1. Your Name is on My Lips (new song)
  2. On An Island (new song)
  3. Play it Again Sam (new song)
  4. The New Bye and Bye (new song)
  5. Sweet Tequila Blues
  6. Him Who Saved Me
  7. Don't Speak in English
  8. All the Rain
  9. Let's Leave this Town
  10. Memphis, Texas
  11. Keep Your Hat on Jenny
  12. Must Be the Whiskey
  13. Big Moon Shinin
  14. Laredo
  15. We Come Up Shining
  16. Angel of the Morning (Live)
  17. Wild Thing (Live)
  18. The New Bye and Bye (Reprise)

The New Bye and Bye

Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez

Albums by Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez