6:00 PM – BBC Radio with my friend Ralph McLean
– John and I just arrived with no sleep for a day and I was a little spaced out, but there is no radio show that I’d rather do then the one with Ralph McLean. He is so knowledgeable about music – and kind and interesting and funny at times. But the greatest thing about Ralph is that music is so ingrained in his heart and the conversation always works through that. A great way to start our visit in Belfast!

Apr 27 -Belfast, The 18th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

Raob Club (Church Street) also known as the Buff Club. The members of this non-sectarian social club built in 1822 have kindly turned over the room tonight for the festival… They do very good kind work for the community and festival reps Sean and John toasted them with much thanks before the show

Our sold out show is part of The 18th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival that runs from Apr 27th to May 7th 2017

Our Show

Great to be back in one of my favorite places in the world with warm memories from past shows …from my first show at a club called the Rotterdam back in 1997… again this show is dedicated to the memory of Phil Sinclair and Gerry Anderson..

I loved this from the very opening. Started with songs from my Last Chance album from back in 1974, The Real Thing and then we had some fun “practicing” Coalfields of Shickshinny which I will have to play for my brother’s scientist friends (actually spies) in Dublin. The song was based on a poem my brother Barry was writing for our grandfather years ago, so he is a co-writer… And he is sending spies to my show in Dublin tomorrow to see if we are performing the song. But truthfully, I love the song and I’m glad to be doing it again… And tonight the audience seemed to love it.

My new album has several songs in it that are dedicated to my wife Joan. I started with the song Joan Joan Joan and the audience totally took to the sentiment of it .. wish Joan was here to have heard it… and the folks seemed to love the title of my new album – A Song I Can Live With, which also was written for Joan.

Totally got lost in the spirit of some of the others including Crazy Girl .. this is constantly becoming a highlight in every show . As is New York In Between ….and a couple of songs from Black and Blue America including Theme For an American Hero and Stroke City Girls .. big-time audience favorites tonight.

Stroke City Girls was dedicated to the memory of the great Gerry Anderson.

After the hits – Angel of the Morning (so touching tonight) and Wild Thing. (such good-hearted anarchistic fun)…. we played one of our favorite anthems.. a song I wrote for prisoners – F**k All the Perfect People, which recently went viral on Spotify.

We ended the show was a tribute to the refugees with the song Refugee Children – it was so great to hear everybody singing along with F**k all the Perfect People  and Refugee Children… And we finally ended with everybody clapping and singing along to I Wasn’t Born in Tennessee.

This was just a warm/great audience .. we were together from the start and they witnessed a beautiful interaction between John and I… And..John was unbelievable tonight!  At times otherworldly in the spacey stuff that he brought to Crazy Girl… Nobody could do that but John… a special interaction between the audience and us is sort of always expected in this town, but it was never better than tonight  – thanks to all who attended.

Special hi
Hi to old friend Carol.. hi Una and Eugene .. happy birthday Eugene!!

Hi Irene and John good to see you.. hi Kathy and friend whose name I cannot read!! .. hi Siobhan and Claire!!! So good to see you both again

Hi Stuart thanks for the kind words… It was good to see you again… And Keith good to see you again as well and Rod and Jenni and Julie and David

When my old friends… Joan take care of the good guy… very good to see Martina and Paul again all the best with your music.. Alen..thanks for telling me about Dieter who came all the way from Switzerland for the show… Deiter, I am so sorry I didn’t shake your hand hope to see you soon again!

Hi Barbara and Rob and Joyce.. and hi Nicola… Good to see you and Ali.. hope to see you again.. love hanging out with your family God bless them all

And a huge thanks for this tonight and for every night to come to my great friend Davy Brown who was with me when I first came to the Rotterdam back in those days. We have stayed friends forever and Davy’s doing one wonderful job escorting us throughout the country and selling our CDs and driving the van etc. etc. we wouldn’t be doing this trip without you .. much appreciated!

Apr 28, 2017 – Dublin – Venue – The DC Music Club

Run by Paul Lee with sound by a great lady Maraid.. booked by old friend Nigel Martin.. A very well coordinated effort that had John and I playing in this speakeasy-like venue … you cannot promote the venue with any posters or the like because this is actually a conservative social club when it doesn’t pose as a Music venue .. so advertising is not allowed.

But somehow the word got around for several days now the show is been sold out.. and what a kind and warm audience…. certainly a great memory for me.. I will look forward to coming back and playing a couple of days the next time we are already in the talking stages of making that happen.

Tonight we divided the show into halves .. We have not been doing that so it was a little bit of adjusting on our parts.… John was brilliant again all night long and it was great to see him play in front of his Van Morrison bandmates Paul and Dave and to talk to them after ..sorry we missed you guys at the bar after.. look forward to seeing you next time.

Part I
The show started with songs inspired by an old Motorola radio which was in the hallway between the boys bedroom in the kitchen… The Real Thing took all those thoughts under its wing and blasted off.

Then came one of the highlights of the night …. as I mentioned in the notes from the last show, my brother Barry… The guy who invented the formula that predicts when volcanoes will erupt… sent spies to check to see if I was going to play a song we had written together… the song is called Coalfields of Shickshinny from my Last Chance album from 1974. I’ve been practicing it and with heavy coaxing from brother Barry. I thought it was about time I started including it in the set… With all that good fun behind us we went to a couple from the new album .. again Crazy Girl gave me chills.. as well as New York In Between and certainly the title song – A Song I Can Live With was an audience favorite.

We ended the first set with Angel of the Morning that also gave big time chills .. John played such beautiful stuff.. This certainly was and always is an audience favorite.

Set 2

We start this off with Dance With a Hole in Your Shoe ..and I could tell the connection with this audience was something very special …and from then on John and I were so loose and playing totally inspired. The total camaraderie that can be felt when an audience and an artist get together somewhere lost on another planet was right there tonight ..this was one of my favorite sets of all time.. John was awesome!!

Other highlights… Nothing Coming Out of Me That I Like… Trying To Let The Angels Know… And maybe the highlight of the night . F**k All The Perfect People… Wild Thing rocked big time … And after a second standing ovation we ended it with a chilling anthem to the refugees with the final song Refugee Children.

Thanks to all!… This was a special one

Said hello to some wonderful folks I’m sure I forgot a lot of names but here goes

The girls in the corner great great girls… Barbara, Sue, Denise, Glenice and then there was also John and Fran so great to see all of you I love talking with you… did you say your prayers last night? Were some for me? don’t forget that…

Jenni and BJ and Helen and Justin and Derek and then and Shavon and bake oh it was so good to see you yet. I think that was another Siobhan someplace but I’m not sure and I can’t read this name darn it and then it was Gerry.. all the great guys I spoke to at the table and bought me a drink that’s a nice talk there look forward to seeing you all back again

Great to see Paul and Dave from Van Morrison’s band ..great talking with you guys sorry we missed you and nice to see your friends there as well Culm,, I think I missed this name was it ?… Sorry about that.. hi Graham and Terry good to see you & Bonnie and Grainne and Kire.

Some very nice humble fellow said that old friend Tom Clark said hello wish I remembered your name but I hope you sent on my very best wishes… he is such a talented guy and a good guy

I know I spoke to many many more I am sorry I forgot your names forgot to write them down but you made a difference and I it was a wonderful audience and we were all in it for the same reason .. camaraderie ..John Platania it was absolutely brilliant tonight and you let him know that at every turn… This is one of my favorite favorite shows… Thanks to all who are in attendance
We are already discussing the next show I guess what we’re thinking about is we’re going to put two shows together over a short period of time and I will look forward to seeing you… Everyone of you again thanks for a wonderful night.

Apr 30, 2017 Kilkenny Roots festival – Venue – Set Theatre (John Street)

This was one of my all-time favorite shows in one of the most magical venues I’ve ever played


Thanks John. (Cleere) we just loved this nice to meet you out of the blue yesterday and escort us to the theater to get a feel of the place before tomorrow’s show… it was great to meet Dave and Rosie there and didn’t know we would be in such good hands and so kind of you and Phyllis to stop bye before the show and extend your good wishes… sorry we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.. John… Huge thanks for having us… there was nothing better than this.

Big thanks to David for the great sound and Rosie for the lights… Just great to work with both of you and to meet both of you .. hope we can do it again before too long

The show (One long set)

This was a magic from start to finish .. there was a certain warmth and kindness flowing throughout the auditorium this afternoon.. The sound was amazing .. it felt like we were playing in the cathedral clear and pure

It was wonderful to look out and up an around to both sides of the balconies and realize the place was packed we had such warm kind faces to play for

There were so many highlights it’s hard to pick out a few but let me give it a try… Loved the start of the show talking about my brother Barry’s spies in the audience and singing the song we wrote together Coalfields of Shickshinny

Dance with a Hole In Your Shoe seemed to set a certain kind of tone for the rest of the show… As usual I loved getting lost in the vibe of Crazy Girl in the audience seemed to as well… Trying To Let The Angels Know … always bring special meaning to me and certainly did again this afternoon.

Angel of the Morning felt so beautiful in this church-like atmosphere and Wild Thing rocked so good!!! What an amazing anarchistic sing-along… with John’s crunching and screaming guitar guiding us all the way.

John Platania was so awesome the entire night … From start to finish… So so soulful… Johnny you are the best…

One of my favorite moments was this wonderful group of folks a singing the chorus of F**k all the Perfect People .. we ended with Refugee Children and it felt so special and so reverent to play it in this town this afternoon.

Said hi to so many special folks and got the names of a few, including:

Hi to old friend Del Day and Allison and Chris… hi Pat.. and Annmarie and special friend Niamh (sounds like “Neeve” to dumb Americans like me .. about this is the correct spelling). and David whose nickname is Ted for some reason!.. hi Liam… Good to see you hi Joe and Helen nice talking to you as well.

Hi to Tom and Jackie.. and Colma and Kevin. Hi to Ronnie and Catherine.. and KayB.. my ..story book children ..friend.. so good sharing a few minutes with you!

Hi to Martin and Maria.. and Fidilma and Francis … big hi to Johnny .. Great to see you again John.. hi Aine and Majella.. so good to see you guys …thanks so much for making the journey!

There were so many others that said hello and I’m sorry I didn’t get your name I forgot it but hope to see you all again ….this was a special afternoon.