1. Introduction
  2. Barry Go On
  3. Intro to:
  4. Bastard Brothers
  5. Intro to:
  6. Holy Smokes
  7. Without Horses
  8. Intro to:
  9. Hey Jonny
  10. Saw Miller River Road
  11. Intro to:
  12. Charcoal Sky
  13. Intro to:
  14. I Can't Let Go
  15. Intro to:
  16. Faded Blue
  17. Jon Voight on Faded Blue
  18. Intro to:
  19. Wild Thing
  20. Intro to Killer Hale & the Blood Mountain Boys
  21. Yellowstone
  22. Holy Shit

Live at McCabe's

Chip Taylor

Album Info

This is the first entry in the new Train Wreck Live series where we will be releasing special low-priced editions of the best concert performances. The CD edition is only available here at the Train Wreck store. This show was recorded in Santa Monica just after the release of Chip's Yonkers NY album. The performances are loose and free-wheeling as Chip welcomes his brother Jon on stage for some stories and a rendition of the first song Chip ever wrote - Faded Blue. Also on hand were Killer Hale and the Blood Mountain Boys for the never been released Yellowstone.

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