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Oct 30, 2017 – Zuilen – venue – Patel van Zuilen

This is a special venue! Not far from the main town of Utrecht, this hidden away gated house has become a very important upscale bar /restaurant /music venue over the last several years.

The proprietor is just a great great guy named Gerard Joost .. his wife Else was the amazing cook from last time but she has since semi retired and allows a state-of-the-art new chef to take over. 

The amazing staff is totally ready for us when we arrive. They set up a private room for us to have dinner along with the booker of the show .a rather famous musician and country singer in his own right … another fella named Yoost .. and kind and great soundman Andre.

We are finished this amazing meal at around 7:00 and have time for a rather fast sound check before playing our show at the venue down the hall. 

We see that every seat has a name on it & the show is totally sold out… but they are making special room for our special guest from London Tony Pankhurst  and his friend Ed.

The Show – Set One

As has been the case with the other previous shows the audience seems extremely excited about the idea that this is the Last Chance Tour and they are about to hear the first five tracks from that album.

This is a very vocal audience from the beginning of the show… Many are huge Last Chance fans and singing along with every song we play.. there is lots of cheering after every song.

It would be very hard to pick a highlight of the songs from that album that we play tonight… They all seemed very inspired… The up-tempo ones and the slow ones … John Platania was just magic and the interweaving of the two of us was very special tonight.

After the amazing vibe of the last chance songs it seemed hard that we could ever extend the vibe further .. but that seemed the case with the songs for my wife Joan .. Joan Joan Joan and A Song I Can Live With from the album of the same title.

We ended the set with the chilling Angel of the Morning and left to huge applause… It was a special set .. and amazing audience connection.

Set Two

We started with the stories and songs from Some of Us, the second Warner Bros. release and the high level of connection just continued. We ended the “Some of Us” connection with the title song dedicated to my father that had chills up my spine.

Then it was onto “This Side of the Big River” … The album that broke here in Holland and lead to the number one single “Same old Story” .. the audience loved the story of how that happened… And I love it every time I tell … it was such warm connection with the folks from Holland all the way back in 1975.. and it is the same now.

We played John Tucker’s On The Wagon Again for our friends who had come over from England .. Tony Pankhurst and his friend Ed.. I don’t remember doing a more soulful version… This was a big favorite back in 1975 when we did the first tour. Loved playing for Tony and Ed and all the special folks tonight.

Then it was on to some other special connections with Dance With a Hole in Your Shoe.. Johnny Cash’s Big River.. our Spotify hit – a song I wrote for the prisoners… Fuck All the Perfect People.. we ended with a rousing version of Last Chance and quickly into Wild Thing… This was a special special show. Thanks to all who were here who were part of making it so special.

Said hi to several folks including:

Hi to Jan and Dick… Nice seeing you right after the show.. special hi to Hans and Lidy .. now from South Africa.

Hans it  was wonderful talking to you about being there from the very beginning with Lidy .. at the jazz club in Eindhoven all those years ago!! Thanks so much for the kind words!

Hi to Herman and Borrel and another Hans and Hennie and Willem and Daniel and Gabriel. . It was great talking to all of you… Thanks so much for all the kindness.. 

Hi Joost. and Cees ..  Nice that you asked about the old deluxe recordings… A nice memory.. hi Bert… and Paola… So good to see you after the show ..thanks for the thoughts.. hi Frank… Good seeing you front and center tonight thanks for all the kind words and for informing us the passing of our friend .. see you next time!

Again… Big thanks to the staff including Josh with the cool shoes and Sander with the cool handlebar mustache that Joan kept trying to get a good picture of!! 

Again… Thanks Joost for booking us here… You do so much for the community ..we appreciate being part of it

Again… Gerard thanks for spending so much time with us at the end in our tasting of the greatest Gin on the planet and the extremely good smoky scotch.. and thanks for whiskey gift!!

Goodbye Else ..Nice seeing you again .. Love to Nina.. and good seeing Roos!

This place/venue is a favorite of mine… And I know it’s a favorite of John’s as well thanks to all who were here and you took care of us.. Joan sends big thanks and regards.

Oct 29, 2017 – Amsterdam – venue – the Paradiso north theater

I have played the Paradiso main theater and smaller theater many times over the years but that was part of the main church complex in one area south of this …

this is the first time I’ve played this Paradiso extension on the north side of town… I actually love this place! .. a rather small space holding around 160 people comfortably with a sort of warm modern wooden space  with clean modern wooden sidewalls .. a very comfortable looking sort of modern venue built into a warm old space. My first thought was my fans would like this sort of place .. very warm and welcoming.

We arrive at about 5:30 and have a fast /excellent sound check with a great young guy named Sietse.

The venue manager, Dan, then sets up a wonderful dinner for us in the downstairs area… food from around  the world .. which is what is featured in their excellent restaurant upstairs.

Amsterdam 1

The show

The show was supposed to start at 8 o’clock but folks just kept coming in and instead of having the 100 people anticipated we had close to 200 and extra seats at to be added to accommodate. So we started the show at about 8:10.


Set 1

I quickly explained to the audience about the new album featuring the Warner Bros. albums from the 70s including Last Chance. This audience seemed to get excited when I told them we were doing the first five songs from Last Chance to start the entire show.

What an amazing audience to play for … just a bunch of old friends here to have a good time with their good friends Chip Taylor and John Platania who were visiting for the evening ..It was that feeling for the entire night.

And with the stories and songs of each track played there seemed to be more and more people singing along and so much enthusiasm.

Love this first set..  First of all John Platania was amazing… The sound was very rich and full and the interaction between John and me and  the audience was at a high-level… I guess I would say the favorites of the first set might be  The Real Thing .. with folks singing along right from the beginning .. Son of a Rotten Gambler …  the Coal Fields of Shikshinny .. on this one John Platania played inversions of chords that just sent chills up my spine and I explained  to the audience that one of the great things for me is to hear John play… Because he never plays the same thing twice he hasn’t been playing the same thing twice since 1971 .. we ended that five song last chance segment with a very spirited I Wasn’t Born in Tennessee.

At the end of the first set we played a couple of songs for my wife Joan from the new album .. A Song I Can Live With ..that and the audience took to immediately. 

We ended the set with a rockin’ version of the Last Chance song Clean Your Own Tables which was later recorded by Johnny Cash and then.. Angel of the Morning .. with beautiful guitar work from the great John Platania.

This was an amazing first set the spirit was in a very high level and it was so great to be back with my Dutch friends here in Amsterdam

Set two

The amazing interaction continued with songs from our 1974 album Some of Us and then the 1975 album This Side of the Big River.. later we played one of the fan favorites ..Dance With a Hole in Your Shoe .. and our new Spotify hit ..Fuck All the Perfect People.. with people singing along like we were in some very reverent space.. Getting Older Looking Back … from  This Side of the Big River.. was certainly one of the highlights for me tonight. I had chills from start to finish with that one… We ended this set with a rocking version of Last Chance which had the people standing and cheering and singing along.

This was a special night… John played so brilliantly all night and this wonderful audience let him know at every turn.

Great seeing my old Amsterdam friends .. and meeting new ones..Thanks to all who attended… Special hello to my friend Tony Pankhurst and friend Ed who flew in from London for the show..

And a very very special thanks to our tour manager Ronald Oor .. Who is so efficient and does all the work that we would normally have to do so we can just think about doing our show… So appreciated Ronald and a big happy birthday to you for tomorrow!

Said hi to many .. including

Hi Patrick nice talking with you.. you as well Bert..thanks for the kind words.. hi to Stefon ..

Special hi to Tom and lovely granddaughter, Sanne.. so good talking to you after the show… Wish we could just say hello to the family person who took your photos he reminded Joan and me of our son Kristian. 

Hi Emiel.. Great to see you again and again… Love that you still have your vinyl after all those years… hi to Tom and Gerard.. and Rudolph and Nelly.. and Peet.. and lovely daughter Marie… Who came all the way from Germany… And Helmut from Switzerland… So great talking to all of you…

Hi Erich .. good talking to you… And a big hello to very tall Dirk.. hope that there is a chance that you can find a way to get into the last show which we hear was sold out.

Great speaking to all my Amsterdam friends …wonderful seeing you again and hope to see you very soon!

Oct 28, 2017 – Diepenheim – Venue – Workplaats

It took us several hours to get from the southwestern part to this in mid eastern part of Holland. To get here we drove through several countryside farms… Just beautiful with beautifully built country homes… Not much city life throughout the journey at the end.

There is an amazing story about this venue.. in this out-of-the-way little town near the German border.

A group of towns folks who had retired got together to volunteer their time to do something good for the community specifically to develop a cultural center here.. they lobbied the government for funding and just before the bank failures of 2008 were granted a vast amount of money to build a beautiful cultural center in the town.

Now artists from all over Holland are coming to work on their craft and perform their art.. whatever that maybe…  The facilities are amazing.. several buildings dedicated only to art including a residency space for artists coming to town to spend several days or weeks working on their craft and now this State of the art small theater that we are playing in tonight.

When we arrive we are greeted by several of the volunteers including Tonny, Bea, Ruut, and young volunteer soundman, Sander.

Before sound checking John and Joan and Ronald and I have a delicious dinner at a local restaurant.

We do a fast sound check in the show begins promptly at 8 o’clock.

Very talented local artist name Marlena does a nice 20 minute intro set with mom and friends looking on… Congratulations Marlena. well done… We immediately get onto the stage and begin with our Last Chance show.

The sound was awesome .  John was brilliant and the  audience was totally involved from the opening note.. we close out the first set with Joan Joan Joan and A Song I Can Live With and the audience absolutely love the connection as Joan stood beaming in the back of the room… We ended with as chilling an Angel of the Morning as I can remember and took a 20 minute break and return again.

Set two

Again we talked about the second album of the Warner Bros. trilogy, Some of Us playing Me As I Am and Early Sunday Morning and ending that little segment with the tribute to my father with the song Some of Us.

Then it was onto the total Dutch connection with the album This Side of the Big River and we played our number one song from 1975 “Same Ol’ Story”… The audience just treated it like magic.


For the first time on this tour we went back to another song from the Some Of Us album… Getting Older Looking Back… And it was a special as a song could be in a set.. John and I felt a total connection with the audience tonight.. and this song was certainly a highlight.

Then it was back to Dance With a Hole In Your Shoe .. again a total of audience connection then we returned to our current album with A Song I Can Live With.

Then a rousing version of Johnny Cash’s Big River . then Fuck All the Perfect People.. all along John was playing such amazing stuff and the audience was appreciating every note.

We remembered not to forget Wild Thing tonight and it was really something .. as loose and rock ‘n’ roll is it’s ever been .. and then we ended the show or so we thought with a rousing version of track number 11 from Last chance  – the song “Last Chance”.

After a long standing ovation we came back on and did the song that has touched every audience so far on this tour… Refugee Children.

It was a special special night thanks to all of the sudience here and to all of the volunteers

Hi to

Great to see our great  great friend Leanne again ..our friend since 1975 .. so a part of our connection to this wonderful country.. much love Leanne.. see you in a few days!

Hi to Dino and Jan .. fans and friends since 1975… That was a good year! Great to see you guys always a special thing.

Hi to John and Alexandra… So good to see you both… John .. I love the list you gave me of your favorite Chip Taylor songs… I love that list… It was so touching to get it.

Hi Edward and Frans and Barend and Gerry .. and Jeannet.. so good to meet you

Hi Anja and very good to see you Margo ( Tony’s lovely wife).

Tonny .. thanks for taking the time to tell Jonah tonight the amazing history of this place… It was so wonderful to be part of it and part of your community tonight… Thanks so much for having us… And a big hello to all those we didn’t get a chance to see but were so much a part of tonight’s amazing spirit.

John and I hope to see you all again very soon!

Oct 27, 2017 – Massluis Koningshof

This is day three of the Last Chance 2017 Dutch tour .. again John Platania is by my side through this whole tour and a major star of the show.

Mart Smeets – Radio 40 -up

John and I did an unbelievable two hour interview with one of the best and most heralded hosts ever.

Mart played songs that were part of the fabric of my music career and John’s … with in-depth inquiries into just what brought us into this music world to begin with and why we stayed.

Big thanks Mart..You’re one of a kind and Jordy .. Great seeing you

The Show – First set

About the audience… This is kind of a remote area for me I’ve never played it in this Area before… It’s not that far from Rotterdam but a good ride so I wasn’t sure of many of my Rotterdam friends would show up but wherever they were from it was quite a nice audience here and so so so supportive.

We loved this audience – Again we start off with the actual first five songs from Last Chance and the audience seems to love it.

If I had a put the highlight of those, which would be very very hard to do… I probably go with Shikshinny – the song that was a tribute to my grandfather and written by my brother Barry and me… And the other might be I Wasn’t Born in Tennessee which had such a wonderful vibe to it with the audience singing and clapping along… John was so brilliant on this first set all the way through it.

Then maybe the real highlights of the first set were the songs for my wife Joan from my new album A Song I Can Live With the audience seem to connect with her right away and somebody said hello to her before the end of the night.

We finished the first set with Angel of the Morning to long applause… Again John Platania was just magical on that.

Second set

We started off with the stories and songs of my second Warner Bros. release Some Of Us… And they all were so touching to me .. my first hit Me As I Am… My second hit Early Sunday Morning… And the title song tribute to my father Some of Us which had the audience singing along with the chorus.

Then we did the songs from the album that was successful here in Holland This Side of the Big River and the number one record at that time Same Ol’ Story along with the fan favorite John Tucker’s on the Wagon Again.

We shifted tonight to Dance With a Hole in Your Shoe and Nothings Coming Out of Me that I Like which seemed to really touch the audience… And Fuck All The Perfect People had us all singing along and.. and then we jumped back to track 11 from Last Chance which in fact was the title song and it’s kind of a saying goodbye song but they gave us a standing ovation and then we came back and we did Refugee Children… To the most beautiful choir of the chorus by the end of the song.

What a magical night thanks to all

Special thanks to the staff there any work in the sound and stage manager Arian Bob at the Bar and general manager Marcel what a great group of folks to work with

Special hi to Kees and Marcel..Hans and Diet.. Kood and Andreas and Romona .. Corrie and Bob and son Arkansas.. Piet and old friend Diederik

and Johan and Diana and Arie.. who I remember from three years ago

Hope to see you all soon.  This was a very special night!

October 26, 2017 – Vlissingen

We drove about three hours from to Deventer to Vlissingen an hour or so below Rotterdam on the west side along the North Sea.

The venue is called SPORTNIK.. A little rock ‘n’ roll place that all of a sudden turned into a warm listening room with help from the venue host Marcelo and great sound man Henk and assistant Joris.

Chip Holland

The entire staff including Karen and the owner Simone made us feel very comfortable at every turn… Serving us a nice meal after the sound check leaving us to relax before the show.

We had never played this area before so were in doubt of having any fan base here … But that turns out wrong … Just before the show time the doors opened and a bunch of fans… Warmest and most loving kind.

First set

I again made the announcement that we would do the Last Chance/Warner Bros. Years show featuring those songs and many others… Again we started with the first five songs from Last Chance and this audience was totally into that.

Then we played a couple from A Song I Can Live With ending with Angel of the Morning it was a very welcoming first set.

Second set

Again we told the story of our first country hit on Warner Bros.… Me As I Am… And then our second big hit Early Sunday Morning. Some of Us would seem so warm and chilling tonight… By the way, John was magic the entire night.  I got total chills.

Same Ol’ Story and John Tucker’s On the Wagon Again… I love playing these every night it brings you right home to when it all happened. We finished up the set with a song from Little Prayers Trilogy – Nothing Coming Out of Me That I Like… Then the song for the prisoners – Fuck All the Perfect People which had everybody singing along.  We ended the session according to a suggestion by our old friend Leanne from the previous night… with the final song on the Last Chance actually called Last Chance and it went over extremely well.

But we were requested to do another one and we did Refugee Children which again rocked the house with everyone singing along.  We said good night. These wonderful folks were a very special audience.

First .. hi to our great host Marcello was so welcoming when we first walked into the door .. Big hi to Karen and Simone.

And fans Peter and Henk and Bert and Werner and Trudi and Bert Ana Aart .. so nice to talk to so many of you as we have had such nice memories – hope to see you all soon thanks for being a very very special audience.

Very special thanks to a young fella named Marco who made a special trip to the green room to tell me how much he loved the show. Its great to be leaving a venue we have never played knowing we have friends forever.

And again not enough can be said about a great road manager Ronald who leaves no stone unturned to make us more comfortable as we go without having to think about the small things he has them all covered huge thanks Ronald!

Holland Tour – October 2017

Since the “Last Chance/the Warner Bros. Years” CDs just arrived, the entire Holland tour will be based on a retrospective of those albums plus some of the new songs from the current album A Song I Can Live With and favorites from the past.

The great John Platania of Bonnie Raitt and Van Morrison fame will be my sidekick for the entire tour… To all friends doing it for the thousandth time.

October 25, 2017 – Deventer Schouwburg Theater

This is an actual little theater but for tonight show they’ve turned it into a little music club with chandeliers coming down from the ceiling and bar areas on the front and side.

When we arrived we met a very nice host Charles and the lighting guy Ziggy and the sound fellow Christian… All great guys ..later on we meet Monique.. our very nice hostess for the evening.

The show… First set

For the first set we have decided to do the entire first side of Last Chance.. five songs… With the stories that go along with them starting with The Real Thing then Son Of A Rottin’ Gambler then I Read it in Rolling Stone, The Coalfields of Shickshinny…   ending with I Wasn’t Born in Tennessee.

The segment was so much fun with this very very warm and reverent audience.. so many people in the audience seem to remember the songs and sing along with a bunch of them.. John and I were having so much fun and losing each other in the spirit of everything from start to finish.

Then we played Joan Joan Joan and A Song I Can Live With and the focus was on Joan in the back of the room and the folks just seem to be very into that sweet message.

Then ended the first set with Angel of the Morning… A wonderful start to our Dutch tour.

Set Two

We continued with the stories and songs from the second Warner Bros. album Some of Us that was released in 1974 and featured the first ever country charts for Warner Bros. records… Me As I Am and Early Sunday morning.. Me As I am actually had chills up my spine.

Then a beautiful version of Some Of Us… With reminders of my father’a storytelling in the imagery of the background.

This Side of the Big River totally rocked the house… Same Ol’ Story was met with a lot of singing along and John Tucker’s on the Wagon Again was met with such reverence by this great audience.

We did it warm and special Trying to Let the Angels Know from Little Prayers Trilogy. Then we rocked the place with Big River and certainly one of the highlights tonight was the sing-along of the song I wrote for the prisoners which is about to go to 1 million streams on Spotify… Fuck All the Perfect People.

We were reminded the audience again of Last Chance with Clean Your Own Tables the song the Johnny Cash recorded from that album and then did a delicate and warm and chilling version of Refugee Children… So sorry we didn’t have the album that it was on because so many people wanted to have a copy of that.

After the show was so great to see many friends from the past

Hi Renée… So good to see you again and hear your story about traveling up to Yonkers to find Nepperhan station.. hope to see you soon again… Hi Paal and Arg and bird… Thanks for the reminder of 1974… What a great spirit… Hi Argentina and Gerard.. and Anja and Ludo and brother Stijn.. hope Ludo enjoyed the gift.

Isis .. so good to see you and Gerta again.. we’ve been such good friends for such a long time you always lift my spirits when I see you.. hi Garrit and Hinke!

Hi Erik .. Great to see you and thanks for all the memories with all the vinyl you brought that’s very nice and very special to me and good to see you too Ruud .. and great to see you Menno and Xin from China.. always great to see you guys.

Again big thanks to Charles and and Ziggy and Christian… Great job boys and thanks very much Monique for keeping the place open and your special warmth

And it was such a huge event to see my old friends Leanne and Martin again the two people that were with me right from the beginning  from the little record store in Eindhoven in 1973 when I first made my trip to Holland all those nice things happen to me thanks my friends .. so glad we were all together you guys and Joan and I … what a blessing!